Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things

I was reading Logzie's post about flaxseed, and I got to thinking. There are a lot of products out there that I have found through the last 10 years or so in my quest for eating more naturally and healthfully that have become staples around our house. And so, I was thinking maybe I would share some of my most favorite finds!

First off, we have Emergen-C drink. This stuff is awesome. It comes in a lot of different flavors, and is so easy to take with you, since it comes in a little packet. You just dump the packet in a small glass of water and it fizzes to life...tastes good too! Even the kiddos like it. We take this with us when we travel (especially on airplanes), and I keep it in my office. As soon as any of us start feeling run down or sick, the Emergen-C comes out.

Next up is Uncle Sam cereal. This cereal is soooo good for you. It is whole grain toasted oats and flaxseed, and comes plain or with dried mixed berries. You can eat it just as you would regular cereal, and it is also good to use in baking breads or cookies. No yucky sugary stuff in this box!

Stonyfield organic yogurts. YUM. We get the Yo-Baby whole milk yogurts for Noah and the large containers of plain yogurt for Barry and I. I also will buy boxes of the yogurt sticks to throw in the freezer and the kids will eat them like high-fructose corn syrup, and a healthier treat for sure!

Creamy Brown Rice Cereal. Oh my, this is the most wonderful breakfast. The kids ask for it nearly every morning, and it's a snap to make. If you don't know all the benefits of brown rice, you should check it out for sure. Brown rice is naturally sweet and is nearly a perfect food. This is sort of like oatmeal in consistentcy, but tastes so good. It takes about 6-8 minutes tops to cook and then we serve it with some milk, a bit of honey and some cinnamon on top. Mmmmmmmm!

Odwalla Superfood Drink. I used to pick these single-serving drinks up (a pound of fruit in each one!) when I didn't have time for a full meal at work. But, more importantly, when Noah was going through that rough time where he wouldn't eat any more than 3 specific foods, (and veggies were NOT in those 3), I decided to see if I could sneak them in some other way. So I started buying this superfood drink in a half-gallon jug (about $7). It has spinach, kelp, apples, pears and all kinds of good fruits and veggies in it. Yes, it is a dark green and looks a little yucky, but I just put it in a sippee cup that is not see-through and he sucked it right down. Now he requests "green juice" all the time. It is his favorite drink (besides milk) and I am happy to know he is getting some of the good leafy greens that he won't normally eat! And in case you're IS good! The fruit makes it sweet!

Another of my sneaky ways to get Noah to eat green things. These snap-pea crisps are meant to go on salads, but we eat them for a snack. I don't like the Caesar ones...too weird tasting. But the regular ones are VERY TASTY. Noah will eat the whole bag!

Annie's Naturals Mac 'n Cheese. The kids like both the white cheddar and yellow cheddar varieties. And again, none of the crappy ingredients like the ones you find in Kraft. This we make with a 1/2 cup of plain yogurt instead of milk and butter. So creamy, and a healthier alternative! Also, I will add peas to the white cheddar to sneak in some green...and a can of white tuna into the yellow tastes so good and adds protein too!

This is my latest and greatest fave. Sheri turned me on to these tasty little numbers, darn her! All I need is another snack to obsess about. Anyway, these crackers are made with nut flour, so they are gluten free. They are crispy and light and oh-so-good. Barry and I will eat an entire box while watching The Office on Thursday nights. And at $2.49, they are a steal. They come in a variety of flavors, including Smokehouse Almond (my fave), Almond, Pecan, Hazelnut, Garden Ranch, and Cheddar Cheese. Try ''ll like 'em!

Fisol. Enteric coated fish oil. Enteric coated means the coating won't break down until it hits your intestines...therefore you won't have a fish taste in your mouth or be burping up fish all day. Tasteless, good for your heart, joints and brain, and this brand is guaranteed mercury free. I was turned on to this at a seminar Sheri and I attended on pain. It was taught by a neurosurgeon who could not stop talking about it's benefits.

And last, but not least, Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils you can use. I use it for baking and cooking. It has no taste, and a high amount of naturally occurring antioxidants as well as no trans fats. It is solid in the jar, which is actually really nice. Easy to measure, and not messy! Do a little Googling and you'll see that coconut oil is where it's at! So many health benefits...

That's it for today folks. I hope you've found this post interesting... and maybe, just MAYBE I've helped you to find some healthy alternatives that will end up being staples in YOUR pantry!


Hammer said...

Wow thaks for all those.

I'm heading to the healthfood store with your list today.

Kuckie said...

The good thing is, Hammer, that a lot of these don't have to come from the healthfood store. I don't know where you live, but I can get most of these at my local Kroger or Giant Eagle. And of course, anything I can't get there I have to get at Trader Joes, Whole Foods, or Wild Oats. Good luck! Hope you find some things you like! Let me know how it goes...

Kate said...

Wow - thanks for sharing! Perfect timing too - we're going grocery shopping tonight. That Odwalla juice sounds a lot like the concotion that Dr. Oz makes up, but if it saves me having to whip up a batch everyday, perfect!

Thanks Kuckie! Are these the reasons you always look so bright and shiny?!

Flyinfox_SATX said...

I so miss Stoney Field Farms. I used to live in NH where we could tour the factory! It was awesome...can't get any down here in TX...Shame!


Logziella said...


We have been wanting to eat healthier for so long but never knew wher to start! I have so many food issues and had this thing in my mind from going to a health food store that all that stuff was gross but what you showed us wasn't gross at all! You made it so easy and that's exactly what I NEED!! I am so glad you put pictures too...I am a viual learner! Ha!

If you have more ideas, I would LOVE to hear them. Any recipies for dinners?

Thank you so much again...this was a Godsend!

Rick said...

I am now ready to barf!

Kate said...

got the Uncle Sam at the store last night and I love it! Thanks!

I thought I was the only one who ate tuna w/ mac-n-cheese. ha ha That's soooo good!

Kuckie said...

Flyin'Fox - love stoneyfield farms! I am so jealous that you toured their facility!

Logzie - Glad to help! I have lots of ideas, sure. I'll email you some.

Rick - I promise I won't ever put anything on here that's gross!!

Kate - Glad you like the Uncle Sam! It's Barry's fave! Really good with strawberries on top!


OH wow I have never heard of any those. I think in the south we are just supposed to be fat because they dont sell healthy food at all.

jenelle said...

Thanks for the ideas. I love Nut Thins. I can eat a box myself if I'm not careful. We've recently started the flaxseed and fish oil in our regimine and working more towards a whole foods diet. Blog about that coming soon. These help a lot. Email me your recipes too!!!

California Girl said...

Than you for some really good alternatives. I have such food allergies that I have been exisiting on nearly four things. I have searched the web, but you have given me some options I haven't been able to find previously. Thank you!

Joe said...

My girlfriend and her kids eat organic exclusively, so I have had several of those products. Very good.

I'll eat like that when I can - she's been a good influence - since I fully understand the concept and benefits behind eating well.

However, budgetary constraints also must be considered. I can't always justify the Aunt-Annie's mac and cheese when I can get 8 boxes of the store brand for the same price. It's a tough call.

PS - How does the Uncle Sam's cereal taste? (What regular brand does it taste like?)

Kuckie said...

Joe, Welcome! Where I live, I can get the Annie's for $1.09, so I don't have that issue, at least with that product. I can't eat organically exclusively either, so sometimes it has to be a judgement call! Admittedly, eating organically can be more expensive, but what better investment can you make? Really, our health is all we have.
I don't know of any cereal that tastes like Uncle Sam. It's kind of nutty and toasted-tasting. It's yummy!

Sarah said...

Thanks for all the tips Kuck. I'll share these with my sister who's always looking for good snacks for teh kids.

Health Gal said...

I "accidently" stumbled onto this blog and was just today reading about coconut oil, so maybe I'm supposed to post this! Many believe it to be healthy, but it's actually mostly comprised of saturated fat of long-chain fatty acids, which lead to heart disease and high cholesterol. There's no denying the actual peer-reviewed scientific studies on it. You can read more at the following and see what Dr. Joel Fuhrman (good friend of Oprah's top doc, Dr. Mehmet Oz) has to say about it: .

The Ozwala drinks are okay now and then, but if you want real benefits, it's best to drink it all fresh! Bottled drinks are pastuerized and just can't compare to fresh. Do a search on "green smoothies" to find out more. Also, Dr. Oz has a delicious recipe for his "green drink." The key ingredients are parsley, various veggies, an apple and a lemon (these last 2 are very important!).

Good luck to anyone reading! :)

Kuckie said...

Health Gal - Thanks for stopping by! I understand what you're saying about the coconut oil, but I disagree. I like Dr. Oz (who doesn't?), but I don't agree with everything he subscribes to, and I also don't necessarily agree with peer-reviewed articles either. They say one thing now, and will find data that states the contrary within 5 years. How about the "irrefutable proof" that we shouldn't eat large amounts of eggs due to the cholesterol, or nuts because of the fats? Or the fact that Nutrasweet has been "proven" safe? I don't think so. I tend to rely on a lot of information from Dr., if you're interested.

As far as Odwalla drinks, I totally agree that they are good once in a while! And fresh is ALWAYS better!!! But not everyone has a juicer or has the time or motivation to juice everyday. This was just a product that I found helpful when my son wouldn't eat his greens.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Food for thought, people!

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