Friday, January 09, 2009

High School Musical, The Ice Tour

Every kid should have an Aunt Jessie.

See, my sister works for a local radio station, and this week she scored "High School Musical, The Ice Tour" tickets for Kendall. She asked me if we'd like to go, and if maybe Kendall would like to bring a friend. I decided this would be a fun surprise for my little Kendall-bug, so before I told her about it, I called her friend Kayla's mom and asked if Kayla could go. This was certainly a situation that would need special consideration, as the show was on Wednesday night (A school night! GASP!!), and since it didn't start until 7:30, the kids would be home very late. Kayla's mom thought it would be ok, so we went over the details and made a plan. Now that the details were set, I decided I couldn't wait anymore to tell her. I was working that night, so I called her from my office. When I got her on the phone and laid out the dealio, the screaming was ear-piercing! She was so excited!!!! And then when I added the kicker, that Kayla was coming home with her after school and going to the show, she lost it completely!
Of course, since we had to leave early to get Noah to swim lessons first, I decided that I'd take the girls out to dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse...and I had a buy one, get one free coupon too! ROCK ON!!! We called and invited Jessie to join us for dinner, and she agreed. Here are the girls at dinner...SO excited for the show!And here they are at the show...of course, Kendall is sporting her High School Musical t-shirt, compliments of Grandma Cindy.
It was good (but LONG), and the girls were having such a great time that it was really hard not to bee-bop along with them!
By the end of the show, these two little high-energy girls who had been dancing the whole first half were snuggled up in one seat with their arms around each other. I asked if they were tired and wanted to go, but the answer was a resounding "NO!!" So we made it until the end, but didn't end up getting home until 10:30...way late for kids who are usually in bed by 8:15!

The next morning was rough for Kendall, but she still swears it was "TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!"


jenelle said...

such a good mom you are. I love the Spaghetti Warehouse. Wish there was one around here.

Jen said...

What a FUN night!!!

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