Monday, May 17, 2010

A date with my favorite boy!

Noah and I took a day and went to the zoo...just the two of us. The weather was beautiful... not hot, but sunny. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this little "date" of ours! We chatted, had indepth conversations about the animals, held hands and shared ice cream. It was a perfect day, and I am so thankful to have had it! I'm thinkin' he had fun too!

Noah loves to have his picture taken, so there were many to choose from. He'd stop at the weirdest places and shout, "Hey Mama!! Take my picture RIGHT HERE!" So, like any good Mama would, I did. And here are a few we came up with...

Noah LOVES the sharks. And the snakes. But mostly the sharks. So of course, this photo op was not to be missed!
A favorite place of ours is the Australia section of the zoo. There's a boat ride (which wasn't yet open on this trip), koalas, the kangaroo walkabout, a big ol' komodo dragon, and the lorikeet garden, where you can feed the colorful little buggers.

The lorikeets are always a hit, so we stopped in to give them a little nectar. One big fella got a little aggressive with another lorikeet and ended up biting Noah's index finger. Noah decided he was done with the lorikeets after that. They are now dead to him.

We never EVER miss a chance to ride the grand carousel!

Look at this sweet girl...she was more than happy to sit and let everyone take her picture and even put her hand up to the window for the kids to mimic. So sweet...

What day is complete without a little hide and seek?Did you know that Columbus has the #1 zoo in the nation?! It's true! And let me tell you, we appreciate our zoo so much! If you can make a trip to see it, you definitely should!!!


terri said...

These pictures are precious! What a wonderful day with your sweet little guy!

Julie said...

How fun! I feel lucky that Cbus has such a wonderful zoo. Thanks for sharing your pictures :)

Teresa said...

Love that last picture! And that monkey/ape/chimp...oh so much fun!!

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