Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Ok, now I finally have a few minutes to sit down and update this blog! But first, I have a question.

Why do men's razors always seem to work better than womens? SERIOUSLY. Occasionally, I'll accidentally leave my razor on the side of the tub and then when I'm in the shower the next day and need to shave, I'll just use Barry's. It always leaves my legs satiny and smooth, whether his blade has just been changed or not. Mine, even with a brand new blade, does a mediocre job. I always THOUGHT it was doing a good job....until I used Barry's!!! This has happened numerous times over the course of our relationship...don't you think by now I'd just go buy a men's razor???? Maybe I will today...

Ok, now that I've got that off my chest, on with the updates!

First of all, look what we found in our chicken coop:Barry was cleaning out the bedding, and when he poured the new shavings in, he saw a mouse run out. Then, as he was spreading the bedding around, he heard faint squeaking. He called me over...and of course, I called Kendall. Now this is where I sometimes don't think. I am all about the educational aspect of every situation, and am always happy to engage Kendall in learning and experience whenever possible. But sometimes I don't see the possible problems that can come out of these experiences. For instance...Kendall was, of course, totally interested in these little mice. She wanted to hold them, which we quickly shot down and explained why. She had a million questions about what mice eat and why the baby mice's mother would just run off and leave them. Then she wanted to find a way to feed them and keep them...and this is where the problem started. Because of course, Barry had every intention of killing them, or at the very least, just leaving them in the pile of chicken bedding to die. To those of you who think this is inhumane or cruel, I understand. I don't want to be involved in the killing of any kind of living thing, except spiders...I have NO problem with that. But you also have to understand what kind of problems mice cause. Lots of problems. And they reproduce like mad. So, they had to go. How on earth do you explain that to a 6 year old? We basically just told her that they wouldn't live without their mother...they were just too young. To put it lightly, she was upset and obsessed by the prospect of saving these baby mice. We are better now, thank goodness!

Secondly, after much deliberation, we decided to get Kendall's hair cut. See, Kendall has that typical tow-head, fly-away, fine-as-chicken-fuzz hair. And when that type of hair gets too long, it gets stringy and just plain messy looking. We decided it was time for an updated hairdo. So, Danniel took 2 1/2 inches off, and now we have this sleek little bob. She loves it! Then, of course, there's the progress on the deck. I swear, we will all be so happy when this is finally finished. You know how when you start a big exciting project and you're all gung-ho and totally into it...and then when it comes to all the little finishing touches you just can't wait to be finished??? Well, folks, that's where we are. And this staining needs to be finished before winter gets here. Soooo, here are the pics of Sheri and I gettin' the job done!

And this last one is of the ever-changing sky. Our weather is so flaky lately. One day it's gorgeous, the next it's cold and windy, the next we're under severe weather warnings. On Monday, when I took this particular picture, it had been sunny all morning, and then looked like this by afternoon...Looks like it's actually going to snow, doesn't it? Freaky weather. Oh well, you know what we say here in Ohio? If you don't like the weather, hang out a while and it will surely change.


taking care of 5 said...

Hey Kuckie. Interesting about the razor. I have been using Koz's for a few months now. You are right, it is way better! Can't comment about the mice... they just really creep me out!

Kendall's hair is adorable. Bet she'll have fun with that do to.

The weather has been acting strange here too... some say snow is on the way... oh no!

Logziella said...

I am SO WITH YOU on the whole men's razor issue! I find the same exact thing! Razors are expensive too! This might sound gross to some but as I said the razors Chuck uses are expensive and he can only use them for so long b/c it's his face and he needs a close shave and using a dull razor hurts. But by the time he is done, they are still good! So, then I take the razor and use it for my legs and it works fabulously! His used one works better than a woman's brand new one! But...now there's this new razor that is SO smooth but costs a small fortune...like almost $30 for like 6!...but they last forever...so I am back to using nasty woman's razors again!

Kendall's cut is so cute!! Is she into "doing" her own hair? Kenzie is and it's funny...she'll come out with 14 barretts all at once after spending a 1/2 hour in the bathroom and she'll say "am I pretty?" Ha!

You will LOVE that deck...just picture next spring's BBQ's on that deck! Awesome!!

Kuckie said...

TCO5 - I think my next razor will be a men's...I may even get the same one DH has! (PS - the mice kind of creep me out too!)

Logzie - Yep, that settles it. Men's razors are definitely it. I'm off to the store! Kendall's not really into doing her hair...she's not very girly that way. I sometimes wish she were, just a LITTLE bit!

And I can't WAIT for next spring. I am already planning my summer party!


mens razors are way better. I dont know why but they are

kc said...

Ok Kuckie I LOVE your deck and what i can see of your house. It is beautiful! That is our Dream house/land! :) You are very blessed. Congratulations!

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