Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Moving on...

So maybe you were wondering what would be the next animal the kids would find and befriend.

It didn't take long, let me tell you. I knew it wouldn't. That's just how things happen around here!

I was standing on the deck the other day, and I saw something out in the grass near the pond that didn't look like it was supposed to be there. It was dark, and round, and looked smooth. And it was actually kind of...big. So I yelled over to Barry, who was diligently watering his new grass shoots, and we took off out to the spot in the yard. I was convinced I knew what it was, and I was really, TRULY hoping it was, so that the kids could have something fun and exciting to focus on after the slaughter in the chicken coop.

Sure enough, it was just what I thought...a turtle! A big ol' painted turtle, digging a hole in our yard and laying her eggs! How very exciting!! And right up the kids' alley, for sure! So we ran up to the house and gathered up the kids (and my camera, of course), and came back out to have a look-see. This was honestly the best thing that could have happened. It gave Kendall something to be excited about. She and Barry came straight up to the house and got on the internet to research turtles...and they found out that she was definitely a painted turtle and that the eggs would hatch in 60 days. So we marked the calendar, and we are hoping to be here to see the babies!Of course, Kendall is already angling to keep one. Why am I not surprised?


terri said...

That's amazing! We had a duck nesting in our yard for the past several weeks and even my big kids were fascinated and keeping a close eye on things. How fun would it be to watch a turtle nesting?

I definitely see a future in the veterinary sciences for Miss Kendall!

Miss Got Wings said...

the animal kingdom is spreading the word "get over to the Kuck's house, they'll treat you reeaaall good!" lol. Have fun w/ this new little one!

Kiki said...

I have never seen a turtle lay its eggs....I am so excited to see what comes next!!! Yay for Kendall and her cool nature loving family!!!

Bonnie said...

All I got are stinking racoons that keep eating my impatients and marigolds. Darn them!

heyojules said...

I ventured over to your blog site from Terri's page and read several of your recent blogs. Your kids are adorable.
I like the turtle also. In college, one of my friends found a small turtle in front of his apt. complex. Thinking it would get run over by a lawn mower, he gave it to me and a made it a home. He didn't seem very happy after a while (or I just don't know how to raise turtles) so I let him go back to the wild.
I enjoyed the readings!

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