Sunday, March 01, 2009

A long day...

Well, it's official. Kendall has been "blessed" with a combination of my huge teeth and big mouth, but Barry's small jaw. There is no way all of her big teeth will fit! This is going to make orthodontia a definite fixture in our house, I'm afraid. But it's ok...most of us have lived through it, right?

We have an excellent pediatric dentist. The kids LOVE going to see Dr. Jojo. Noah tells me about once a week that he "finks he needs to go get his teef tickled by Dr. Jojo". And this is important, because that is exactly why this week started out better than it could have.

About 4 months ago, we noticed that one Kendall's bicuspids was coming in really high in her gumline, right over the top of her baby tooth. Dr. Jojo said not to worry just yet, it was loose and would probably fall out before there was a problem. Well let me tell you, that little sucker would not come out! Kendall worked it and worked it...sometimes until it was so sore she couldn't touch it for days afterward! But alas, it would not break free on the back side. When we went in for her cleaning in January, Dr. Jojo told her she had two weeks to get it out, or Dr. Jojo was going to have to "help" her. The problem was that the new tooth was coming in right in front of the baby tooth, and food was getting stuck up between the two teeth...thus making a "plaque trap". No amount of brushing was helping...and we certainly didn't want a cavity on the back of her brand new tooth! So, we finally made an appointment for Tuesday to have Dr. Jojo "help". Kendall was a little nervous, but we talked about how good it would be to finally have it out. She would be able to eat apples again, and she wouldn't have to be stressed out about getting all the food out from behind that tooth. So, armed with one tablet of valium for kids and a little bit of "silly gas", Kendall got her tooth out. And she did great...better than I would have. Dr. Jojo put Kendall's tooth in this cute little box, and assured her that the Tooth Fairy would still come, even if the dentist had to help. (A little boy in Kendall's class told her that was cheating, and the tooth fairy wouldn't come for teeth that you didn't get out yourself!!)
Afterward, I took her to lunch at her favorite place, First Watch. She ate everything on her plate! I was relieved to see how well she was doing, and she assured me she was ready to go back to school. I dropped her off, went home, and about 45 minutes later, the school called. Kendall was in pain...and in tears. So I jumped in my car and went to get her. I think the pain meds wore off and she was just emotionally tired from the whole ordeal and then from trying so hard not to cry at school. We came home, I gave her some motrin and a popsicle, and we laid down for a nap. She slept for 3 hours!!! (Not me, I had to go to work!) And when she woke up, she was absolutely fine. And boy, was I was relieved!!!

And guess what we found out? The Tooth Fairy DOES come even if the dentist helps you get your tooth out! And she even leaves a little extra...especially when you are very brave about it!! :)


California Girl said...

I read this thinking of the joys and the heartaches that come along with parenthood. What a wonderful mother you are to see her through this, potentially, difficult ordeal. And the Tooth Fairy knows when to be extra kind to those who need it. What a great post!

Teresa said...

What an AWESOME tooth fairy Kendall has...kinda like she was born to do it maybe?!

You are such a wonderful mother never cease to amaze me!

Go strong, brave, couragous little girl!!!! And you go back to that kid in your class and SHOW him that the tooth fairy brings EXTRA when you need "help" and then say "TAKE THAT!"!!!!

terri said...

Poor Kendall. What an ordeal she endured. Brave girl!

My kids too all had the combination of too many teeth for the size of their small jaws. All three experienced extractions, expanders in the roof of their mouths, spacers and braces. Poor Kacey seems to have had hers on forever and is anxiously waiting for the day they come off.

jenelle said...

Dr. JoJo?? really?? funny that some of the favorite cookies in your house are JoJos. A little ironic don't you think.

Good for Kendall. Impressive that she ate so well afterward. Must have her mother's abilities there ;)

Ryan keeps longing for a loose tooth, tugging on them and telling me it must be loose. "Moose's Loose Tooth" is often read in our house. Would probably be a good read for Kendall considering what it took to get that tooth out.

KC said...

What a brave little girl you have. And so lucky to have such an amazing tooth-fairy. :)

countrymouse said...

Oh--poor little thing! I'm sure the whole experience was exhausting and overwhelming--even is she was trying to be a trooper and finish her day of school. So glad it's over and she's okay. Hope there's no lasting trauma.

And 3 cheers for a children's dentist who takes trauma seriously and is willing to give silly gas and kid valium when needed!

Alisa said...

Is Dr. "MoJo" JoJo in Columbus by any chance? My kids do not like the dentist ... they need one that has tv's in the ceiling or on the chairs I think :)) ha! Glad Kendall is "A"-Okay!

Kiki said...

I had to have most of my baby teeth pulled, they wouldn't fall out on their own, but I swear I had Dr. Mendela for a dentist...I am scarred for life.

Kendall is a trooper and I am so proud of her and how well she managed it...I know what it feels like...bless her heart!!

Claire said...

I was reading this and thinking, "What a good Mom!" and then I got to the comments and found I wasn't alone - you are a good Mom!
Just want to let you know I gained 20 lbs. just reading your recipes on your food blog - they all look great - and undertstandable - and doable. Is the impossible breakfast pie posted?

disa said...
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