Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Little Shopping!

Hey all! Sorry I've been a little lax in posting, but I've had things I've had to get done! So today, I was wondering what I should post about...and lo and behold, I had forgotten to share my recent purchases with you! Last week, I had a really light schedule at work, so I used my time wisely and went out running errands that I'd been meaning to get done for quite some time. Well, in the course of my errand-running, I happened to be in Target (I LOVE Target!) and ended up strolling past the bedding aisle. I couldn't believe my eyes! The bedding that I've had my eye on for Noah's room was on SALE!!!! I got the quilt and pillow sham for $59! Woo hoo!

The reason I love this quilt set so much is that Barry and I have had our eye on this bed for Noah, once he gets out of his crib . Won't it be so cute?

Then, I also noticed these flannel sheets, which were also on sale... for $15! So I picked up a pair of these for his bed in the winter.

Then, as I continued walking...JACKPOT! More accessories for Noah's room-to-be. And ALL ON SALE! These cute sheets, which have little bear pawprints all over them, a throw pillow, and my favorite find...the lantern bedside lamp! I got his entire bedroom decorated for $110! Ah, yes...and that is why I LOVE Target! Can I get an AMEN, Terri???

Also, good news on the progress of the deck. Barry was off yesterday and luckily for us, we were blessed with a BEAUTIFUL fall day...and were able to complete the first coat of staining. So at the very least, that has been taken off the "Critical" list. We would like to get the second coat on, but if we can't, we can't.

Also, Rudy from the tree farm where Barry bought all of his trees came out last night to dig the holes and drop the trees in. What a fun experience for the kids! He brought out a skid loader with a big hole-digger (yes, that's a technical term!) attachment on it. That thing would start spinning and dig the hole in like, 30 seconds! Then, when he'd lift it up out of the hole, he would shake it and the dirt would go flying off the blades. Noah squealed each and every time! Boy, it was so worth it to have him come and do the work. Barry paid him $15 per hole...can you believe that?!?! WELL WORTH IT!!!


jenelle said...

I love Target too. I got my 3 year old a similar quilt without the bear there. Great deals and stuff for the little guys' room. When are you thinking of putting him in a big boy bed?

The hole digger has to be worth every penny. I can't imagine all the digging...good deal.

terri said...

AMEN! You have just proven why I love Target so much. That bedding is adorable and I absolutely LOVE that bed. Noah's a lucky boy!

Logziella said...

Three cheers for Target!! I love Target too.

Cute, cute bedding! It will go so well with everything.

And those holes..what a deal!!

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Nice Shopping! They just opened a Super Target right by me that I am going to have to check out. Loved the choices. That bedroom set Rocks! I wish I had one of those.



I super love target. I have been getting most of my baby stuff there.

countrymouse said...

I *love* that bedside lamp! That is just about the cutest thing : ) Perfect for an adventurous little guy!

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