Friday, February 05, 2010

Kendall's Birthday, Volume 2

Well, ok...I realize that it isn't exactly "tomorrow", but in my world- where the days go by in the blink of an eye - it is. So I promised pictures of Kendall's bowling party, didn't I?

Yes, I believe I did.

Honestly, you can't believe how many pictures I have on my camera right now that I need to share. I think I'm gonna have to quit sleeping so much.


Anyway, here you of Kendall with her friends from school, bowling their little hearts out. Oh, and I can't forget my little Noah! He beat everyone in the first game with a score of 102!!! I hate to admit it, but that's better than I do, most of the time. Check out his form!
And here's Kendall with her buddy Garrett...these two are so stinkin' silly. Oh dear...just look at them...Of course, I laughed and took their what did they do next? That's right - they took it to the next level.
I may have to seriously reduce the sugar consumption around here. These kids are getting weird on me. :) Here's one of my girl getting ready to bowl. Seriously, does she EVER just smile nicely so I can take her picture? ( I think we ALL know the answer to that question.)
And here she is again, being chummy with her friends...One of Kendall's friends knew about our upcoming trip to Disney and got her this cute Mickey scrapbook with all the supplies to put together a really cool album. It was a great idea!And what party is complete without cupcakes and ice cream? I would never let these kiddos down!I think the kids all had a really great time, and Barry and I actually did too! But even after a whole week of celebrating my Kendall-bug's birthday, I still can't believe she's 9. Nope, I surely don't.

Now excuse me please, while I go stack some bricks on her head to keep her from growing any more.


Kiki said...

Oh my cute are all those kids and they look like they all get along so well!!!! So nice that Kendall's birthday has been a time for you all to celebrate in so many cool looks like you've all had a blast!!!

Wreggie said...

She is a a good way.

terri said...

It looks like a very successful and fun party! I love the silly pics.

Kate said...

you should have invited Terri to the bowling party :)

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