Sunday, February 10, 2008

Get your mind out of the gutter!

Yesterday I had to work...and quite a bit longer than I usually do on a Saturday. Barry and the kids just stayed home and cleaned (gasp!) and napped (double gasp!). Well, let's just say that by the time I got home at 4:15 or so, I didn't really feel like cooking. I suggested we get cleaned up and dressed somewhat nicely and go out for and all. To my surprise, Barry was up for it!

So, we headed in to town with ideas of going to Texas Roadhouse... except when we got there, the wait was going to be around 45 minutes or so, and that would never do. So, we asked the kids if they would be up for mexican. Our favorite mexican place, El Vaquero, was right next door. They agreed, and lucky for us the wait was only 15 minutes. Noah really doesn't do Mexican, apparently. He confiscated an entire basket of chips, proclaiming them to be "my chips!" The rest of us were expected to share the remaining basket and not get any ideas about sharing his. We kept it simple for the kids, ordering them a cheese quesadilla to share and some mexican rice. Noah ate the rice. And almost an entire basket of chips. He was not impressed with the quesadilla. Yes, folks...I actually let my child get away from a meal without eating any vegetables...I still can't believe it. Today we will double up! Kendall did fine, of course. She ate her quesadilla, Noah's, some refried beans AND the rice.

Anyway, after that we had to run by Lowe's to drop off our freezer that quit working. Then off to Target to pick up a gift for the birthday party Noah is attending today. While Kendall and I went into Target for the gift, Barry and Noah went next door to Home Depot to pick up something Barry needed. And this is where it gets interesting...

When they swung back around to pick us up, I opened up the door to hear Noah saying "My balls! My balls!" Whaaaaa??? I turned around, laughing, to see what the heck was going on back there. He had two golf balls in his hands and was clicking them together. Oh, ok...I see.
So we leave the parking lot, and then I hear him start talking about his chicken. For Christmas or his birthday last year ( I can't remember which), he got this little flashlight that looks like a rooster. When you press the button, his beak opens, the light shines out, and he crows. Apparently, this "chicken" had been living in Barry's truck now for some time, because we hadn't seen it lately. And as all you parents out there know, this is as good as a new toy!

So, now he is prattling on about his chicken and his balls. And the whole time I am silently giggling because it's just so innocent and funny. Then Barry says, "Oh yeah, you should have been here when I was loading the truck at Home Depot. I got him into his seat and then started loading up the back. When I came back, he kept yelling, "My chicken's gettin' my balls! My chicken's gettin' my balls! STOP chicken!!" So of course, Barry had to see what was going on back there, for goodness' sake...and I must say, he was quite relieved to see that there was no live chicken going after his son's balls! Just a little boy playing with a chicken flashlight and a pair of golf balls.

After this story, Noah started telling me that he "shop with Daddy at Home Depot!!" And then, he says, "I ride the wood, Mama! I ride the wood!!" OMG. Barry, of course, explained that one too. Noah rode on the lumber cart, face down, like a sled, on the lumber. He was, in fact, RIDING THE WOOD.

Seriously now, much of this am I supposed to be able to take?? Is it just MY mind that appears to be more comfortable in the gutter, or would you all have laughed too???



that's a story to save for the wedding speech one day

jenelle said...

I'm laughing hysterically and the retelling of the story. I'd be almost wetting my pants in person. Sounds like a great family night out. My little 3 year old won't touch quesedillas either.

Glad to see a veggie free meal can happen occassionaly. Makes me feel better about mine. However, you have inspired me to use better ingredients and more veggies. My family if actually starting to take to it.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I was laughing my head off!! I would have given anything to have seen the look on
Barry's face! I am never taking Noah to a home improvement store!

Ms. Kathy

terri said...

My mind is right there in the gutter too! LOL!

kc said...

My 3 yr old son was just trying to write his name in his computer game...and wrote "SEX" instead of "Seth". Then he said "is this my name mommy?" I couldn't help but crack up! :)

Something about these boys and them being so little and innocent that makes it all so hilarious! That is such a funny story about Noah, I would have been laughing too! haha

Kiki said...

Uh yeah, laughing my hieney off as I sit here alone in the living that weird??? So funny!!!

Kuckie said...

Snowman - I'll have it ready!

Jenelle - I'm tellin' you, I could barely keep from peeing MY pants!! And yes, I am not 100% healthy...we eat chocolate and ice cream and even mac n cheese!!!

Kathy - Glad I could give you your daily laugh!

Terri - thanks for joining me in the gutter!

KC - I would never think of sex the same way after that!

Kiki - See, you don't need a treadmill, just read my blog!! ;0)

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