Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I've been a bad blogger.

Things have been so incredibly busy around here lately that I haven't been able to write a good blogpost to save my life. So sorry, folks. I'll try to do better. Really. Maybe in my spare time...LOL! Anyway, this has been weighing heavily on my mind. I do want to do better! I really CAN write well, when I sit down and put my mind to it. So let's hope that the stars will align and I will be able to sit down long enough to get a couple of well-thought-out lines down on this thing.

BUT, until then, here's what's going on around here:The baby chicks are babies no more. Now, it's starting to look like the majority of them are roosters, not hens. That, my friends, is a pisser. Why, you ask? Well, because we have these chickies to lay eggs, that's why!! And in case you aren't aware, roosters DO NOT lay eggs!!! So, we may have to get more chicks!! AGHHHHH!!!! At least this time we know not to get a mixed run...we'll get all hens.

Nothing makes me sigh like this vision out of the back of the house...what is it about a man on a tractor? Is it just me? It looks so peaceful out there...Barry mowing on his beat-up tractor, the leaves beginning to turn...sigh...
Noah and Kendall brought me some hand-picked flowers last night while I was cleaning up after dinner. Doesn't that make every mother's heart flip?Scout is so glad there is a slight chill in the air and the humidity is down. That poor pup has spent the entire summer in the house, laying on the air vents, but here lately, he has been full of energy... especially in the mornings and evenings. Isn't he just a big ol' baby?
I have a light week at work this week, but it's ok. I have plenty of things to do around here to keep me busy. I am weeding out this house. I am feeling that lingering anxiety that comes with having TOO MUCH STUFF. So, there is a huge load going to the HELP House this week, we have donated a few things to our college-age neighbor for her apartment, and quite a bit is going straight to the burn barrel and the trash! Burn, baby, BURN!!! Just get it out of my house! And then, of course, comes the organizing. T, I think I need you!!!

But alas, I am determined to make some headway. And after this past weekend, I feel like I am on a roll. I knocked quite a few things off my to-do list...things that have been sitting there for quite some time. I worked my butt off (too bad that is just a figure of speech!!!). Now that I have finished staining some of the pieces for Noah's room, I just may get it completed so I can post pictures...yeah, I'm talking about the room I started oh, I don't know, like 4 MONTHS ago!!! Teresa has probably written me off by now, haven't you, T??? Either that or your fingers are worn down to the second knuckle from drumming your fingers on your desk, waiting....heeheehee....!

Anyway...you all have a great week! Enjoy the weather!!


Wreggie said...

Beautiful chickens!

M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

you know, reading well thought out, entertaining posts (like your friend over at Sentimentally Funny) are very FUN...but these kinds of posts is where we really get to know you! I love these kinds of posts too!
I am totally impressed that you have chickens...and here I thought I was the COUNTRY GIRL of us bloggers! he he
BTW..when I saw that pic of your hubby on the tractor...All I could think of was "She think's my tractor's sexy..." ha ha..I'm still singing it!

KC said...

Oh, I love it when the kids bring us flowers. Isn't it the best feeling?!
Love the pictures...and MJ is hilarious...now that song is stuck in my head too! LOL!

jenelle said...

Love that the kids brought you flowers. I picked some yesterday and Ryan confiscated them and has them on his dresser in his room. How in the world did that happen?

When you are done working on your house, mine is in serious need of help. :)

Nice chickens. Sorry they are roosters. Are they waking you up?

Kuckie said...

Wreggie - Thanks! Did you ever get some for yourself? I can totally see you gathering your fresh eggs for breakfast every morning...

MJ- Thanks, girl...you're too sweet. Yeah, we're a little bit country out here in our log cabin, raisin' chickens and such...heehee! And that song is exactly what I had in mind...how did you know? ;0)

KC - Yes it is! We always put them in water on the kitchen table...until they die, that is...LOL!

Jenelle - I don't think I will EVER be done with my house...but I will keep you in mind, for sure! That would certainly be fun, working together!!!

Claire said...

So - do the roosters all crow at the same time? And is it just at sunrise? Inquiring minds want to know???
It is always good to hear from you - I have to write so much at work (newspaper) that when I blog it is more "stream of consciousness" - like kicking my shoes off and putting my feet up on the coffee table and relaxing kind of writing - so I don't worry about structure - I just love hearing from each other!

Teresa said...

Well, you learn something new every day don't you? I had NO idea that Roosters didn't lay eggs! You're so smark Kuckie...thanks for edjamacatin me! LOL!!

As for organization...I'd LOVE to help you!! Why do we have to be so far apart anyway?? Just go to Bed Bath & Beyond or Ikea and see what you can do with $100...you'd be amazed!!

And Noah's room...OH YAH...I FORGOT!!! Just kidding...I didn't forget but my fingers...oh I only have nubs now! LOL!!!!

Miss Got Wings said...

is this a bad time to make a Cock joke? lol

Kiki said...

Miss Got Wings...I am totally giggling over that!!!

Kuckie, I so want chickens, I thought you could tell from the beginning what they were....do roosters peck and keep the bugs and ticks down???

Your hubby looks so cute on that tractor, but the leaves changing already???? Nosomuch here....I'd love it to be a little cooler at night, so I can sleep with my windows open! My favorite thing!!!

Thos kiddos are so sweet bringing their sweet momma flowers, so thoughtful and cute!!!

kenady said...

the chickens are great! Love Teresa's comment about roosters not layin' eggs... for real? they don't? darn.

And, Miss Got Wings is quite the comedienne!

Glad you got so much accomplished and I love your posts no matter what!

I wish it were cooler down here, but alas we are still hitting the 90s. Enjoy it for me!

Claire said...

Last night there was a program on our PBS about chickens and I actually watched it out of respect for you : )

We'll be lucky if our trees turn by January - we always celebrate when we just see one tree with color!

Kuckie said...

Claire - they do sometimes, but mostly it's a call and response from one rooster to another. That's how they keep tabs on the flock. And no, it's all day long!!

T - I was worried about your little fingers...ooooh, I guess they're even littler now, aren't they???? ;0)

Kate - I'm always up for a good cock joke!!

Kiki - No, you can't tell until they feather out. And yes, they certainly DO keep the bugs down! That's one of the reasons we have them.

Kenady - It's still be relatively hot here during the day, but in the mornings and evenings it's just nice and cool...it's awesome!

Claire - Hope you enjoyed the chicken show...did you learn anything interesting? Maybe I should watch...I don't know anything! But I'm pretty good at faking it most of the time...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog.. and massage therapist? WOW!

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