Saturday, December 16, 2006

I Must Have Been Really REALLY GOOD!

So I must have been really, really good this year! Today when I got home from work, Barry announced that he knew it would ruin the surprise, but he had to give me my Christmas present right then...because it was going to become obvious real quick what it was.


I got the only thing I asked for! All I wanted this year was some wireless high-speed service (actually, I would have settled just for wireless). And unfortunately, out here in BFE, that was proving to be a little more difficult than we thought! You see, there is no cable out here, and no broadband. Basically, no nothin'! But being the diligent little worker that he is, Barry found Sprint PCS and their wireless service. Now, it's not HIGH-SPEED, per se...but it IS about 15 times faster than the dial-up crap that I had until today!

I am in heaven! Here I sit, in the great room with Barry and Kendall, just typing away! This is toooooo cooool! And I don't have to wait 5 minutes for each page to load! You see, the dial-up was getting me down, BIG TIME. At our old house we had roadrunner, and to go back to dial-up was heartbreaking! My online Christmas shopping took forever this year...and was making me crazy! Not to mention tying up my phone line! But no more!

As usual, my sweet hubby came through...and made my Christmas FANTASTIC!!!! Isn't he the best??? All girls should be as lucky as me!

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