Monday, August 10, 2009

Garden Success!

If you remember, earlier this summer I mentioned that this year my garden would be my biggest venture yet. Well, it was...and with all of the great weather we've had in central Ohio this summer, my garden has gone hog wild! I've picked 60 or so cucumbers so far, 2 cuttings of lettuce, ruby chard, and red cabbage (and a ton at each picking!!) buckets of green beans, a few peas, zucchini, and tomatoes. The tomatoes are just now starting to ripen, as we haven't had the heat we are used to, but I have tons out there just waiting to turn. I also have 3 cantaloupes growing, 1 watermelon, and a few spaghetti squash. Very exciting! Check out the pics, peeps!

My, oh my, have we had a great year for growing!! I've put bags and bags of green beans into the freezer, as well as 12 cups of blackberries. Yes, I said BLACKBERRIES!! This year is the first year we've been able to beat the birds to them, and boy, were we excited!! We were able to get out to pick twice, and Noah was into it, let me tell you! He wants a pie, and he wants it bad. He's gonna have to wait until we get back from vacation, though!

Did you all get some good fresh produce this year??


Michael said...

Good looking garden! Happy eating.

Dad.. said...

Very nice!! I have LOTS of tomatoes, but no red ones. They're all still green =^(

Kiki said...

So jealous, my tomatoes bit the dust early on...all I have left are herbs, which were inside my screened in porch, that's why they made it!

KC said...

Our slicing tomatoes haven't done well this year either...what's up with that?! We usually get so many tomoatoes taht we are giving them away....
Our watermelons didn't do very well either...they keep getting soft and rotten before they actually get ripe..go figure.

But we have had a ton of squash, onions, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and cantalopes. Yummy!!!! (to bad the boys will only eat the catalopes, I have the freezer full of squash! LOL)

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