Monday, September 11, 2006

May we never forget...

Last night I was helping to lay out Kendall's clothes for school today, and being Patriot Day, the kids were asked to wear red, white & blue to show support. As I pulled out Kendall's sparkly patriotic shirt, she asked me what Patriot Day is. I struggled with the words to explain to her why this day is important. In the end, I told her as truthfully and as ambiguously as I could that 5 years ago some very hateful people attacked our country and killed a lot of innocent people. Being as sensitive as she is, she was immediately upset, though not hysterical (thank goodness). After we talked about it a bit, she seemed better and she headed to bed.

Then I came downstairs and watched the documentary on the FDNY on 9/11, which was sad, but really good....and I realized that none of us can really grasp the severity of that situation. We know in our hearts that it was horrible...but those of us who were not there will never really grasp it.

As I went to bed last night, as I'm sure most parents did, all I could do was pray that my children will never have to experience anything like it in their lifetime....and also take a moment to remember those who died and those who worked so hard to save so many.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny
I was reading your blog,and was touched by it. I also watched it, (really hesitated a little)but wanted to be reminded again so I chould try to understand it. I just can't imagin the why or how anyone chould have that much anger.

PS Keep up the good work

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