Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Playing catch-up...

Ok, let's see...what's been going on around here that I haven't filled you in on? Well, school is out for the summer...that's the big one! Kendall only had to go for a half day on her last day of school, since it was a make-up day. Arnett Howard came for his annual "last day of school concert", which is always a treat, and then the kids had an early release at 1:15.

Noah and I showed up early, at 11:00, for the little luncheon the teachers put on for the volunteers. It was so nice, and we even got a sweet little gift from the principal...a nice calculator (which I can always use, since I misplace mine so often!). After the luncheon, we met Kendall and her class out on the lawn to have lunch with them. Here she is with her peeps...notice they are all boys. Hmmmmm...should I start to worry?Then we went into the cafeteria for the concert. Noah had a ball, and Arnett always puts on a great show for the kids AND the parents. SO. MUCH. FUN.!!!Now I had promised the kiddos that after Kendall was released from school that we would play on the playground for a while. The school has such a nice's all shaded and there's plenty of room to run. There was no way they were leaving without the chance to have the playground all to themselves. We really had a great time!I can't believe school is out and Kendall will be starting 3rd grade in just 9 weeks. Unbelievable! I think it's time to start stacking bricks on her head to slow the growing process, don't you?


Teresa said...

Ah, I like the bricks idea! LOL!! It's all happening WAY TOO FAST!

Miss Got Wings said...

Wow - love that pic you caught of Kendall midair. That's a keeper! (well, they all are acutally!) You're a natural w/ this photography thing~

Enjoy the summer!

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