Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Big Bowl of Yarn

So here it is...my big bowl of yarn.

This Christmas, I made scarves for all the women. Maybe you got one! And if you did, I really hope you like it! Well, what's leftover is here in this bowl. Yarn scraps. But I have an idea for these balls of leftover yarn....

I am going to make some crazy striped scarves...just for myself. And maybe some funny hats. Because you know what? Of all the scarves I made, I made none for myself. Of course, last Christmas, when I started this knitting thing, the first scarf I made was for me...and I still love it! Although, it does indeed look a bit worn, so it's probably good that I'm doing this little project for myself!

Speaking of scarves...can you believe the change in the weather? Time to bundle up!

Monday, January 29, 2007

A WILD Weekend!

Well, the big birthday weekend is over.

The Clay Cafe was a success, and as you can see from the pictures, it was a rockin' good time! I was so impressed with each of the kids' plates...they were so creative, yet they didn't stress out about not getting it "perfect"! To me, that was especially cool, since I tend to get all worked up if something isn't turning out the way I think it should! But not these kids...they were ROCK SOLID. They decided how they were going to decorate their plates, and got to work immediately. Of course, we won't get the finished products until Thursday, and I can hardly wait to see the finished products. Riley and Kayla both painted horses on their plates. Kendall made a cupcake plate, as you can see in the picture, Devin painted an army helmet and Zach painted 2 light sabers crossing. Sophie painted a pink plate with a flower in the middle. They were all great and really colorful!

Then we took Kendall's cousins back to our house for a sleepover. OMG. It was CRAZY in this house! They ran around, screaming like banshees, played hide and seek, went out in the snow for a bit, played video games, and then settled down for a *very* short bit to have some pizza. Noah was having a blast chasing the big kids around...and they were very careful of him and really nice about letting him play with them. After we got the little man to bed, I sat down with the kids to play Whoonu. That was fun, but I think I was asking a little much of the kids to sit still and play a game for half an hour. SERIOUSLY!

The next morning, they were all up by 6:00 AM. UGH. We sat them down for a movie and tried to keep Noah sleeping for a little bit. And yet, the wildness continued!!! Turning 6 is a major reason to celebrate, I tell you!

Those kids transformed this house into a bonafide army bunker. They draped every blanket in the house over the railings, used pillows for sand walls...heck, they were even having strategy meetings. And there was LOTS of screaming and running. We just tried to stay out of the way and make sure no one was breaking the rules or getting hurt.

By 1:00 the whole family was here to have lunch, cake, and ice cream. And let me tell you what...my darling little daughter was POOPED. She was trying to keep it going, but by the time we opened presents, she was just staring at the wall, zoning out. We had to keep reminding her that she needed to finish opening her presents. And, of course, we were awaiting the over-tired meltdown. Thankfully, we never had to witness it. Check out that last picture...is that one tired little girl or what?

Alas, we made it through unscathed. And now I have a whole year to rest and get ready for next year...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Finally! An Update!

Geesh! It sure has been some time since I've posted! Things have been busy around here, as usual, so here are a few updates...

Ohio finally got some snow! Not a whole lot, mind you, but enough to get outside and play in. Kendall and I headed out on Sunday afternoon for some snow angels and a walk around the pond. She really wanted to go sledding, but unfortunately, our property is pretty flat! Then we came in for some hot cocoa. YUM! Actually, I think Kendall is more into the marshmallows than the cocoa...but whatever! Noah didn't get to romp around outside with us, as I don't have any boots for him yet. Guess I'd better get on it! He won't want to stay inside watching for long!

Last Wednesday, we lost a part of our family.
My aunt Missie was killed in a terrible car accident on her way to work.
She was 35 and had 4 small children and a wonderful husband, who will miss her terribly...as will the rest of us.
She was truly one of a kind, and the life of every party. Always laughing, always smiling... always joking about "The Captain"...
And now leaving us all to reflect on our lives and how to make the most of every day we are given...because it can all change in one single moment.
Take the time to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you - today!

Kendall is turning 6 on Sunday. 6!!!! How does a year go by so quickly? We are doing a low-key small party this year, since I didn't have time to plan anything great with Noah being sick most of December. She has invited 5 friends to come to the Clay Cafe to paint pottery on Saturday. Then her cousins are spending the night for some sleepover fun! On Sunday, the whole family is coming for lunch, cake and ice cream. How fun! The kids will be wild, and that's the way we like it!

Have you seen this movie? Sheri has been telling me for a while now that we HAD to see it. Well, it came via Netflix last week and we finally got he chance to watch it. Oh my goodness...the squirrel, Hammy, is so much like Kendall. He talks a mile a minute, has more energy than you can imagine, and has a thought train that most people aren't quick enough to follow...
Check it out! It's hysterical! www.overthehedgemovie.com

I now have my acupuncturist, Brian, working out of my office on Mondays. It is going so well! He has been incredibly busy, and people are so happy with their results. Plus, driving to Dublin beats driving to Delaware any day of the week! He is also working in Minster on Wednesdays at Jeanne Bergman's office.

Spread the word about acupuncture...it's amazing! You can check out his website here.

That's it folks...a little update for January. Look for the birthday party pictures soon!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lazy Sunday

What a great day to be lazy.

It is kind of dreary outside, just rain...no snow. We have no plans. I have spent my morning starting some laundry, cleaning up the house and playing with the little ones. It is definitely a no makeup, no hairspray day! And Barry and I are just sitting down to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Noah is napping, and Kendall is playing some computer games. We watched Memoirs of A Geisha last night...WOAH! Talk about getting crazy! Two movies in one weekend! That hardly even happens!

Friday night was great! We went out for a nice dinner...and then came home for some restful sleep. I slept until 8:00 with NO interruptions. I didn't move all night...and boy, did I need it! The kids did fine at Miss Kathy's...even though Noah didn't get completely settled until around 3:00 am, Kathy said it wasn't bad. He just couldn't seem to get into a deep sleep. He did sleep late though! When we called at 9:00, he was still sleeping!

Yesterday I got to have brunch with Sheri while Barry picked up the kids. What a treat! Ricotta pancakes and organic sausage. YUM! Then I came home and played with the kiddos some more! We really had a nice day. No cooking....pizza for dinner! And I'm happy to report that Noah's separation anxiety seems to be doing a little better...well, on and off, anyway!

So, anyway, I'm going to get to cuddling on the couch with my sweetie and watching my movie. Hope you all get to have lovely lazy Sunday as well!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Give the Kid a Break!

My poor, poor, baby boy.

He's just had a rough month, as you can see from some of my previous entries. The bad cold, the stomach flu, the ear infection, separation anxiety, and the insomnia. And now, we can add something else.

How 'bout a severe reaction to the antibiotic? My little guy is covered, and I mean COVERED in red spots. He doesn't seem to be bothered by them, so I am assuming they don't itch...but he looks a wreck. Don't you agree?

I am hoping this latest episode will clear up without too much trouble and we can be on our way...and back to the world of regular sleep. The little guy is really having a time of it. He's been sleeping with (or should I say ON) me for the last couple of nights. And to say the least, we've not been getting much sleep - either one of us! But overall, he really seems fine. He has been playing like crazy and chasing the cat, just like any other day!

Enter Miss Kathy....

Miss Kathy has volunteered to watch the kids for us tonight so we can have a night out with some friends. AND, to raise the bar even more, she is keeping them overnight! I thought she was nuts at first...and of course my reaction was, "Are you SURE???"

To which she responded,"It's fine. It will be FINE. It's one night of my life...so what if he doesn't sleep? We'll be ok!"

Well, how can you argue with that? And who knows...maybe he'll surprise us and sleep like a baby for her. THAT would be awesome. I can tell you one thing for sure....

I'M GOING TO SLEEP LIKE A ROCK TONIGHT. I can hardly wait to get home. Can you believe that? I am not even thinking about the great dinner we are set to have, or all the fun people we are going with. All I can think about is getting home, putting on comfy pjs, and snuggling down deep in my bed for a solid night's sleep. AHHHHHH.......


Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year, Y'all!

So it is now officially 2007! Happy New Year to you!

We had a nice New Year's Eve. Nothing too exciting, of course. Sheri came out to join us for dinner and chit-chat. We got the kids to bed and just sat up talking...until 2:00 am. But hey, isn't that what New Year's Eve is all about? Getting together with friends and just doing what you like to do? So that is what we did. Good food, good conversation, fleece blankets and ice cream. Now that's a good New Year's Eve!

Also, I have a few other things to report....

Noah has an ear infection, yes. He also is having separation anxiety. And let me tell you....
THAT is a lethal combination. Although I think he is feeling better, he still wants me to hold him and carry him all day long...and the screaming that ensues when I try to sit the little bugger down so I can, say, GO TO THE BATHROOM? Well, it's not pretty. But we're working on it. If you have any tried and true ideas, I'd be happy to hear them!

Barry did get a deer this season....YIPPEE! It still needs to be skinned and cut up, but there it is, for all to see...hanging in our shed.

Noah is not scared of the spring horse anymore....NOT A BIT, as you can see in this picture! He and Kendall have been playing "Ride 'Em Cowboy" every day. That was definitely a great idea! And check out those matching jammies....red for Noah and purple for Kendall. A good gift from Dad and Taffy.

We got the house de-Christmased yesterday. Usually, this would not happen so quickly, but for some reason, this year I was just done with it all. I'm not exactly sure why, but I just WAS. Anyway, our tree had gotten so dry that Barry decided to cut all the branches off so they didn't drop all their needles going through the front door. The result was a very sad looking tree...but it did fit through the door!

I haven't yet finalized my New Year's Resolution. I'll let you know when I do. I've got some ideas though! And I'd love to hear YOUR resolutions!

Hope you had a wonderful New Years doing what you love to do with people you love! Bring on 2007!
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