Wednesday, December 22, 2010

To Do....

It's almost 4:00 p.m. and my to-do list is seriously daunting.  I've already been to the orthodontist today and taken the kiddos to lunch at First Watch (our fave!!!)...and then I rushed home to quickly pick  up the house, make the beds and get the fire revived.  I've made another batch of Reindeer Munchies and a batch of Peanut Blossoms (they're in the oven right now).  I still have to roll out the sugar cookies and bake them, get my turkey in the brine, and make 2 pans of make-ahead mashed potatoes a la The Pioneer Woman.  Yep, I'm certainly on my way, but...

I still need to clean my bathrooms.  Anytime you're having company, your bathrooms HAVE to be cleaned.

I need to find some clothes, toys, and shoes for a family who lost everything to a fire this past week.  These items need to be donated by tomorrow, so I've got to pull down those tubs and find some things tonight! 

As I said before, I need to get the mashed potatoes made and in the fridge, as well as get the turkey into the brine. 

And of course, I have to make dinner yet!  Sounds like it might be a good night for leftovers or chicken from Der Dutchman!  :)

Luckily, I already have all of my gifts bought and wrapped.  The decorating is finished, the tree looks gorgeous, and my baking is almost complete.  Looking for that silver lining...  :)

Only 3 more sleeps 'til Christmas!  Are YOU ready?!?!


Paula said...

good grief no wonder your tired girl! Not sur who else could keep up with you:) Chas and I wish you and your family a Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year.

Julie said...

Wow, what a list! I'm sure that you got everything done :) I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas!

PS - I LOVE First Watch!

Kate said...

I cleaned my bathroom on my hands and knees and no one ever even used it! The nerve! lol

Hope you all had a spectacular Christmas. We loved the card!

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