Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mmmm, Mmmm Good!

So we had a perfect ending to a nice weekend.

Saturday I had to work for the first half of the day, and then I rushed home to get ready to go to Shawn and Deetra's cookout. We had such a good time. Kendall played with her new friends and Noah was a wild man on the new playset. We had to leave around 8 since Barry had a poker game to get to and Noah goes to bed at 8:30...but of course, Kendall wasn't ready to hang it up just yet. So Jodi said she'd just bring her home when they left. Needless to say, Kendall had a late night out! She didn't end up getting into bed until 11:00, and her usual bedtime is 9!

So this morning we had a bit of a lazy start, but after Kendall, Barry and Scout got back from puppy class, we knocked it out! Barry got busy wiring up his electrical outlets around the back of the house, cleaning out his post holes, and finishing the drip-edge. I took on the heaping mound of laundry that has been sitting and laughing at me all weekend. I finished 5 loads today (washed, hung to dry, folded, and put away) and have one in the washer right now to go on the line first thing in the a.m.! I also got a couple of random little things done that have been mocking me all week. Kendall cleaned up the toys and also found 2 new frogs this weekend, so I guess Froggy's impact has been softened.

But the highlight of the weekend was definitely dinner tonight. See, our friends Bruce and Shayna have a huge garden and sent a big ol' bag of produce home with Barry this week. In it were 2 eggplants. Now eggplant is not something I normally make, but I figured what the hell? We invited Sheri out for dinner, which is a normal occurrance on any given weekend. We really enjoy cooking together and trying new dishes. We all really like the Eggplant Parmagiana from Buca di Beppo, so I just hopped on Google and found the recipe. It was actually really easy...the secret is to cut the eggplant very thin. We actually thought ours was better than Buca's! Must have been all the super-fresh produce...eggplant, peppers, and cucumbers from Bruce and Shayna, tomatoes from ours. Mmmmm!

I had also seen a yummy looking recipe in the new Better Homes & Gardens that I wanted to try for dessert. Upside-Down Berry Cornmeal Cake. It turned out so pretty and let me tell you was GOOOOOOOD! Light and refreshing and full of berries! I was going to post the recipe tonight, but I am too tired to! So, maybe tomorrow... ((sigh))

Friday, July 27, 2007've gotta love 'em!

Are you ready for the two newest kid stories? I've got one for each...

Let's do Noah first, since his is a little quicker! About 2 weeks ago, Noah had a really bad diaper rash due to that yucky bug both kids had - the diahrrea was horrible. Anyway, it was sores bad. And it wasn't just on his little bum either. It was all down the inside of his thighs so it hurt when we put the diaper on and also when he would walk. It was so sad, because he wanted to be carried everywhere. Needless to say, every time we had to do a diaper change, it was a major struggle because he didn't want to be wiped! (Can't say I blame him there!)

Anyway, we would try to distract him by asking if he wanted lotion. Just a special little concoction I got from a midwife in New Mexico called Lickety Split Healing Balm...but it works wonders! So anyway, he would say "Jes, Jes! Lo-sun!" and that would distract him enough to get his diaper off and get him cleaned up.

Fast forward to this week. He still requests "lo-sun" at every diaper change, vehemently requests it, in fact...even though there is no diaper rash in sight. As soon as you lay him down, he starts demanding. Then on Thursday, we got Noah's report from his childcare facility that details his day, including diaper changes. And this is what it said on that particular section:

Dirty at 12:50. Asked for "lotion".
Do not have any here.
You may send some to use if you'd like.

So just picture it, folks. My son is becoming a pampered little boy. It's like he's at his own personal day spa. I don't know any other little boys who simply must have lotion applied to their little bums at every diaper change! Do you?

Second story is all Kendall. Ah, my dramatic little girl.

On Thursday night, she found this tiny little frog floating in one of the holes Barry had dug for his deck posts. Of course, with all the rain we've had, the holes filled with water. Kendall spotted this little guy and decided a rescue was in order. She was being called upon to save this little frog's life! So she grabbed one of her Daddy's paver bricks and lured him to safety. Phew! Good thing too, because I guess frogs can't swim! ;0)

So she named him Froggy (a Kendall original...)and proceeded to create a brand new home for him in the baby pool, complete with rocks to climb on and grass to burrow in and she even caught grasshoppers for him to eat. She tried and tried to convince Barry that she should keep him as a pet, but it was to no avail. Barry explained and explained that he was a wild frog and it wasn't fair to keep him from his parents and that if we kept him, he would more than likely die. So she finished her new frog habitat and reluctantly went to bed.

Friday morning, she woke up and went running downstairs and outside. Now keep in mind that I was at work on Thursday and didn't get home until after she was in bed, so I didn't know what she was doing. I mean, I had heard the story, but hadn't been here for the "experience". About 5 minutes later, I hear uncontrollable sobbing and then all-out wailing! I go running outside, worried that she hurt herself or something...but no. All of this because Froggy was GONE! He was GONE!!! Oh, the horror! I explained all of the things Barry had previously explained, along with the argument that we would probably see him again up around the house, but she wasn't having it.

"He's gone, Mama! My Froggy is GONE!! I rescued him and named him and everything! I built him a wonderful place to live and even caught him grasshoppers to eat! I can't believe he is GONE! Why did he leave me? I LOVE HIM! He's the only frog I ever loved! My heart is breaking, Mama. No really, it is! My chest hurts so bad...I think I'm dying!"

Lord. So now I am in full Mama-make-it-better mode. And for 2 hours after, I was still hearing about how her heart was breaking. Finally she stopped when we went to Wal-mart. Thank goodness.

BUT, when I went up to put her to bed and read to her last night, this is what I found on her bed:Notice the very happy frog and the heart breaking there on the right. And of course, you certainly can't miss the big word GONE. It was so sad, and sweet...but I didn't let her get all spun out of control again. I just told her that it was a really nice picture and she really conveyed her feelings well. And much to my surprise, she was totally fine. Not a tear, a whine, nothing.

Holy cow...can you imagine what it's going to be like around here when she breaks up with her first boyfriend?!?!

Creativity Unleashed!

I am usually a somewhat creative/crafty person...but lately, I just haven't been able to get into my groove.

Sure, I see all kinds of things I COULD do...and WANT to do, I just can't seem to find the motivation. But, this morning I woke up and felt MOTIVATED! My mind was swimming with all the projects I want and NEED to finish. New cross-stitch patterns I bought and haven't started yet, knitting projects I've had my eye on, some beading for a wedding that is coming up fast...and of course, my Christmas gifts. Oh yeah, and don't forget the scrapbooking! I don't think I will ever get caught up on that!

So, this afternoon while Noah was napping and Kendall was doing a craft, I sat down to unleash some of the rabid creativity that has been locked away inside me. And here is what I made...

If you've been visiting my blog for a while, you may remember my first beading project...and that was the bottle opener you see in the above picture. I just decided to do some matching servingware. I must admit that I quite pleased with myself! The only problem is that now the creative monster has been released! I'm already contemplating my next project... what do you think it should be? I've been wanting to paint my great room and half bath in addition the projects mentioned above. Or, I could make myself a cute little pair of earrings...I bought some cool beads especially for that! Hmmmm....

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I've been tagged by Terri! Here goes...


1. Post these rules before you give you the facts.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. At the end of your post, choose (tag) eight people and list their names (linking to them).
4. Leave them a comment on their blog letting them know they’ve been tagged!

8 Random Facts About Me

1.) I have a "thing" about spiders. Yes, like many other women, I hate them. It's the way they move...all quick and creepy - YUCK! But here is my ritual when I happen across one: I kill it with the flattest thing available, usually a shoe. THEN, I leave the carcass lie for about a week or so as a warning to all of the other spiders that may be lurking about. That's right, all you damn spiders...I have a shoe and I will use it! (My husband thinks this is the silliest thing he has ever seen and that I am clinically insane...but I maintain that he secretly finds it endearing!)

2.) I am an ice cream and chocolate snob. There are very few brands of ice cream that I feel are worth the caloric intake. If you are going to do it, you'd better do it right, I say! It had better be Graeter's or Ben and Jerry's or I'm really not that interested. Oh yeah, and if you go to Graeter's, please, PLEASE do not torture me by getting some kind of sundae or milkshake or even just adding whipped cream to that perfect creamy concoction. THAT IS BASTARDIZING THE ICE CREAM, PEOPLE! It really gets me going. My darling hubby calls me the Ice Cream Nazi because he always gets a scoop of whipped cream on his ice cream and it drives me insane. You are taking away from the ice cream! Savor it! Each and every bite!

And the same goes for chocolate. Why eat crappy chocolate like Hershey's or Reese's? It just isn't good, people! Stick with some Dove dark, or Ghiradelli or even Godiva if you must. But stay away from the Hersheys, especially the milk chocolate! I don't even think it is actually chocolate. It burns my mouth, it's so sweet....and NOT in a good way!
Cheap ingredients = cheap chocolate. YUCK.

See, what did I tell you? SNOB.

3.) Oral hygiene is very important to me...and I believe VERY STRONGLY that it should be to everyone else too. No one wants you to get close to them if your mouth is stinky. And believe me, they don't want to look at you if your teeth are gross either. Brush and floss, people. It's just not that difficult! And be forewarned, I WILL be checking out your teeth when I first meet you...I just can't help it. Small things like that say volumes about people upon first impressions. A little obsessive? Maybe.

4.) I LOVE DISNEY. Love, Love, LOVE IT!!! If I am within 4 hours of either park, I MUST go. It's like being drawn to the mothership. It's fun, it's clean, and they do it all the skimping on the details. Where else can a full-grown adult go and be expected to act like a child? It's the happiest place on earth, and that's the truth! NOBODY does it better than Disney! (P.S. We are going in August, and I can't wait! It will be Kendall's 3rd time, but Noah's it will be a blast!) Time to bust out the Mickey Ears!

5.) My first car was a 1971 VW Beetle, pale yellow . I loved that car. It was the same age as me! And what an efficient machine. The trunk was in the front, the horn and windshield wiper fluid pressure came from the air in the spare tire(which was also in the front "trunk"), the air and heating vents blew snow in the winter, and the steering wheel was as big as a tractor's. Lap belts only! The windshield was straight up and down, giving you plenty of headroom, and what a rockin' stereo...AM only, baby! I listened to a whole lot of NPR. And let's not forget the signature sound of the Beetle...they sound like they're chirping. All of my friends knew when I was coming from a block away! Ahhhhh, those were the days!

6.) I want to learn to quilt. I don't know why...I just do. It seems like such a daunting task, but I love the look and feel of quilts. One of these days when the kids get a little older, I am going to join a quilting club...I have lots to learn from those ladies!

7.) I have a quick temper. I cannot tolerate people acting or being stupid. I don't like having to repeat myself 3 times, either. I wish this were not true, but it is...and as Dr. Phil would say, "You can't change what you don't acknowledge." So I'm working on it. I promise, I really am.

8.) I want to go on one of those train trips out west. How cool would that be? And since you're not driving, you can spend all of your time LOOKING at the scenery! I've never been out west, so I really want to go...the Grand Canyon, the Badlands, name it, I want to do it. I even want to go fly fishing in Montana! Again...when the kids are a little older!

There you go, folks. Hope you've learned something about me that you find interesting!

Now, on to the tagging...I tag Rick, Logzie, Snowman, Mary Helen, Bonnie, Kate, Lisa, and Kristin. Have fun! Can't wait to find out random facts about you all....

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Just wondering...

Do you ever freak yourself out a bit if you are driving over a really high bridge and you have to stop on it because of traffic or something, and you think, "Holy cow, what would happen if this bridge just fell? OMG! Could you even survive? How terrifying would that be? I'll bet it happens all the time..." And you kind of get a sick feeling in your belly and feel a little panicky?

Yeah, me either. I was just wondering.

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Ok, first of all, my apologies for not posting anything the past couple of's just been a whirlwind of activity around here!

On Wednesday, the kids and I hit the zoo with my friend Deetra and her daughter Shea. It was a perfect day...

We left early even though thunderstorms were in the forecast and it was a bit cloudy. We figured we'd just take our chances and get in as much as we could before the rain. Besides, it was nice and cool, so the animals were pretty active!

We had a good day...saw all of North America, Asia, Australia, ate a yummy lunch, and of course, had to have a ride on the carousel! Kendall, Shea and Deetra took off for their ride, and I sat on the sidelines with Noah watching and taking pictures. You may remember one of my previous posts about Noah screaming his head off on the carousel, so we weren't about to do THAT again!

We made it until about 1:00, when the humidity was rising, and rising we got the heck out of there and went to Graeters for some relief. Mmmmmmmmm! Noah fell asleep before we got there, so he missed out on that part of the day! After the ice cream, Kendall crashed out too, but Shea made it all the way home...

Then on Friday, I had my Bunco night with the girls...ALWAYS a fun time! Sheri subbed this month, so she finally got to meet the ladies of Lake Choctaw. We had a really good time. In fact, I had a bit of a hangover the next day! Too many mojitos! But they were soooo good! AND, I even tripled my money by scoring the most buncos! Well, yeeee ha!

On Saturday I had to work in the morning, and the kids went to Aunt Jessie's so Barry could get his post holes dug for the deck. Then we hurried home and waited for our friends, the Thobes, to come for our camp-out. They got here with no problems, and the kids went wild! Kendall and Riley ran around screaming and playing, while Noah chased them, laughing and screaming right along with them. It was so cute...he just wanted to be a part of whatever they were doing!

We grilled out pork chops and had sweet corn, creamy cucumbers and onions,broccoli, and hot dogs for the kiddos. Oh, and ice cream for dessert, of course! Beth had brought some of her homemade salsa, and we TORE IT UP. Sooooo goood! Even Noah was into it!

We got the girls into the garden and let them go crazy finding whatever produce was ready...and they found a lot! A bowl full of radishes, a couple of lemon boy tomatoes, and a bowl of green beans. Mmmm Mmmm Good... I'll be making some good stuff this week!

Well, needless to say, the camp-out turned out to be a camp-in. The people across the road were having a HUGE party with a band and karaoke and fireworks at midnight. It was pretty loud. So the girls decided they would need to sleep inside because they were having trouble falling asleep with the music. Ri-ight.

I was already in the house making sure Noah was staying asleep, so Beth came in and we sat and chatted for a while. Then Chad came in and had to go lay down with Riley because she didn't want to go to bed. So now, we were all inside! Chad never made it back downstairs, of course...and Barry finally just went to bed. Beth and I stayed up talking and watching The Office. When we could barely stay awake anymore, I headed to bed...but Beth was bound and determined to sleep outside. She said we spent all the time putting the tent up and somebody should sleep in it! So, she did...loud music, fireworks and all!

On Sunday morning, we had homemade sticky buns compliments of Beth! They were quite delish! Then we just kicked back and let the kids play until the Thobes had to leave. Barry, Scout and Kendall headed to puppy class, and I put Noah to bed. When they got back, Kendall was snoozing in the van, so I took her up to her room and let her sleep. Since both the kids were sleeping, Barry stayed home and watched a movie while I headed over to the neighbor's house for little Isaiah's birthday party. I knew the kids would be disappointed to miss it, but they needed to sleep in a bad way. The party was fun, and I actually got to sit and talk with the adults instead of running after the kids the whole time! What a concept! When I got home, both kids were STILL asleep! Kendall slept until 5! She was crushed that she missed the party, but it helped that Jen had sent home goody bags and food for them. But still...

After we got her calmed down, we had to get her ready for cheer camp. I took she and Noah, and let Noah play at the park while Kendall was doing her thing with the girls. I tried to sit with Deb and Amy to chat while they watched the girls, but Noah was having NO PART of that. He wanted to play on the slides. So, of course, I played with him! When we got home, Barry had finished digging all of his post holes, so he was quite pleased! We got the kiddos bathed and ready for their "before-bed-snack" and a movie...and then off to bed! Ahhhh....finally a moment to sit!

We were back at it early on Monday! We picked Kendall's friend Adam up on the way to swim lessons, then headed to the splash park at Ballantrae for some summertime fun. We met Deetra, Jodi, Kristin, and their kids there, and the kids played so well together. No one was left out, and they shared toys! It was a little cooler than we would have liked, but the kiddos still had fun...whether they were cold or not. We stayed until about half an hour into Noah's naptime, and then I decided we better hit the road before meltdown started to occur.

So Noah fell asleep, and Adam and Kendall played and played and played....and then crashed about 10:00. Barry and I lasted until the last 2o minutes of CSI. We just couldn't hang anymore...

It's Tuesday now, and I am off to work. Tomorrow I will rest!

Well, we'll see...

Friday, July 20, 2007

It's all About the Benjamins...

So, VBS is done for the year. Kendall lives the whole year just for that one week of Vacation Bible School. The songs, the crafts, the is almost too much to handle!

Yesterday, she got up from the lunch table to go potty. I could hear her in there singing her bible school songs, being as dramatic as she can. Well, this went on a good 15 minutes, so I went to check on her. What a sight.

There was my daughter, sitting on the pot, pants around her ankles, singing a song about Israel (which she was calling Is-rye-del). Anyway, she was singing very somberly, covering her heart with her hands, looking up at heaven, and just being as animated as usual. Good Grief, I couldn't help but was cute. And just the fact that she was on the potty made it funnier.

So, finally, I coaxed her into finishing up her business and coming back out to finish her lunch. As she sat back down at the table, she said, "Did you hear me singing, Mama?" I told her of course I did, and that she sings as pretty as an angel.

To which she replied, "Yeah, last night at vacation bible school, my teacher told me that I sing so beautifully! I've been working really hard on BLENDING. There were some of the teachers tonight that got to sing ON STAGE! Mama, someday I want to sing on stage for a big audience!" And I, not being one to squelch a kid's dreams, told her what a cool thing that would be and that she would have to practice a whole big bunch. And she said..

"Yeah, and I want to get PAID for doing it!"

Yep, folks, it is indeed, ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Conversations Overheard...

So, last night on the way to Vacation Bible School, Kendall is sitting in the backseat with 2 of her friends just chatting away. This is a normal occurrence, as Kendall has a tendency to dominate the conversation most of the time. Anyway, these 3 little girls are in the back of the Odyssey, doing armpit farts (no, not my proudest moment), giggling and talking nonstop. All of the sudden, I hear Kendall say (very seriously, of course)...

"Hey guys, you know what? This week, four of my chickens died. And it's really sad, because, well, one of them was my favorite golden hen, Puffy."

"Oh, Kendall, that's really sad!" says Shea.

"Yeah, it is. I cried a little bit." Kendall replies.

"Well," says Abby, "you know, I'll bet Puffy is up in heaven!"

And here is what my daughter says...

"You're darn right she is! She's up there laying golden eggs for God!"

So right about now I am ready to bust a gut, but trying not to let them know I am listening. The conversation continues, very dramatically...

"Yeah, guys...and you know what else? Those darn coyotes came and killed my chickens and took NOTHING from them! NOTHING! Not even the meat!"

OK, not just laughing to myself anymore...laughing right out loud...and they are oblivious...

"Did you hear me guys? They killed my chickens and DIDN'T EVEN TAKE THE MEAT!!!"

Where, oh where, does she come up with this stuff?

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Left Brained/Right Brained...

You Are 55% Left Brained, 45% Right Brained

The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.
Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.
If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.
Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.

The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.
Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.
If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.
Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.
Are You Right or Left Brained?

Try it for yourself, folks!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Barry's Vengeance!

Well, folks...I know a couple of you had requested a picture of the vengeance that was to be handed to the varmint that killed our chickens... however, it was dark outside and I had a hard time getting a good picture.

But this is pretty much what it looked like...

I love that girl...

Dead chickens, sick kids, a missed sale...
So, just as I was starting to think that all this "Unlucky Friday the 13th" stuff was decidedly NOT a bunch of crap, my sweet six year old turned it all around.

I was sitting here on the couch with Noah, who now has the nasty virus Kendall is finally kicking, watching Baby Einstein...and Kendall was outside catching butterflies and grasshoppers. She was having a heck of a time finding any "good grasshoppers", so I had told her to head out to the garden and just stay in the part where the flowers are growing so Scout didn't trample the tomatoes and such. Anyway, I was sitting here cuddling my sick little munchkin, when I hear a knock on the door. So, I hop up and open it up. There stands my darling daughter...holding these...
"I picked these pretty flowers for you, Mama. They make me think of you! Don't you LOVE them?"

Holy cow... how I love that girl!
Just when I needed a did she know? ;o)
A perfectly shaped bouquet of lillies, just for me. WOW.
The depths of her sensitivity are still shocking to me...

How did I get so lucky?

So Bummed

We are so bummed today.

When I got up this morning, things were eerily quiet. I wasn't sure what was missing, but I knew SOMETHING was.

Turns out it was our favorite rooster, Elvis. He was not out there crowing every 3 minutes, making sure everyone within a 2 mile radius was awake. So, doing my usual head count of the chickens, I realized that 4 were missing. SHIT. We had left the chicken gate open last night. Not that this is unusual, mind you. All last summer those chickens free-ranged all they wanted. But last night was different, I guess.

After carefully taking a long, hard, look-see over the property (from the house), I determined that I was going to need to go on out and take a closer inspection of what I felt were a couple of piles of feathers. They were, indeed, feathers. From Elvis. And Puffy, Kendall's beloved golden hen. And even worse, I found Puffy's body and the body of another hen not too far from there. Oh, soooo sad. Never found Elvis though...or the other hen. But, I didn't really look much more after that. No desire to. My fears had already been confirmed.

Now I know it's silly to be sad about these chickens, especially the nameless ones...but these chickens were our first...and also our first livestock of any kind. They laid countless perfect, tasty eggs that our friends and family were fighting to get. They kept the bugs down, and obviously, they woke us up in the morning. I am sad, and even more, I feel like it's my fault for leaving the chicken gate open. Slaughtered right in our own yard. Tragic.

But, justice WILL be served, mind you. In true renegade fashion, my husband has vowed to sit on top of the chicken coop tonight with his 22 and take out whatever comes back for more tasty chicken. Won't that be a sight? The neighbors oughta love that!

That's right, folks...never a dull moment here at the can count on that!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Poop...It's what's for dinner!

Man, what is it with dogs and poop, anyway?

Scout thinks that poop of any kind is it's very own food group. GROSS!

Every single time I take that pup out, he finds some kind of poop to eat! A little goose poop for an appetizer, a little cat poop for an evening snack, heck....even other dog poop for dessert! And let's not forget the chicken poop either! He gets all worried if you go into that pen without him...
And I know it's not good for him, but how do you get a dog to stop a habit like that? It's like crack for dogs! Always lookin' for the next hit. they have a dog rehab or something?

I guess I just don't understand (Thank heavens). I cannot imagine craving poop of ANY kind.
YUCKITY-YUCK- YUCK!!! I don't even want to clean it up, much less EAT it!!

But then again, I guess I don't go around sniffing people's butts and crotches to say hello either...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bodies...the Exhibition!

Ok now folks...just ride along with me for a moment here...

This is a picture from a show called Bodies...the Exhibition . It is open in Columbus, Ohio (among other cities) over at Easton Towne Center through December. It may seem a bit graphic at first, but I assure you it really isn't.

Two years ago, I went to a show similar to this called Bodyworlds with a group of friends who were also health professionals. It was AMAZING! If you have any interest in the human body, it is a must see. Even if you don't have an is a must see. I believe it is so important for people to understand their bodies and realize how amazing we really are! So many people take their bodies for granted and then just expect the medical community to perform a miracle to get them back on track. This exhibition (and others like it) shows so much of what lies beneath your skin...blood vessels, muscles, name it. They even have displays of actual diseased organs. It is not gross at's very tastefully done...artistic even! The bodies are preserved through a process called plastination (check out the link above for more info) and then displayed in such poses as kicking a soccer ball, ice skating, even skateboarding. I'm tellin' ya, is freakin' awesome. And educational too!

It IS a bit pricey though...$17 for children 12 and under, $22 for adults, $20 for students and seniors. But obviously, I found it to be worth every penny.

So if it's something you might be interested in, go see it! And if you are offended by it...don't send me a nasty email or leave a comment telling me why...just don't go!


Here lies my baby, the one who 8-24 hours ago was terrorizing my dog/cat/daughter...dumping milk on the floor, banging pots & pans, stuffing the toilet full of toilet paper, throwing blocks at the tv, running away from me in the parking lot...and the list goes on and on. And yet, here he is, sleeping peacefully...lost in dreams of trucks, ice cream, and his puppy. Here he is...the child who rolled around in chicken poop screaming until he pooped his own pants last night...the child who can make his mama & daddy pull their hair out...the child who can get his sister crying in 2 minutes flat even though he is almost 4 years younger than she is...

Here he lies...
dreaming of how to do it all again today...

Monday, July 09, 2007

Keepin' Me On My Toes

Yesiree...these kids are keeping me on my toes today. Kendall spent the entire day either in her bed or on the couch, sleeping. Her fever ran most of the day, so she was so lethargic and weak that I just let her do whatever she wanted, which of course, kept me running for ice water and a new blanket and another pillow, etc. etc. etc.... I called Brian the wonder-acupuncturist to see if he could get her in today, and I'll tell you what...I do believe in fortuitous circumstance. He had just had a cancellation for 5:00 pm, so you can bet that appointment was mine! I let the kids and puppy nap until 4:00, then I got them up and loaded up the Odyssey. We were off to get my baby feeling better!

At the treatment, Brian told us that she had a major kind of nastiness going on in that little body of hers. But let me just tell you he is amazing! Before we even left the office, she was cooling down and perking up. She even asked for something to eat before we left! Of course, on the way home, she fell asleep again...but that's ok. The body can't heal without rest. Brian also said her fever should break tonight, so keep your fingers crossed! My beautiful baby girl doesn't get sick very often, but when she does, she does it BIG.Then, my sweet little boy decided to be not so sweet tonight. I went out to feed the chickens and gather the eggs and he followed me with his little push-along, flappy-feet duck. But when we got to the pen, I told him the duck couldn't go inside because I didn't want chicken poop all over the duck, therefore, in my house. Well, this thoroughly put his diaper in a twist! He threw himself on the ground in the chicken pen, (and therefore the chicken poop as well) and rolled around screaming his head off and grinding dirt and chicken poop all in his hair and clothes. Well, those of you who know me well know that I DO NOT give in to such tactics to control the situation. So I just walked away with the duck and left him there, rolling around in chicken poop and screaming. This went on for 5-10 minutes, which as you may know, feels like forever when a child is screaming his head off. Finally, he realized that I was not giving in, so he picked himself up and started running over to where Barry and I were standing, discussing how long this was going to last...screaming the entire way. Of course, because I was remaining calm and collected, (and because it went on so long that I had time), I happened to get a few pictures of this entertaining incident. Does that make me a bad mom?? :0)
BUT...there is a silver lining to this day...

That's right. I made monster cookies last night. YUMMMMMY YUM YUUUMMMM! And they are just sitting in the kitchen calling my name. Thank Goodness my wonderful hubby is on top of things and thought to bring home extra milk for just such an occasion! Thanks, babe! You're the best! MAYBE I'll even give you one... ;0)

I'm out of my element!

So this weekend, Barry and I both had a brief reprieve.

Barry had his annual fishing trip with "the guys" up on Lake Erie...he left Friday morning and came home Sunday afternoon. PLUS, my mom had called last week to see if the monkeys could come to her house for a sleepover. So, I did what any smart mom would do...

I asked if they could come on Friday. Seriously! Just think of the things I could do with 2 days and an evening all to myself! I don't think I have been totally alone for an evening for about 6 years! So, you can imagine my giddiness when Mom said, "Sure. Friday will be fine! And you can pick them up as late as you want on Saturday." OMG! Are you kidding me?????

My head was swimming with the possibilities, and boy, did I come up with a list! I was going to get so much done that everyone would be impressed, and I would feel like I had accomplished so much and feel renewed all at the same time. EXCEPT...that's not what happened at all.

I didn't get home from dropping the monkeys off until 3 pm on Friday. Mostly because I stopped at this great little raspberry farm on my way back to pick black raspberries. I was so jazzed about this because I have been wanting to stop there for 3 years now, but never do because I always have the kiddos with me, or I have missed the season. Well, not on Friday! I stopped and picked as many berries as I felt like. I took my time, and enjoyed the peacefulness all around me. The sky was clear and blue, the berries were big, and I was definitely getting some sun on my shoulders! It felt weird not to HAVE to be anywhere. And then I realized that I did! The puppy needed to be let out! Time to get yer butt home, sister! So I went home, my best friend Sheri came out, we made dinner AND a black raspberry pie. YUM! (And yes, I made my own crust...)

Saturday morning I watched a movie ALL BY MYSELF. What a concept! Then I took the pup for a walk and came home to a *still* empty house. Everything I was excited about suddenly made me feel so lost. I didn't know what to do with myself without the chaos and noise that is usually part of the background here at the cabin. What was wrong with me? I tried to get myself motivated to start one of my many projects...maybe a bit of scrapbooking, some beading...even some knitting... but alas, I could not. Although I was home, I was completely out of my element. All I could think about was what time I should go get my babes. I finally gave in and called mom. "I'm leaving here at 3...see you around 4:30." I couldn't believe that I had not taken advantage of my "ME" weekend! But when we got home, all was right again. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but... organized chaos reigns!

Sunday, we had our first puppy class, which went well. Scout is definitely eager to learn. However, Kendall told me halfway through the class that she didn't feel good. She came over and sat on my lap, and holy crap! She was burning up! We got home, and sure enough, 101 on the thermometer. So, here we are...monday morning...still with the fever. Bummer, dude. So, swimming lessons have been cancelled and we will be spending the rest of the day here at home. That's ok...I have some serious snuggle time to catch up on with those monkeys!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Dear Mr. Tanker Truck Driver...

Taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this message...

Dear Mr. Tanker-Truck Driver,

Yes, you...the numbskull who almost ran this mother of two off the road the other night...

Are you aware of the term "merge"? Do you understand what is supposed to happen when a lane merges into traffic on an interstate? Basically, you dickhead, it means that as I am attempting to get onto I-70, I am supposed to increase my speed to match that of the traffic that I will be flowing into, which I DID. It also means that my lane is ENDING. Therefore, you are to either slow down to let me in, OR change lanes to the left to accommodate my vehicle coming into your lane from the right. It DOES NOT mean that you increase your speed once you see me trying to merge, hence leaving me no place to go but into the ditch! That is just plain re-goddamn-diculous!

SO JUST GIVE ME A BREAK, you cottonheaded ninny-muggins! It's not like I could just slow you have any idea how long your truck is, and how short my lane was by the time you decided to be such an ass and screw the lady in the minivan? I had to come to a complete stop in the ditch! You're lucky that I drive an Odyssey and not some speedy little sports car, because you can bet your sweet ass that I would have caught up to you and called the 1-800 number on that "How Am I Driving" sticker on the back of your truck! It's drivers like you that really give me the red-ass!

The Mom in the Minivan

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming....

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thinking Blogger Awards

Well, it seems I have been given a Thinking Blogger Award by Miss Mary Helen , and that includes needing to pick 5 blogs that I enjoy! This ought to be a challenge, since I don't read very many! So, first of all, thanks to Mary Helen for tagging me... now, on with the honors!

Here is how it works:

You must wait to be tagged by another blogger before you post your own list. No jumping ahead. Link back to the original post for this meme ("5 Blogs That Make Me Think"). You may then add a gold or silver "Thinking Blogger Award" button just like the one at the top left of my page.

1.) Rick's Rambling - Rick posts on everything that pops into his head, which is quite entertaining. Plus, he has a wicked sense of humor as well...check it out!

2.) How Did I Get Here? - My friend Missy's blog. Lots of Connor stories, knitting updates, and tons of music! All music lovers must tune in to Missy! You won't be disappointed!

3.) It's the Little Things - Lisa's stories about her family life and her great jewelry designs make this a must see!

4.) I Eat Snowman Poop - Found this blog off of Rick's. FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY!!!!! I always save this one for last because it always leaves me laughing!

5.) Logziella's World - A peek into her family life...PLUS Thrifty Thursdays!!!

Check 'em out, folks! You just may find something you like!
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Images from the 4th

Tiny Tooth

Yep, you guessed it! Kendall has lost another tooth, this time on the bottom. It is truly the tiniest tooth I have ever seen! If she keeps losing teeth at this rate, her mouth will be empty before long!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Nice Necklace...Worthy Cause!

Good morning, all you faithful readers! Just wanted to pass along a bit of sunshine today in the form of giving to a worthy cause while getting a little something special for yourself or a loved one!

One of the blogs I keep up with regularly is "It's the Little Things" written by Lisa Leonard. Lisa lives in California, has a wonderful little family, and just so happens to make very cool jewelry. This piece you see here was inspired by her son, David, who was born with cdls, a random genetic disorder. You can read more about their story by clicking on the link to Lisa's blog above, or in my sidebar. Anyway, in honor of David turning 5, Lisa designed this special necklace to show how blessed she feels that David is a part of their lives. It is $38 and $10 of each necklace will go to the cdls foundation . Please consider purchasing a necklace for yourself or a loved one. It's a good cause, and you get something beautiful as well! And if this particular necklace isn't for you, then take a moment to poke around her site...all of her designs are great! Maybe you'll find something else you like!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Enjoy a safe 4th!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Weekend happenings

What a nice relaxing weekend!

Our big event for Friday was giving Scout a bath. As you can see from the pictures, both kids were having a ball! Noah wouldn't stay out of the water, of course! And, as you might expect, Scout was only clean for about an hour afterward...then he decided to go roll around in the mud by the pond. Now he's dirtier than he was BEFORE his bath! Oh least he doesn't smell!

Barry and I had a date on Saturday night, thanks to Miss Kathy and her offer of overnight babysitting! Barry and I dropped the monkeys off, then headed to Ted's Montana Grill, where we had bison steaks. They were really good! Nothing on the dessert menu was flippin' my trigger, so we decided on Cap City Diner for some "seriously big chocolate cake"...and that, my friends, is actually the name of it! Oh my, it was fabulous! If you can get a piece, I would highly recommend it!

After the yummy dessert, we headed home to let the puppy out and to watch "An Inconvenient Truth". I can honestly say that we both liked it!
By this time it was midnight, and we were, we knew the pup would be getting up at 5:30 or off to bed!

Sunday we just got a couple of things done around the house and then headed in to pick up the kiddos. On our way home, Mom & Joe called to say they thought they'd drive out for dinner, so the kids were more than happy with that decision! Of course, when Mom & Joe got here, the kids were in for a surprise! They had ridden a friend's scooter down! Kendall got to take a ride with Pawpaw, and she definitely thought that was COOL!

What did you do this weekend?
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