Friday, March 10, 2006

I had to giggle

So last Saturday on my way to work, I heard this joke on the radio. Now, I am not usually into jokes all that much, and I can rarely even think of one to tell, but this one tickled my funny bone! Here it is....they call it The Punchline You Can See Coming A Mile Away!

So 3 men and their significant others are on a cruise ship. One couple is gay, the others are straight. The ship goes down and all passengers perish. As the 3 couples are standing in front of the pearly gates, the first heterosexual man walks up to St. Peter and says, "Well, what about it St. Peter? Do I get in?"

And St. Peter says, "Seriously?! You are filled with greed! You love money so much that you married a woman named Penny! I don't think so!" The man shrugs his shoulders and walks away. The next heterosexual man walks up and says, "Well, what about me?"

And St. Peter says, " Yeah, right. Have you ever heard the word gluttony? You love food so much that you married a woman named Candy! Take a walk!" The poor fool lowers his head and walks away.

After witnessing all that had occurred, the one gay man looks at his partner and says, "Well, it doesn't look good, Dick...."


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