Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Santa Baby...

Santa Baby,

I've been really, really, extra-special good this year.

I've cooked, cleaned, done mounds of laundry, played trains and Polly Pockets, wiped noses and butts, kissed ouchies, helped with homework, planned vacations & summer schedules, volunteered in classrooms, taken good care of my clients, and I most especially have done everything my sweet hubby has asked of me. Well, almost. :)

And I'm happy to do it, because this is what my life is all about! But I must admit that I do still feel like a kid around this time of year, and feel that I should be rewarded for all my good behavior!!! HAHAHAHAAAA!!! So, here is the "Wish List" of my dreams...(and no, I don't expect to get most of these, for Pete's sake! And I've been wanting to know, just who the heck is Pete, anyway?!)

Peace on Earth, of course...first and foremost.

An OSU "Block O" hat...every good fan needs one! Except I think I might like the tradional black one better...hmmmm.
And speaking of OSU fan gear, why am I the only person in my house who doesn't have a jersey? What's up with that? So Santa, I am officially asking for a ladies jersey, please. It would look really awesome with my string of buckeyes and my Block O earrings...

What else? Hmmmm....oh yeah! A new 50 mm lens for my I can take some really nice food pictures for Party in the Pantry...

And to go along with it, a set of books by Scott Kelby on digital photography. I really, really want to become a better photographer!
And just one other thing to go along with my photography theme...a book on using Photoshop Elements! Photo editing is a must anymore! And Photoshop is complicated. I need instruction!!
I would also love a brightly colored Dutch oven...doesn't have to be Le Creuset...I'm not that picky! The Lodge line is perfectly fine with me! Now to decide.
Red?Or blue?
And how about this? Just what every woman needs...A HOUSECLEANER!!!Yeah, that would be so nice!! And while she's doing all of my housework, I could relax for a bit and watch my new ...
Oh, the joy!! And maybe I could be sitting there, watching Season 5 of The Office, watching the housecleaner doing her thing, and enjoying some ice cream from Jeni's or Graeters (which I, of course, purchased with my new GIFT CARDS!!!)Thank you Santa...I love you. And I still believe!! Because if you don't believe in the spirit of Christmas, there isn't a child left inside of you, is there? Have a safe trip, Santa! I'll have the cookies waiting...


Wow, what a Christmas list! I guess I'm looking forward to Christmas much more than I thought!! What's on your Christmas list this year? Go on, get a kid for once! What's the biggest, most awesome thing you can comprehend waking up to on Christmas morning?


Julie said...

Jeni's, Graeters, a Buckeye jersey... what a great list! My biggest wish? An engagement ring :o)

KC said...

What a great, creative list!! I loved reading it!
Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday!!!

Kuckie said...

Julie - That's definitely something to look forward to!! Keeping my fingers crossed for ya!

KC - Thanks! What are you asking for this year?

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