Wednesday, February 27, 2008 were not my friend!

When we booked our flights to Savannah, we opted to fly out of Dayton instead of Columbus, even though Columbus is closer...because we got a much better deal flying with AirTran. We had never flown with them before and the price was right, so what the hell, right?

Our flight was to leave at 10:26 a.m. and we left plenty early because of all the snow and ice we got through the night. No problems getting to Dayton, however, so we stopped close to the airport and had a nice breakfast. We parked, checked in, and waited to board. Our flight was scheduled to be on time, and we were happy!!! Until we boarded. All was well until they kept telling us we would be taking off in about 10 minutes. They said that twice. Then we had a mechanical difficulty. Then we had to be de-iced, which I'm tellin' you took 30 minutes. Finally, we were in line to take off. We hit Atlanta an hour late, and came awfully close to missing our connection...but we made it. . Then we were delayed in Atlanta and sat on the runway for another hour. I don't even remember why this time. On that leg of the flight, our flight attendant was just rude. She was young, yet wouldn't crack a smile or joke with anyone. She sucked. So, we arrived in Savannah a little over an hour late. Oh well...we just shook it off and began our fun little vacation.

Jump ahead to Tuesday morning. We got up and headed to the airport early enough, and when the cab driver dropped us off and we walked in to the AirTran check-in, we were smack in the middle of chaos. The line was ridiculously long, and it was not moving. AT. ALL. What the hell? So, being the nice people we are, we just stood and waited, not making a scene (like some other people). Still not moving. And to boot, there were 2 customer service people helping each passenger get checked in, which was weird. WHATEVER. So, after a while, a lady that was farther up in the line walked by and started talking to us. Apparently, they had cancelled our entire flight due to some kind of mechanical difficulties on the plane that was supposed to be coming for us. It was still in Atlanta, and they had no spare planes. Well, great, right?

We were still not upset or freaking out, just started to think through our options. We heard that they were offering to bus all of us to Atlanta, or we could stay at the Savannah airport and wait for the next flight to Dayton, which was at 3:17 pm. YUCK. It was only 9:15, for goodness sake! If we hadn't had people staying here with the kids, we probably just would've taken a cab back into the city and stayed another night...but we had to get home! So, we decided that we would ask them to rent us a car and we would just drive to Atlanta and try to catch our connection. All would be well.

Not quite. When we finally got up to the ticket counter, she explained the situation and told us our options, which were the same as the lady told us. We could take the bus to Atlanta or wait for the next flight. And oh yeah, no dice on the car rental. Surprise, surprise...all of the rental cars were gone. What could we do? So we opted for the bus to Atlanta. Sounded good in theory anyway. The motorcoach company that they used had no buses they had to call ANOTHER company in South Carolina to send a bus for us. That bus did not get to us until after 12:00!! Keep in mind that the flight they booked us on out of Atlanta was to leave at 5:00. Atlanta was a 4 hour drive away. A little close for comfort, seeing as how things were going so far...but again, what else could we do? We decided to just have a fun bus ride!

Well, the bus driver missed the exit to the airport. Don't know how! He had this huge-ass GPS that was turned up so loud we all knew the exit was coming up...and we all watched it go by! So, we had to turn that big ol' bus around and go back the way we came. UGH. By this time I was definitely ready to get off my butt, I had been sitting so long! We got to the airport and waited in line to check in AGAIN. Finally we were on our way to the gate. We grabbed something to eat with the $20 in airport vouchers they had given us (thank you very much, although in the airport, it doesn't get you much) and sat down to wait to board. And wait we did. Our plane was late. And then when we got on, we waited again. Now there was a de-icing valve that wasn't functioning or something. It would take another half hour to fix and test. By the time we left Atlanta we were over an hour late. I was never so glad for my feet to hit the ground in Dayton, Ohio. We grabbed our bags, and practically ran to the truck. The weather in Ohio was not good, but we had the truck and had no problems. We got home at 9:00 p.m. We should have been home at 4:30 or so.

Yeah, AirTran gave each of us free round-trip tickets to anywhere they fly (they have to be used within 1 year) and each of us a $25 voucher toward future air travel with them. I don't know, though. Sitting in the airport and on the planes, all we heard were horror stories about AirTran and how they screw up ALL. THE. TIME. Well, from our experience, that much is true. I'll let you know how it goes next time...on our "free trip"!
Everyone makes a mistake now and then.
We'll see.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm back!!!

Yeah, well maybe most of you didn't even know I left! I planned to write a post before I headed out of town, but...well, you know how it goes when you're trying to head out of town. So anyway, Barry had a conference in Savannah, GA...and I was lucky enough to be able to count on family to help out with the kids so I could tag along. This is what it looked like when I left Ohio:
And this is what it looked like in Savannah, as I was walking down Bay Street on Saturday morning...What a beautiful city!!! I was awestruck by the beauty that existed everywhere, even in some of the smallest things. The weather was awesome, and I was able to wear capris and a t-shirt with a denim jacket most of the time. Here are some of the sights of Savannah...

Two river boats, parked just outside our hotel
The sign for City Market, a lovely little district full of shops, restaurants, live music, and art studios.
The horse and carriage that we took the Haunted Tour of Savannah in on Sunday night. Did you know that Savannah beats out Salem as the most haunted city in the U.S.?
The entrance to Colonial Cemetery. Over 10,000 bodies are buried here. When Union troops made camp in Savannah, they camped out in Colonial Cemetery because it was gated. Their horses knocked over a lot of the headstones, and the army just stacked them in piles against the back wall...and that's where they remain today. It's actually a very peaceful place!
The fountain at Forsyth Square. Yet another peaceful place...and full of sunshine!
St. John the Baptist Cathedral. It just underwent an $11 million renovation. It really was beautiful inside. Maybe I'll post more pics later.Barry, finishing his pecan pie (at Paula Deen's restaurant, no less), after proclaiming that even though he was stuffed from the southern buffet and had already had one dessert, "Don't even think I'm leaving Georgia without a piece of pecan pie!" It was DEEEE-LISH!The happy couple, after a nice, relaxing vacation! Here, we were out touring Savannah on a trolley. This was at a trolley stop at The Mansion on Forsyth Square.
All in all, we had a wonderful time. I will post more about our trip later, right how I need to get moving on all the laundry and cleaning, etc. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still alive!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Log Home Show

Yesterday, we went to the Log & Timber Home Show down at the Expo Center. The Barna reps that we had purchased our plans and logs from were working at the Barna booth and had reserved tickets for us...YIPPEE! So we headed out early and went to see what we could see...

which, unfortunately, wasn't much! The show was so small this year! But, Barry and I did get a chance to sit and talk with Robin and Denny for a bit about some future plans for our house and garage, and Barry got to sit and talk with the builder we used about some issues we have been having with our front windows. So it was still a fruitful trip!

I LOVE the log home shows! Usually so much to see, and so many good ideas...needless to say, now all I can think about is decorating! So when I got home, I got out all of the new bedding I bought for Noah's room and all the accessories and laid them out to see what all I had and what I needed. Then I unwrapped that awesome quilt and laid it out on the guest bed, which is in the room that will be Noah's. It is going to look sooooo good!! I am thinking I will paint his room a buff color, in possibly a suede-textured paint, with one accent wall of hunter green. Last week I was just cruising through Target (big mistake) and found these cute little wall pegs that look like bear paw prints...and they were on clearance!! WOO HOO! So, of course I picked them up! I am planning for Noah to move into his new "big boy room" for his birthday in May. I just need to go buy his cute log bed. And with his room done, the upstairs will be FINISHED! And that will make me so happy!

Now, I just have to pick the paint for the great room and entry way...and the powder room. And the office. And window treatments for our bedroom. And for the kitchen. It never ends, does it???

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So fresh and so clean!

Look at my newly groomed puppy! Today was Scout's first trip to the groomers, and he did great! I didn't realize how scruffy the pup was until I saw him afterward...and look how he rewarded me...Puppy Kisses! (gotta make sure to keep your mouth tightly closed when he comes at you for kisses!)
Here we are, me and my clean and clipped, fresh-smelling pup...isn't he the sweetest????

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Book Meme

I saw this on Kiki's blog, and thought it would be here goes!

Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more.

Find Page 123.

Find the first 5 sentences.

Post the next 3 sentences.

Tag 5 people.

I am reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Actually, I am a mere 10 pages or so from finishing it! And, by the way, I LOVE this book. I recommend it to all of you. Anyway, here goes...

"Our whole business therefore in this life," wrote St. Augustine, rather Yogically, "is to restore to health the eye of the heart whereby God may be seen." Like all great philosophical ideas, this one is simple to understand but virtually impossible to imbibe. OK, so we are all one, and divinity abides within us all equally.

I won't tag anyone, just play along if you like!

Monday, February 11, 2008


The kiddos are in bed, and supposedly we are bracing for a winter storm. I say supposedly because here in Central Ohio, the news stations LOVE weather... especially potential bad or dangerous weather. It really borders on the ridiculous. The weather guys will be on every 5 minutes telling us that WHITE DEATH is coming, and the reporters will be reporting from grocery stores, showing how everyone is stocking up for the 4-8 inches of snow and ice we are supposed to get. Everyone is panicking, schools are closed, workplaces have delayed start of business, and traffic is a general mess. Seriously, folks. We get serious snow like maybe once per year. And we DO live in modern day you really think you will be snowed into your house with no way to get food and water for weeks??

And here's the thing too...a lot of times when the forecasters are calling for WHITE DEATH, we don't get near what they are calling for. So now I feel like they have cried wolf enough. So listen up forecasters! If you want to go on and on about WHITE DEATH, why don't you take a trip up to Michigan, the Dakotas, Montana, Minnesota, or hell, even Canada??? Go see some real snow and then come back here and stop sensationalizing. I, for one, have had enough. It's just snow, for goodness sake. Relax, put on some snow gear, and go outside to play. Quityerbitchin'.

That said, Barry and I are sitting on the couch, watching Season 3 of The Office. And I, in my totally panicked state, am preparing for said WHITE DEATH by enjoying this...
A frothy rootbeer float! Someone left a two-liter of rootbeer here after the New Year's Eve party, and we have ice cream left over from Kendall's birthday, so I decided to put them to good use. to join me?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Get your mind out of the gutter!

Yesterday I had to work...and quite a bit longer than I usually do on a Saturday. Barry and the kids just stayed home and cleaned (gasp!) and napped (double gasp!). Well, let's just say that by the time I got home at 4:15 or so, I didn't really feel like cooking. I suggested we get cleaned up and dressed somewhat nicely and go out for and all. To my surprise, Barry was up for it!

So, we headed in to town with ideas of going to Texas Roadhouse... except when we got there, the wait was going to be around 45 minutes or so, and that would never do. So, we asked the kids if they would be up for mexican. Our favorite mexican place, El Vaquero, was right next door. They agreed, and lucky for us the wait was only 15 minutes. Noah really doesn't do Mexican, apparently. He confiscated an entire basket of chips, proclaiming them to be "my chips!" The rest of us were expected to share the remaining basket and not get any ideas about sharing his. We kept it simple for the kids, ordering them a cheese quesadilla to share and some mexican rice. Noah ate the rice. And almost an entire basket of chips. He was not impressed with the quesadilla. Yes, folks...I actually let my child get away from a meal without eating any vegetables...I still can't believe it. Today we will double up! Kendall did fine, of course. She ate her quesadilla, Noah's, some refried beans AND the rice.

Anyway, after that we had to run by Lowe's to drop off our freezer that quit working. Then off to Target to pick up a gift for the birthday party Noah is attending today. While Kendall and I went into Target for the gift, Barry and Noah went next door to Home Depot to pick up something Barry needed. And this is where it gets interesting...

When they swung back around to pick us up, I opened up the door to hear Noah saying "My balls! My balls!" Whaaaaa??? I turned around, laughing, to see what the heck was going on back there. He had two golf balls in his hands and was clicking them together. Oh, ok...I see.
So we leave the parking lot, and then I hear him start talking about his chicken. For Christmas or his birthday last year ( I can't remember which), he got this little flashlight that looks like a rooster. When you press the button, his beak opens, the light shines out, and he crows. Apparently, this "chicken" had been living in Barry's truck now for some time, because we hadn't seen it lately. And as all you parents out there know, this is as good as a new toy!

So, now he is prattling on about his chicken and his balls. And the whole time I am silently giggling because it's just so innocent and funny. Then Barry says, "Oh yeah, you should have been here when I was loading the truck at Home Depot. I got him into his seat and then started loading up the back. When I came back, he kept yelling, "My chicken's gettin' my balls! My chicken's gettin' my balls! STOP chicken!!" So of course, Barry had to see what was going on back there, for goodness' sake...and I must say, he was quite relieved to see that there was no live chicken going after his son's balls! Just a little boy playing with a chicken flashlight and a pair of golf balls.

After this story, Noah started telling me that he "shop with Daddy at Home Depot!!" And then, he says, "I ride the wood, Mama! I ride the wood!!" OMG. Barry, of course, explained that one too. Noah rode on the lumber cart, face down, like a sled, on the lumber. He was, in fact, RIDING THE WOOD.

Seriously now, much of this am I supposed to be able to take?? Is it just MY mind that appears to be more comfortable in the gutter, or would you all have laughed too???

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Shower Time

Noah took his first shower tonight...

and he LOVED it!!!

Kendall was never a fan of the shower until she was 5 or 6, and she still prefers a bath. But tonight when she said she was taking a shower, Noah started running around saying, "I shower! I shower!!!" Kind of made me think of the movie What About Bob?... you know, "I sail! I'm sailing, Dr. Marvin! Dr. Leo Marvin! I sail! I'm sailing! AHOY!!!"

Anyway, I told him if he really wanted to shower with Kendall, that was fine...but no fussing! He was so excited he practically jumped in there with his clothes on! And boy, did they have a time in there...I had to come up 3 times to tell them to quit squealing... and then I just gave them 5 more minutes to finish up. This is the face that peeked out at me on my second trip up:And the whole time, he kept saying, " I shower!!! I shower, MAMA!!!!"

Ah, to be so easily amused...I miss those days!

Monday, February 04, 2008

A Proud Moment

We have a thing around here called The Clean Plate Club. Yes, it is exactly what the name says. We started it when Kendall was about Noah's age and had started getting really picky about eating (not normal for her at all...she's always been a good eater!). One day I had had enough and said, "Well, then I guess you can't be a member of The Clean Plate Club! Daddy and I are members, and I'd hoped you would be, but I guess not!", and then turned and walked away. And true to Kendall's style, she couldn't help but to ask, "What's that?" So I went on to explain that you can't be a member of the club unless you clean your plate, and that those who DO clean their plate get a special treat out of the treat jar after they finish their meal. Well, that did the trick! Really the only time my kids get candy is for holidays and Clean Plate Club...and we have plenty in the jar from things like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc. So now it is always Kendall's main goal to get her Clean Plate Club treat...and that has made our lives a bit easier! There's no negotiating...just clean your plate and get your treat, or not! And for those of you out there who are wondering about all the articles out there relating how Clean Plate Clubbing is not a good idea because of the "portion control" issue...well, in our house that is a load of crap. The kids have small portions of healthful foods on their plates, not piles of prepackaged, filler-laden foods. It is their option to have seconds, and a lot of times they do. They are healthy and happy, and we are happy to see them enjoying the healthy foods we make.

Blah, blah, blah...that was all just, back to the real story! Noah hasn't really gotten the concept of The Clean Plate Club until just recently. But today for lunch, I made him some roasted chicken, grean beans and fresh blackberries, and it was slow going to get him to eat. He kept asking for "chocwate". I saw my opening, and I jumped! I explained the Clean Plate Club rules, and most importantly, showed him the treat jar, overflowing with chocolate and all kinds of sugary crap(most of which will inevitably end up in the garbage). Let me tell you, folks...this kid can be motivated by chocolate! He ate every last crumb on his plate and I didn't have to say another word! Then he proudly proclaimed, "Good Job, Noah!!! Cwean Pwate Cwub!!! Mama, chocwate pwease!!!"

Well, there was no arguing there. So I gave him a high five, made a big ol' deal out if it, and went to get the treat jar. I opened it up and told him to pick his prize. And this mama couldn't have been more proud of what she witnessed...

He didn't even pause...just reached right in, grabbed a Ghiradelli square (laying there hidden among the yucky Hershey's kisses and chocolate coins), and happily proclaimed, " I WANT DAT ONE!"

He is, without a doubt, MY SON!!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

I'm back!

Well, I am back and somewhat rested! The crop went well, and I broke my record AND my self-proclaimed scrapbookers block. We got a little mixed up on the way there and almost missed dinner....gasp! But they found some extra plated for us and we scarfed that food down like there was no tomorrow. Chicken and gravy, rolls, wild rice, and steamed veggies...chocolate mousse for dessert. Mmmmm...

After dinner, we headed over to the scrapbooking area to get unloaded and get to work. There were a good amount of people there, but we managed to find a table next to two very nice ladies. Deetra was off and moving right out of the gates. I don't even think I had picked out the paper for my first page before she announced that she had finished her first. But that's I've said before, I know that I am a bit slower at this scrapbooking thing than most...but I am just taking my time and trying to enjoy it!

It took me a while to get going, but once I did...I was doing great! I finally got Noah's album started (poor kid...almost 3 and not one page in his book!)...not in order, though! Don't go gettin' ahead of yourself and thinking that! No, I didn't start with his birth or anything like that. Just some random pictures of he and Sheri playing piano last year. Although, at one point in the evening I did do his 2nd there's a milestone captured! HA!!!

Around 12:30 or so, Deetra was getting tired (and who could blame her, the way she was turning out pages? I was just startin' to get into my groove!) Anyway, we headed over to get some shut-eye. However, that was a laughing matter, literally! There was a girl in our room who had gone over to sleep earlier and she was snoring to beat the band! Deetra's mom kept giggling, which made us giggle. Then I couldn't focus on anything BUT her snoring. I was wide awake!!! Well, shit. I finally just decided to get up and go back over to the crop. I was just laying there awake anyway...might as well be productive! So I went back over, did a couple of pages, and came back around 3:30 am.

Saturday was productive as well, though I must say I wasn't very impressed with breakfast. I'm not sure the eggs WERE eggs...(if you're pickin' up what I'm layin' down...) The pancakes were just alright, but the spiced apples were good. Lunch was broccoli cheese soup, bosco bread sticks and salad, and some big apple filled pastry thing for dessert. Let's just say we did NOT go hungry!

Anyway, I won't post all the loveliness here (just in case some of you aren't interested), but if you want to see the pages, just click here. Happy now, Logzie??? ;0)

Friday, February 01, 2008

Girls Night Out!

Ok, ok, it may not be all as exciting and wild as it sounds, but still...I'm excited! After all the work of the holidays and planning all the parties in January, I will finally get a little break just for myself. I am headed to a scrapbooking retreat tonight with my friend Deetra and her mom, Paula. We will head out as soon as Barry gets home and then after a 45-60 minute drive, we will unpack all of our fun tools, pictures, and papers and get to work! They have amazing food at this place, so I will be looking forward to dinner! Then back to cropping until we need some rest...and off to the bunkhouse. Breakfast will come soon enough and then we will head back to the cropfest until 5:30 pm Saturday! Woo HOO!!! There will also be plenty of chocolate, so you know I'll be happy!!!

Now, I am not a scrapbooker-extraordinaire like Logzie, I assure you! But, I can hold my own. My biggest downfall is that I don't plan. I don't have any ideas in my head before I get there, so I spend alot of time looking through my pictures and planning my layout...and talking, and looking at everyone else's books...and eating, and talking...and did I mention talking??? For me, it's a creative outlet AND a way to spend some time chatting with the girls. Fun, adult conversation is always nice!

So, since I don't plan very well, I usually don't get a lot of pages done. Like last time I went to a 6 hour crop with Deetra, I think I finished maybe 5 pages. Not really impressive, but I am always happy with them. And that's the other thing...I'm kind of a perfectionist. I get a vision in my mind of what I want it to look like and if I can't get it just right, I'm not happy and end up tearing it apart and redoing it. But hey, as long as I leave with a few good pages, I'm good. I don't get all stressed and obsessed about "documenting the history of our family" like some croppers do...I just think it's fun and I love to showcase good pictures I've taken of my beautiful kids.

So, wish me luck, y'all! I am feeling inspired today and will try to break my record of 8 pages in one crop! (Stop laughing, all you scrapbookers!! It's a GOAL, ok??? LOL!)

I'll let you know how it goes! Have a good weekend, peeps!
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