Saturday, February 27, 2010

Star Wars Mania!

It's all Star Wars, all the time around here right now, and I think it's all my fault.

For Christmas, Noah got Lego Star Wars for the Wii from Santa Claus. At first, he didn't want to play it because he thought it was too hard...but as soon as Kendall made that her "new favorite game", he did as kids do and started to take an interest. So the Saturday after Christmas, we were all sitting in the basement, the kiddos were playing Star Wars, and Kendall was explaining the story of Luke Skywalker to Noah...except she didn't really have it quite right, and who could blame her? She had learned it from a stinkin' video game, for goodness sake!

So I pointed out that we had the movies, so we should watch them, if the kids were interested. They seemed to think that was a great idea, so we all snuggled up on the couch, built a fire, turned out the lights, and had a little movie marathon...complete with snacks.

Now, I must share with you that we had never really considered letting Kendall watch the movie before that time. Don't get me wrong...Barry and I LOVE Star Wars!!! But Kendall is very sensitive, and you just never know what will scare her. Sometimes it can be the most random stuff, like Scooby Doo. She hates Scooby Doo!!! It gives her nightmares! Or any movie where an animal is in danger, gets hurt, or is abused in some way...again, nightmares.
But Star Wars??? We just couldn't be sure, so we had erred on the side of caution. Until that Saturday. I guess you could say we threw caution to the wind...

And it was the most fabulous day!!! We watched the first and second movies that day, and the third the next evening. They LOVED it!!! Through the next week, we watched the last three. The kids are now full-blown Star Wars addicts. All they talk about is lightsabers, General Grievous, Count Duku, R2-D2, Annakin, Jar-jar Binks, Yoda, and the like. While on our trip to Disney, they both HAD to have lightsabers...special lightsabers with a Mickey Mouse button. Noah is constantly using "the force". (I wish I could use "the force" to get him to eat!) We watch a Star Wars movie at least every 3 or 4 days. It's really a fun time right now!!! Check out my little Jedis-in-training...


Thursday, February 18, 2010

No shortage of snow...

Nope, we certainly haven't had a shortage of snow around here lately. Some people hate it, but actuallyI like it. Plus, I know that no matter how much snow we get, or how cold it gets, it's all temporary. Spring is right around the corner! That's the nice thing about Ohio...just about the time you're getting sick of the weather, it changes.

The kids have been enjoying the snow too...both playing in it and enjoying the time indoors. Scout, of course, would be more than happy to be outside in it all day, but he doesn't want to be out there by he comes in when the kids do. He's such a funny pup!

I've made a few treks outside as well. Yesterday I went out to play with the kiddos a bit and also to take a few pics of them in the snow, and we also had to do some chicken duty. Now this was a comedy of errors, let me tell you. For starters, I had underestimated just how deep the snow had drifted in our backyard. Secondly, I had to carry a 50 lb. bag of chicken feed out to the coop. Kendall was carrying the chicken scraps, and Noah was carrying the egg basket. Both kiddos were fully dressed for the snow...snow pants, heavy coats, waterproof mittens, hats, know the drill. Me - I figured I'd just carry the feed out, fill the feeder and then come back in while the kiddos were playing. So I donned my big snow boots, not the comfy little Land's End pull-ons that I wear for everyday running around, but the ones my dad got me from Cabela's so I could go play in the snow too...they're not the height of winter fashion, but they do keep my feet warm and dry!So anyway, we all got suited up and ready to head out. That bag of chicken feed felt heavier than the last time, I'd swear it! Or maybe I'm just out of shape...yeah, that might be it. So I got the feed up over my shoulder and take off out into the snow. In precisely 4 steps, I realized that this was not going to to as smoothly as I had thought.

The snow was DEEP, man!! Before I knew it, I was mid-thigh in snow. It was hard enough to walk, not to mention carry the blasted feed bag slung over my shoulder! Kendall was having a hard time as well, she kept falling down and getting stuck. Noah...well, let's just say Noah was pretty much stuck. The snow was above his hips, and he could not get enough momentum going to get anywhere without falling down. But somehow, SOMEHOW, we all eventually made it to the coop...and when we got there, we were all hysterically laughing. It was just funny! Then after we got the feeder filled up, the empty feed bag caught some wind and blew just far enough away that we couldn't catch it...and it didn't help that we weren't moving fast at all. Every time Kendall would get close, it would blow just a little farther away. I finally told her to just let it go, she was never going to catch it. Which sent us all into more fits of laughter! I guess we'll just have to find it this spring. LOL!

The kiddos wanted to stay outside, of course, but I needed to get out of my *now* very cold and wet pants. After I changed into warmer clothes, I went directly to the kitchen and helped myself to some hot tea. IT WAS SO GOOD. You might not think that hot tea could taste downright tropical, but this one does! I got it at a cute little tea shop down the street from my office called Teh Ku Tea Company. Just look at it...all those little bits of tropical fruits in there just make me so happy...
Yep, I'll be drinking a lot more of this one, that's for sure! Do you like hot tea? What's your favorite kind? I'm always looking for something new and different...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So it's Wednesday, and the kids have yet another snow day today...which for us is totally fine, since we spent the whole first week full of snow days in Disneyworld, but for everyone else around these parts, it's getting a little old. Today we ventured out of the house to run to the post office, the library and a quick run into the grocery...but I'm happier right here, puttering around my kitchen, weeding out the junk drawer, planning meals, and listening to the kids play. Surprisingly, they are still getting along and having fun together.

For the most part, anyway. Hey, I never said they were perfect!!! They've played Wii, a couple of computer games, read some books, made creatures with Bendaroos, and built elaborate creations with Legos. Now they are watching a Garfield movie we picked up at the library today. Garfield...a cat who loves lasagna...oh, how Garfield makes me smile.

I will always have a special place in my heart for Garfield. Why? Because at the beginning of 1991, I was hanging out with (not dating!) this fun guy I had met early in January. He had graduated with some of my friends from a nearby country school, and I thought he was really fun and totally laid-back, which I like. Now, I didn't want to be in a relationship, and he knew it (I had just gotten out of a long one...and it was not pretty), so I felt like he was a really safe person to hang out with and have some fun. Well, after weeks of doing all kinds of fun things together and just having a really good time, he showed up at my house on Valentine's Day with a single rose and a card that had Garfield on it. I don't remember what the outside of the card said...something about being the perfect Valentine...but on the inside it said, "kind of like lasagna with sneakers". I thought it was totally sweet, innocent, and lighthearted, and well...I liked it. I liked the no-pressure thing, of course...but I also realized that he knew what I needed. He was paying attention, and it mattered to him. And from that day on, I looked at Mr. Barry Kuck a little differently.

Now... he says he knew from the start that I was "the one", and he needed to play his cards right or I'd bolt. And that's probably true. I would wouldn't have mattered how much fun he was or how much I liked him. I wasn't ready. But if there's one thing you can say about Barry, it's that he has a ridiculous amount of patience when it comes to doing the right thing and getting what he wants. Lots and lots of it. And apparently, it works for him...wouldn't you say? I had no intention of dating him...ever. I had no intention of even letting him think I was going to date him! But see how that slow, no-pressure, patience works? He just hung out, made sure I was having a good time, didn't pressure me, and let me fall in love with him slowly. And here I had thought all along that I had the upper hand!! Funny how that works....

Monday, February 15, 2010

Back to the Frozen White North!

Well all, we are back from our very well-timed vacation to Disneyworld. I know I didn't talk too much about it here, but you just never know who might be reading...if you know what I mean. I didn't want to come home and find our house ransacked! LOL!

But our trip was FANTASTIC!!! The kids all did really well on the plane, and loved the tram at the airport... Although it was chilly for Florida, to us it was absolutely tropical...especially since central Ohio was getting pounded with 16-18 inches of snow and subzero temperatures! We made it to the pool our first full day there, but after that it really wasn't warm enough. They had a fun pool party that day, and Kendall won a hula-hooping contest...GO KENDALL!!!!We also made it to Epcot, The Animal Kingdom, and The Magic Kingdom (which is my favorite of all time!), and made an appearance at the Ohana Best Friends Breakfast with Lilo and Stitch... It rained the entire day on Friday, which is when we wanted to hit Hollywood Studios, so we decided to bag it and hang around our villa instead. We stayed at the Animal Kingdom's Kidani Village, and it was two ways about it! There was so much to see and do. We went with 2 other families who were totally fun, and all of the kids got along famously. I just can't say enough about how much fun we had!

Maybe some pictures will convey the message a little better than my words can...Fun with a capital "F"!!! We were all so worried about taking our kids out of school for the week, but as it turned out, they all only ended up missing one day. With all of the snow and icy conditions, school was cancelled every day but Friday! Can you believe that? I'd say we got out of Dodge at just the right time, wouldn't you?

So now we're back, and it's been snowing in a near whiteout all day...we're supposed to get 7-9 more inches today and tonight. I guess this is what you call "getting the best of both worlds", huh? No kids are enjoying playing in the snow just as much as hanging out in Florida with their friends. But me? I'd rather be at the Magic Kingdom....

Friday, February 05, 2010

Kendall's Birthday, Volume 2

Well, ok...I realize that it isn't exactly "tomorrow", but in my world- where the days go by in the blink of an eye - it is. So I promised pictures of Kendall's bowling party, didn't I?

Yes, I believe I did.

Honestly, you can't believe how many pictures I have on my camera right now that I need to share. I think I'm gonna have to quit sleeping so much.


Anyway, here you of Kendall with her friends from school, bowling their little hearts out. Oh, and I can't forget my little Noah! He beat everyone in the first game with a score of 102!!! I hate to admit it, but that's better than I do, most of the time. Check out his form!
And here's Kendall with her buddy Garrett...these two are so stinkin' silly. Oh dear...just look at them...Of course, I laughed and took their what did they do next? That's right - they took it to the next level.
I may have to seriously reduce the sugar consumption around here. These kids are getting weird on me. :) Here's one of my girl getting ready to bowl. Seriously, does she EVER just smile nicely so I can take her picture? ( I think we ALL know the answer to that question.)
And here she is again, being chummy with her friends...One of Kendall's friends knew about our upcoming trip to Disney and got her this cute Mickey scrapbook with all the supplies to put together a really cool album. It was a great idea!And what party is complete without cupcakes and ice cream? I would never let these kiddos down!I think the kids all had a really great time, and Barry and I actually did too! But even after a whole week of celebrating my Kendall-bug's birthday, I still can't believe she's 9. Nope, I surely don't.

Now excuse me please, while I go stack some bricks on her head to keep her from growing any more.
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