Monday, September 01, 2008

Lucky 13

Today marks the 13th anniversary of the day Barry and I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime...MARRIAGE. And what a ride it's been! I can honestly say that we've had a much larger share of ups than downs, and we truly have an idyllic life. I can't imagine it any other way...

He is my best friend and confidant, a committed partner and wonderful father.

We can still laugh WITH each other and AT each other.

I like to tell myself that he still finds all my little quirks to be charming, as I do his. (Hey, let me live in my fantasy world a little while longer, ok?)

We agree and we disagree...and that's ok. What fun would it be to agree on everything anyway?

I still get butterflies when he holds my hand or puts his arm around me.

So here we are, at Lucky 13, and do I ever feel lucky! No big plans for today or tonight, in fact I'm working. But that's ok...I'm sure we'll have a bottle of wine and a bit of snuggling when I get home.

Maybe he'll even hold my hand...wink, wink...


countrymouse said...

Awww--you still get butterflies : ) Sounds perfect. Happy anniversary!

Miss Got Wings said...

::sniff sniff::. How did I know you'd use a song about ice cream and chocolate? lol. CONGRATULATIONS you two!

For your next slideshow, I'd like you to focus on Kuckie's Hairstyles Through The Years . . . .I'm just sayin :)

Have a great anniversary sweetie!

KC said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!! And congratulations on such a happy journey through life together.

I loved the very last picture in that slide show! :) It was fun to see your journey through time.

You have a year up on the way, back when we got married (12 & 13 years ago, what was up with the huge butt bows on our dresses?! LOL!)

Deetra said...

Happy Anniversary! I LOVED the slide show and that is my favorite Sara M song. I hope to be as happy as you guys when we reach 13 years!

jenelle said...

I had to laugh when I realized what song you had used. Talk about perfect! Thanks for the "Kuckie" through the years show. Never in a million years would I have pictured you with big hair but I guess we've all been there.

Congratulations on 13 years and here's to many more to come. Especially when you laugh like the last picture ;)

terri said...

Happy Anniversary! I loved the slideshow!

Sheri said...

I'm starting to wonder if Blogger has issues with me.......
I left you a witty and warm message this morning and I see Blogger decided to X it! I'll try again!

What a perfect song choice! I certainly hope I find love better than ice cream like you did. Congratulations to you and Barry!

It's amazing that no matter what crazy thing is going on with the hair on your head, you still look FAB! (Barry too) :)

California Girl said...

Happy [two days late] Anniversary! Wow - totally cool - 13 years!!!! I wish you many, many, MANY more years together.

btw: I've never told you how much I like your blog background. I really do!

Teresa said...

That is sooo SWEET! I love that slideshow and it just about made me cry to see two youngins in love and then came the first baby and the house and the second baby...ah...LOVE IT!!

And the song...I'd expect no less! LOL!!

Barry-if Jen picks YOU over ice cream and chocolate then you know you've won her over for life! That's major!!

Congratulations you two!!

Kuckie said...

Kristin - Yes I do...and yes it is! Thanks!

Kate - You know me...and yes, I do think we should focus on my dramatic differences in hairstyles through the years...good idea! I'll bet you just about fell off your chair, didn't you?

KC - I hear ya! What did we think, anyway...that we were actually HIDING our butts?? heehee!

Dee - No problem will be!

Jenelle - Yeah, it's just a fact that we girls of the 80's-90's did in fact have BIG HAIR. There's just no gettin' around it. Of course, I had to work harder than most, as I have very fine hair. But I gave it my best effort, as you can see! ;0)

Terri - Thanks!

Sheri - Keep complimenting me and you'll be my friend for life. What? You already are? Oh yeah, I guess I knew that! ;0)

CG - Thanks girl! I like it too!

Teresa - I guess I have made it my personal mission for you to start every comment with "It about made me cry when"... You are a crack-up and a ya, girl!! P.S. I read Barry your comment and he laughed...

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