Friday, August 07, 2009

A Bunch of Monkeys

My mom came down a few weekends ago and brought my uncle's two youngest kids with her. Katie and Andrew are 5, and fit in really well here! The kiddos had so much fun running around outside, playing wii, chasing chickens, and just being silly. And for my kids, it was a treat just to have some kids over to play with! Don't they look like they're having a great time??
Of course, now Kendall is trying to wrap her brain around how they are related to us. She's having a problem understanding how these kids can be my cousins AND her cousins. I guess in her very structured mind, this makes no sense. Some day it will...but for now, I told her to quit analyzing everything and just go HAVE FUN!!! :)


Teresa said...

Ha! Ha! are so just like me but my Mom never told me to stop and just go have FUN!!

California Girl said...

I have come to just love your family! You seem to have a close and beautiful family and its fantastic to see. The kiddos look great and they're having such a good time!

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