Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Another Snow Day!

Yes, it's true. We have another snow day....for Kendall AND for Barry.

So, you might be wondering....what are we doing to keep busy around here?

Well, of course, we've been a bit lazy. Nothing wrong with that! But you can only rest so much... especially with Noah around! So, here are some of the things we've been up to so we don't get cabin fever ( no pun intended!)...

Plenty of snuggling on the couch and watching TV. Noah's new fave is Wheel of Fortune. Go figure.

Kendall played on the computer for a while yesterday, and then did a little sewing craft. She made this little bunny...isn't it cute??

Last night we decided that we should make Valentine cookies. I baked them and Kendall decorated them. Noah and Barry pretty much just ate them...kind of like in story "The Little Red Hen". Remember how it goes?

"Who will help me plant the wheat?
Not I!
Who will help me harvest the wheat?
Not I!
Who will help me bake the bread?
Not I!
Who will help me EAT the bread?
I WILL!!!"

So anyway, here are our cookies! Very festive, don't you think? Kendall was quite proud of her decorating!

Barry, of course, had to get out and clean off the driveway...which is actually considered playing in the snow, if you know Barry. Like I said yesterday, any reason to start up that tractor! While he was out plowing, Kendall got suited up and played in the snow until she was frozen. Then, of course, hot cocoa was in order...extra marshmallows please!

I finished two scarves and worked on another scarf I'd like to finish and also finished a cross-stitch I've been working on. I also managed to read a little bit of Stephen King's Cell . Today I am hoping to get some laundry done and also work on my year-end records to finish them up so Barry can finish up our taxes. I've also been cooking. Beef and Noodles, Lemon Greek Chicken earlier this week and Stuffed Peppers are on the menu today. YUM. We've definitely been eating good!

Noah has been doing lots of playing. If we can find Kendall's old snow pants and boots, we may see if we can all go outside today. He'll totally dig that!

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