Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow...What a concept!

Well hel-lo, winter!

After a slow start to our Ohio winter, the real stuff in finally here. Up to a foot of snow by tomorrow morning...Barry's work is closed today, and so is Kendall's school. I will probably be cancelling my day as well. But really though, we have no basis for complaint...we had 60 degree weather all the way through January, for heaven's sake! I think that this all makes for a fabulous day to play in the snow and make Valentine cookies. And, of course, at some point Barry will have to head out to plow the driveway. (And he's not fooling anyone either...he loves to have a reason to fire up that tractor!)

Nothing else too exciting has been happening around here, really. Kendall missed school all last week. Our schools were closed due to severe cold Monday through Wednesday. Then (of course) she started throwing up Wednesday night, so she missed Thursday and Friday as well. I'll tell you what, I am ready for this stomach virus to get the heck out of Dodge! Noah is on his third bout with it...UGH! At least she got outside for a little bit to make a nice little snowman on Tuesday. Even though the snow was too dry to pack, I still think she did a fabulous job, don't you??? (And by the way...yes, it was negative wind chill and she doesn't look dressed that warmly, but I assure you she just went back out for this picture. She was out there maybe 30 seconds dressed like this - and bundled up quite a bit more while she was out building her snowman!)

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