Monday, May 18, 2009

What we did yesterday...(Part 2)

So maybe you were wondering what the kids were up to while Barry and I were working our tails off. I know I was wondering. But then again, I'm always wondering what's going on in those little minds I'm supposed to be shaping.

Noah had asked to be released from mowing and I wondered where he and his sister (who had been tending to her baby chicks) had gotten off to. I took a break from the garden and wandered up to the deck to peek in to the house, but what I saw instead was this...
Now keep in mind that it was NOT that warm. Maybe 65. But it was sunny, and the back of the house gets a lot of sun, but not a lot of wind. They assured me they were not cold at all, in fact, they were HOT. Apparently.
So hot, in fact, that they started begging me to get the inflatable pool out so they could swim. I told her she was looney-toons if she thought I was going to let them swim in 65 degree weather. "But we're so hot, we're boiling!" she said. Whatever. No dice. So I went in the house to start making lunch. I heard lots of questionable noises outside...doors slamming, water running, footsteps up and down the deck stairs, get the idea. Finally, I walked out to see what the heck was going on out there, and this is what I saw...
Kendall had filled this 5 gallon bucket with water and plopped herself right in it. I guess she WAS hot! See those 2 popcorn tins sitting beside her? Those had water too, and Noah was standing, one foot in each one. These kids are such stinkers. Desperation breeds ingenuity...or something like that.

Then Noah started doing "yoga". I'm not sure what pose this is supposed to be, but he was cracking me UP!
Ahh, here it is...the final version of his pose. What do you think it should be called? Just wondering. 1500 bonus points for the most creative answer!What does THIS say about those minds that I'm shaping? I'm just wondering. I spend a lot of time wondering.

I'm tellin' ya,'s shaping up to be one interesting summer around here!


jenelle said...

oh my word that cracks me up. Yoga, buckets, sun bathing... You know you are from the north when you think 65 is hot.

Good luck with your gardens.

kenady said...

LOL!! you are doing a great job shaping super creative and smart minds! I love Noah's yoga position... I would call it the hook due to the hooked leg:)

Bonnie said...

That pose Noah is the Yoga World Famous "Dog Hiking Leg on Hydrant".

terri said...

Hey, at least your kids are creative without causing trouble. You have good kids!

KC said... 65 degrees I'd be in pants and a jacket! LOL!
Love Noah's yoga! Too Cute!

Miss Got Wings said...

they are so funny! great poses Noah - the first one is actually on my power yoga dvd w/ Rodney Yee - can't remember the name of it though. A great summer ahead indeed! Enjoy!

Kiki said...

What fun times you guys have been having....your kids are brilliant and completely fun!!! I love your garden and am completely in awe...I planted tomatoes, basil, cilantro, mint, jalepeno, some flowers.....I have no idea what I am doing though....goodness knows what will happen next!!!

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