Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Big Bowl of Yarn

So here it is...my big bowl of yarn.

This Christmas, I made scarves for all the women. Maybe you got one! And if you did, I really hope you like it! Well, what's leftover is here in this bowl. Yarn scraps. But I have an idea for these balls of leftover yarn....

I am going to make some crazy striped scarves...just for myself. And maybe some funny hats. Because you know what? Of all the scarves I made, I made none for myself. Of course, last Christmas, when I started this knitting thing, the first scarf I made was for me...and I still love it! Although, it does indeed look a bit worn, so it's probably good that I'm doing this little project for myself!

Speaking of scarves...can you believe the change in the weather? Time to bundle up!

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