Friday, April 30, 2010

Are you ready for some football?

Just when I think I'm going to get a break from the never-ending barrage of football games, football polls, fantasy football leagues, drafts, etc...along comes the OSU Spring Game. It comes out of nowhere and smacks me right in the face every year, mostly I think, because I'm just not paying attention...unlike the rest of Central Ohio!! We haven't been down to the game in the past couple of years, but Barry always mentions it...of course he does...he is following Buckeye football every single day of the year! Well, this year, we just happened to have nothing pressing that we had to do, and the weather was supposed to be reasonably we donned our scarlet and gray and took the kiddos down to campus for their first trip inside the Shoe. OMG... their first trip into the fun!

The weather was AWESOME at the beginning of the day. We didn't buy our tickets ahead of time(they're $5 presale and $10 the day of the game), since the weather report was iffy right up until that morning. Turned out to be a great move, though, because while we were waiting in line to purchase our tickets, and older gentleman came up and asked us if we were buying tickets for the game. When we replied yes, he handed us 3 tickets (Noah got in free) and told us to have a good time!! SWEEEEEET!!! We still had spent no money, as parking was free as well as the bus ride from West Campus.

We headed on into the stadium, checking out B deck, trying to possibly find some seats under cover, as they were predicting rain later in the afternoon. But after looking around a bit and craving the sun, we decided on C deck so we could load up on our Vitamin D. I'd never sat in C deck before, and I must say the view is awesome! I really liked it! And of course, the kiddos thought it was VERY cool and VERY high.

We only made it until halftime, as the rain started up just before...and besides, the kids had finished off their popcorn and pretzels and the excitement was starting to wear off. Noah flat out asked to leave at least 3 times leading up to halftime. We were absolutely fine with it though, as we were glad that they sat and enjoyed it as long as they did! It was a fun day! Gotta do our part to raise those Little Buckeyes up right! LOL!

Afterward, we headed to Graeters (of course) to satisfy our sweet teeth. Kendall opted for the Buckeye Blitz because she thought it would be the best flavor following a Buckeye game. I guess I'd have to agree with her, except my favorite seasonal flavor (strawberry chip) was I had that. When our bellies were brimming with ice cream, we headed up north to Straders greenhouse and bought a couple of river birches for our yard...they were 50% off! WAHOO! While we were there, my mom called to say she was going to hop in the car and come on up for a quick visit, so we hightailed it home and awaited her arrival. What a fun Saturday!!

But I must admit, I'm STILL not ready to talk football yet!!


Wreggie said...

I am soooo ready for some football.

jenelle said...

There's a lot of fun memories there... a game for free is just plain amazing.

terri said...

That sounds like such a fun day and perfect day! One for the memory books.

Claire said...

Great day - it is such a good idea to leave when the kids are "done" in a situation like this - everyone ends up with good memories!

Julie said...

What a fun day! Buckeye football + graeters... what could be better? :)

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