Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of Second Grade

Today is the first day of school for my Kendall-bug. I am the mother of a second-grader...I can hardly believe that! We spent yesterday cleaning her room, setting out clothes for the week, and getting all of her school stuff organized. Of course, I told her she could have anything she wanted for breakfast on her first day, and do you know what she requested???? CEREAL!!! Umm, I don't think so! We don't do cereal on weekdays during the school year...we have a big hearty breakfast to fuel the brain. So, after thinking about it for a minute, she requested homemade waffles and fruit. I one-upped her and suggested a fruit smoothie with strawberry protein powder as well...and that sure got a smile out of her!

After I got up to get Noah ready to leave with Barry at 6:30, I had the kitchen to myself and decided not to waste any time. The waffles smelled sooooo good! In fact, I think Kendall smelled them and got up a little early! We sat and chatted a bit, fussed over her hair, and she wrote a nice note to her new teacher. Then, before I knew it, it was time to go! But not before Mom got a nice picture on the front porch...Wow...another year has come and gone. First grade flew by, and I'm sure second will too. I could really use another month with her home...there's so much for us to do together! And I really enjoy being with her. BUT, she misses her friends and the structure of school. She was so excited that last night at School Year's Eve, she didn't want to go home!

She is so much like I was, sometimes it's scary!


Miss Got Wings said...

Good luck in 2nd grade Kendall - I hope it's a year full of special memories, good friends, and lots of learning!

jenelle said...

She looks beautiful and if that was taken with the new camera, it's awesome. The detail in the picture is amazing.

Best wishes Kendall for a great school year. Learn lots, make great memories, and make your mom and dad proud.

terri said...

She's getting so grown up and what a cutie too! I'm sure she'll have a wonderful year.

Teresa said...

Isn't time just moving at warp speed these days??

Kendall looks so sweet and she wrote her teacher a note?...love it...that's so Kendall...super sweet!!

Sheri said...

Look how big that bookbag is! I don't even think I was taking books to school at that age! I seriously cannot believe she's almost 8 years old!

California Girl said...

She looks adorable! Best of luck to her in her new adventure.

Beverly said...

She sure is cute. School year sure do go by fast, my oldest son Jordan just started 5th grade and our "baby" Eli started 3rd grade. I always look back this time of the year and think to myself where did the time go. I think it is awesome that you make the time to make her a breakfast like that. Maybe I should start getting up earlier and treated my boys to the same.

Kuckie said...

Kate - Thanks...she's going to have a great year, I can just tell!

Jenelle - Thanks, and no, that was taken with my old camera. My new one was charging! I took something like 560 pictures on vacation...it needs a break! LOL!

Terri - I know, right?? Too grown up. So. NOT. Ready.

T - She IS super sweet...I love that she sat down and thought of that all by herself...

Sheri - Ditto, girl!

CG - thanks, she is totally psyched for the new year!

Beverly - Welcome! And thank you! I love making a good breakfast...it starts the day of in such a great way!

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