Monday, April 28, 2008


Noah and I were riding along in the car on our way to pick up Kendall from school. He asked for music...and by music, he means KID MUSIC. The kid music that just happened to be in the CD player was a CD from Kendall's vacation bible school last summer. So I turn it on, and mind drifting, thinking about the things I want to get done this week and Barry's upcoming birthday tomorrow. When my mind tunes back in, I hear Noah, singing his version to a song that has a line that goes like this...

"Jesus, Prince of Peace...Glory, Allelujia! Jesus, Prince of Peace...Glory, Allelujia!"

But, this is what HE was singing...

"Jesus... Pretzel Thief, Glory Allelujia! Jesus... Pretzel Thief, Glory, Allelujia!"

And I had to laugh!!! I laughed on and off the rest of the way home. Clearly, he had pretzels on his mind. Why, I don't know. I don't know where he would have gotten the idea that Jesus was a pretzel thief! Where do kids come up with these things???

Oh, there's always work to do!

There's never a dull weekend around here, no sireee! This weekend, I had to work on Saturday, but we didn't let that deter us from all the work that needed to be done. Noah and I started the mowing on Friday evening, and finished on Saturday evening. With that out of the way, first and foremost in our minds was installing an invisible fence for our sweet pup. Although he is good about staying on our property for the most part, one of our neighbors behind us decided to pull out our farm fence between our property and their back yard. Not good. See, although we live on 18 acres, the people behind us are part of a lake community. Scout does NOT need to be running around there. He is not used to watching for cars, and besides, he needs to be home...on our property. So, the invisible fence was a must. Now, keep in mind, we will still be replacing the farm fence, of course...because it needs to be there. And also because Barry would really like to get some livestock in the somewhat near future. So, anyway...back to the invisible fence. We installed the transmitter unit and laid out the wire. We gave him a huge area encompassing the front yard and most of the back, but we opted not to give him free access to the pond. It really sucks when he runs out and jumps in the pond just to cool off and then comes straight to the house thinking he should just be able to come on in and lounge around, all soaking wet. I DON'T THINK SO! So, no pond access without permission...LOL!!! Hopefully we'll get the wire buried tonight or soon this week and start the training process.

Next up was the step Barry needed to build at the bottom of the deck stairs. When we built the deck last summer, the one set of stairs was one step too short, because we wanted to do something decorative on that side. We just weren't sure what. So, Barry built this nice platform step at the bottom and we will lay a row or two of pavers around it ...isn't it nice?? He's so darn handy! (ignore my unstained rails...I'm getting to them soon!)I made my way around the house, putting Preen down in the flowerbeds to try to cut down on all the weeds...gotta get after 'em early or they take over!!Since the weather was so nice, I had that washer running all day...washing all of the bedding in the house and hanging it on the line. Any of you that were reading my blog last summer know how much I L.O.V.E my clothesline!!! Hopefully my dryer won't have to run any more until next fall! I also went through Noah's drawers and pulled out all of his out of season clothes and filled them up with his summer clothes. Kendall's drawers are on the agenda for this week.

Oh yeah, and I sold our dog kennel on Craig's List for $90! I was totally excited! Plus, that offsets the charge for the invisible fence! Woo HOO!!!Of course, there has to be playtime as well...And we made some time for fishing...

Shoot, we were so tired last night, I think Barry and I were asleep before our heads hit the pillow! Now, if we can just get the new faucet installed tonight....and maybe hang some T and G...and who knows what else???

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kendall's Latest...

What is Miss Kendall looking at? Do you see it?It is her latest find...a little tree frog! Isn't he cute? She carried him around all day in her bug carrier, putting him on windows and doors and letting him climb, then putting him back in the cage. But no worries, we released him back into the wild, as is the rule around here!
Here's hoping you all found something exciting today as well!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pics from Scottsdale

Ok, ok, upon further inspection of my pictures, I must admit that they aren't very exciting. See, for the most part, I was by myself! Barry was at his conference and doing networking in the evenings, so I hung out at the pool, read books, went for walks, took naps, etc. All of these things do not make for exciting pictures! But, here are a few anyway...

Handsome hubby, taking full advantage of the Wi-Fi at the airport, since our flight was delayed almost 2 hours...
Once we got to Phoenix, we hopped aboard the SuperShuttle to get to our resort. We did not realize, however, that they were dropping people off at residences all over took us almost an hour to get to our resort! Ah, but it was worth the wait...

This bed was soooo comfy! The pillows and blanket and robes were made of "kashwear"...and were so soft and cozy! In fact, I even got a pair of complimentary "kashwear" socks!Wow, what a lobby! It had two levels, a fountain, a sushi bar, and right outside on the big patio...big fire pits with cushioned was heavenly!! Just one part of the awesome pool area! I cannot even begin to describe was A-mazing!! (right, Logzie?) It had numerous pools, a waterslide, a lazy river, a fountain park, and a pretty river running through it all...unbelievable!
So that is the end of my boring picture show. Sorry, I'm not really feeling like sharing the photos of me sitting in the sun in my bikini. Let's just say my bod's not really beach-ready yet! LOL! But let me also say that if you ever get a chance to go to Scottsdale and stay at the JW Marriot Desert Ridge resort, DO IT!!!! You will not be disappointed! Although I was a teensy bit disappointed that I didn't see any scorpions or rattlesnakes...not that I wanted to see them up close or anything...Heavens NO!!!!! But, it would have been cool to tell Kendall that I saw one (and ran off screaming into the desert, never to be seen or heard from again...). Oh well. I guess we can always go to the zoo!!! HA!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happiness is...

a weekend getaway to Arizona with handsome hubby (thanks, Ms. Kathy!!)...

a beautiful resort...

time to read by the pool...

lots of yummy food, and no clean up...

meeting a kindred spirit on the flight home...

landing in Columbus to beautiful weather and lots of green...

coming home to clean kids, clean laundry, and a clean house...

Having a wonderful Mother who made it all possible...


***Pictures to come soon!!**

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Meme

Everyone's doing it, so I HAVE to, right? Clearly, turning 37 has not made dealing with peer pressure any easier!! LOL! So, here we go...

I'm not posting the rules because I'm a rebel like that...HA!

Six unimportant, random and utterly boring things about me:

1.) I LOVE to get the mail...always have! I cannot wait for the mail to come...seriously! If Barry comes home before me and doesn't pick up the mail, I am hugely disappointed. I don't know why, but you just never know what someone might send you!! Yes, I'm a dork.

2.) I will eat (AND like!) almost any food. The few that I cannot tolerate in any way, shape, or form are cooked carrots (raw are fine), beets, melons such as canteloupe or honeydew, and sweet potatoes. And I am not a fan of tofu either. Everything else is A-OK!!! Even if I don't like it, I can get it down. These previously mentioned foods make me GAG!!! Isn't it funny that they are all considered "sweet"? Don't you think with my sweet tooth, I would be all over them? But alas, no.

3.) In my life before massage therapy, I used to work for Enron. And yes, I got out before the collapse!

4.) I don't really enjoy shopping. I will put it off forever until all of my clothes are outdated or shabby looking...and I will always pick going home over going to the mall. Although, I do get the urge about once a year...and then it's fun! Grocery shopping is different though...I LOVE that!

5.) I am a homebody. I used to be out and about, always doing something and up for anything. But now, I have a home I LOVE, and all I want to do is be here. I guess that's ONE reason these ridiculous gas prices are ok. It gives me an excuse to stay home and work in my flowerbeds and garden, paint the house, do the laundry, organize, and oh with the monkeys!!!! LOL!

4.) I am a stickler for spelling. Always have been, probably always will be. It drives me CRAZY when people can't spell basic everyday words, and don't even care! I just think one of the most important things we can learn is our own language, for Pete's sake! It's important, people! It's just my opinion that not caring enough to learn how to spell makes you look ignorant. It doesn't matter how intelligent the message you are trying to communicate is...if you can't spell the words, people will see you as ignorant and uneducated. And you know what really drives me over the edge? When I see misspellings on billboards, advertisements, or the signs at fast-food restaurants and such. Oh, does that just get my panties in a twist! (And no, I'm not talking about obvious typos and things like that!) Ok, ok, I'm done now. I promise. The soap box is back in the closet.

5.) I don't like it when my dog, or any other dog for that matter, licks my face. I love him...I surely do. But I don't want him licking my face after he just drank out of the toilet or licked his own butt. YUCK. Same goes for the cat.

6.) I don't like confrontation. I will avoid it at all costs. But, if pushed too far...I will push back, and it won't be pretty. And I'll wind up regretting everything I said. I hate that.

That's it folks...nothing too interesting here! Have a sunny day!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Reading Material

Barry has to go to Scottsdale for a conference this weekend and guess who gets to tag along? MEEEEEEEE!!! Yeah, I know...two trips in 8 weeks!!! We have Ms. Kathy coming to stay with the kiddos over the weekend, and Mom is coming Sunday night to stay until I get home. Barry has to stay one day longer, but that's ok! So, anyway...I headed to the library last night to pick up some good reading material for the trip. Lots of flying time plus two full days to myself leaves lots of time to catch up on my reading!

So, here is what I have...
You, Staying Young by Dr. Oz & Dr. Rozien
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
The Sugar Fix...the High-Fructose Fallout That Is Making You Fat and Sick by Dr. Richard Johnson
From a Buick 8 by Stephen King
Homeplace by Beth Massie

I know the books are all very different, but you never know what I'll be in the mood for! Although, I must admit that I don't think I'll be reading the Dr. Oz book or The Sugar Fix while sitting by the pool...just not pool material, ya know? Probably on the plane. At least then I can say I learned something while I was gone!

What do you like to read on vacation?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Random Stuff

We came into the great room last night to hear Kendall laughing. This is what we saw....

Yeah, she had tied her baby brother to the chair. CLEARLY, the King/Queen dynamic is still not understood here at the Cabin! Although truth be told, he was playing along. When he'd had enough, he had no problem getting out of it!

In other news, I got this cute pair of boots the other day at Target. See, everyone in this family needs a pair of mud boots to wear in the chicken's a mess out there for half of the year. And I've been without a pair! And hey, why get ugly, drab, brown ones from TSC when I can get these cuties? I'll be the best dressed chicken farmer in Ohio! LOL!

Of course, Kendall is not to be left out! These are her cutie-patootie mud boots. Obviously, hers have been worn a bit more than mine...she is in charge of the egg-gathering!

And to complete the "egg-gathering ensemble", we add a pair of red fleece pants, and OSU hooded sweatshirt, and little egg-gathering basket...

She's ready for the runway!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Green Beans Are Great!

These pics are from last week, but are so cute, I thought I'd share. The weather was so nice, we decided to eat out on the deck and have a little picnic, as Kendall requested. I had my camera close, and the kids were being so funny eating their green beans, so I took some pics.


My big find

So I've been surfing Craig's List nightly looking for a dresser for Noah's room. I was so excited to find this..

Obviously, it never made it to Noah's room! It was sitting down here in the great room (and quite in the way, I might add) and we didn't want to take it up to his new room until we moved the current furniture downstairs and then put his new bed together. So, I slid it over to this little alcove on the wall there...and I LOVED how it looks! Plus, it gives me some much-needed storage space and a nice little phone/message station! And the best part??? I got it for $135! Are you kidding me? I can't even get a cheapie-Sauder-particleboard dresser at the evil Walmart for that...and this one is solid oak! I may change the knobs yet, and it needs a bit of TLC...but I LOVE IT!!!! Don't you love the little skeleton keyholes? I can't wait to find a key for it!

Now, about that dresser for Noah's room....

Feed my Addiction, will you?

As you all know, my birthday was Monday. Well, my favorite neighbor, Jen brought over a gift for me. Can I just tell you that she is NOT helpful???

See, she knows that I have a serious problem...Chocolate addiction! And what does she do to help me kick this addiction???

She brings me a cute little gift bag filled with...yep, you guessed it...CHOCOLATE. All kinds.

And you were wondering why she's my favorite neighbor????


Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today Scout and I started leash training. I know that may seem weird, being that he's a year old, but remember, we live on 18 acres...1/2 mile back from the road. He pretty much stays around here! However, I want to start walking on a regular basis and it would be perfect if Scout could go along with me. So, Scout got to ride along with me on my way to take Kendall to school and then we headed into town, parked at the park, put on the leash, and walked all over town.

Can I tell you again how awesome and smart my sweet pup is? By the end of our 40 minute walk, he had the "stop-sit" down and was even doing well with walking right beside me on a relaxed leash instead of pulling ahead. He was so good! AND, I didn't even have to use the "heel" command after about 15 minutes either! He would stay seated until I picked my foot up to walk, and then he'd get up and stick to my side! I was so proud! Thank you, Mom, for keeping me in 4-H dog obedience classes! That info is obviously paying off!

Good thing we got out early, though. Looks like rain is coming in...BOO!!! But it's ok. I am taking full advantage of the fact that I don't have to work until 4:15 today and I am going to do a bit of painting...great room today. And yes, that's another tease for Logzie!!! LOL!

Have a good day, everyone!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Perfect Day

I had a perfect birthday, yes I did. We woke up to a sunny, clear blue sky and warm weather. It could not have been more perfect!

We made a big breakfast of eggs, fruit and toast and took Kendall to school. When Noah and I got home, we played with his matchbox cars for a while and then Deetra called to say she was coming over to bring me a little gift! She got me a pretty pair of fact, I think I will wear them today! Then Noah and I lazed around a bit more before getting showered and cleaned up. I put in a movie for him and indulged myself with a long, hot shower...and I even shaved my legs AND lubed up my whole bod with my new lotion! Yeah, I went a little crazy!

After we picked Kendall up from school, we came home and played outside...that is, until Kendall saw the neighbor kids behind us out on their took her all of 25 seconds to ask if she could go over and play. I had to stay here, since Noah was napping. Ah, silence. I sat here on the deck, blogging and enjoying the sun!

Then Barry came home earlier than I expected and get this...he MADE ME A BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!! And not some box mix either! He and Sheri got together earlier this week and made me a 4-layer chocolate cake with decadent homemade chocolate frosting! OMG, was I impressed!!!! Then they froze it until today...Genius! And was it ever good....

We took the kiddos outside and flew was an absolutely perfect day for it! Kendall had hers up within seconds and she let it out all the was soooo high! Noah caught on to the idea quickly enough, but he began to think it was funny to stand there holding it for a few minutes and then when the wind got good and strong, he'd let it go and laugh as Barry or I ran after it. STINKER.

After we reeled in the kites, the kids took off doing other random playing, and I stared staining some T&G that will be used in some of my "top secret home improvement projects". Barry pulled up a tree that has been struggling for a few years and planted a new one. Kendall hunted for ant colonies and Noah drove the jeep around, running over everything he could. Then we rustled them all inside for bath time so we could have our little birthday celebration...check out the pics, peeps!

It really couldn't have been better! And thanks to all of you for the Happy Birthday wishes! Hope you enjoyed my 80's hair!! LOL!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Friday, April 04, 2008

Happy Birthday, Scouty-Outy!!!

One year ago today, our sweet Scouty was born into rescue. His mother, a 10 month old black lab, had been dumped, pregnant, at the rescue by her owner. He told Jennifer (the lady who runs the rescue) that the father was a neighborhood golden retriever, though she told me later that she doesn't really believe much of what she hears, particularly from someone willing to dump their very young, pregnant dog when they should have had her fixed in the first place. True that!

Anyway, Barry and the kids had been pestering me for the ok to get a puppy for months at that point. It's not that I'm not a dog lover...its just that I know what a big responsibility a dog is, and I wanted to make sure we were ready. I knew we wanted a rescue was just a matter of finding the right one. Many times I thought I might have found the one, but by the time I called, they were gone. Then one night I was sitting here perusing Petfinder for the, well...1,000th time and came across a litter of 11(!) puppies...newborn black lab/golden retriever mixes. We talked a bit that night about the pros and cons of getting a newborn puppy versus an older rescue dog...and then decided to send in an application. The next day, Jennifer emailed me to tell me that she had seen the link to my blog on my email signature and after reading my blog and seeing pics of us and our property, we were approved as far as she was concerned. I was elated...AND apprehensive. What was I getting myself into? I knew that although the kids were promising to help, the majority of the work was going to fall on my shoulders. Not that Barry wouldn't be helping, of course...but let's be real...I'm the one who's here all day. And sometimes I don't feel like I'm doing a very good job handling just the house and the kids! Would I be able to cope with a new puppy too?

We went to meet the puppies goodness , were they cute! It was so hard to choose, but one was so laid back that he just laid down among all the playing puppies and took a nap. He was so roly-poly, with his milk-filled belly...we were hooked. And he was gentle...never nipped at the kids at all...unlike a few of the others. We didn't get to take him home that day...he wasn't quite ready. He still needed shots, and the rescue would neuter him before we took him home. We had two weeks to get much to do! We picked him up the first week of June, and he weighed in at a hefty 11 8 weeks old. We asked Jennifer how big she thought he would get. She estimated about 65-75 lbs based on the size of his mother, and that was cool with us! We loaded him up into our little cat carrier and took him home. Look at the feet on that little cutie... He adjusted just fine. Hardly had any accidents in the house, and really just wanted to sleep all the time! No wonder...he was growing so fast...about 10 lbs per month! The vet laughed when I told him he was a lab/golden mix. He actually said, "Who told you THAT? That dog has Newfoundland in him!" Boy, he wasn't kidding! By December, he was 94 lbs...and still just a laid-back pup. We have been spoiled...he has been a dream of a dog, and really, with as freaked out as I was, we couldn't have asked for a better dog to break us in. In fact, Barry said early on that we should get another so he could have a playmate. Ummmm, no. I know when I've been lucky, and lighting doesn't strike in the same place twice...or so they say!

We love our Scouty-Outy, as Noah calls him, and can't imagine not having him. He is Kendall's adventure buddy, Noah's best friend, our faithful companion, and the baby of the house. We sometimes have to remind ourselves of that. He's still a baby...a GIANT baby, but a baby nonetheless.

Happy Birthday, sweet puppy!
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