Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A Fabulous 4th!

I know these are a bit late, but least I'm getting them up now, right? Even with all the work to be done over the holiday weekend, we took some time out to go downtown to see Red, White, & Boom...Columbus' big fireworks display. It was the first time for Noah, Dad, and Taffy. I think it's safe to say everyone really enjoyed it!

Jessie's friend Jennifer got us tickets to a VIP area at Boom Central, which was great since they served food, beer, and wine...for FREE!! The food was really good, that much I can tell you! They also had various bands playing, and tents set up where you could grab a table and just chill out of the hot sun. and probably most importantly, this area had it's own set of Portajohns, so we didn't have to go stand in the ridiculously long lines.

Jessie and Deanna found us once they arrived, and then her friends Alisa, Adam, Dan, and Alisa's kids Anderson and Ava showed up as well. The kids all played so well togther! What a riot!

Hope you all had a fantastic 4th too!!


Kiki said...

Ok...I just caught up and I am exhausted after reading all that you guys have been up to...whew, you've been busy and your kids have grown, I swear since I last checked in. Hope all is well, so good to see you guys are having a fun summer!!!!

California Girl said...

GREAT pics! How in the world did you get the one of the fireworks? Mine always come out as blurry somethings. Happy Day to you!

Miss Got Wings said...

You all always have so much fun together - I love it! Great fireworks pics.

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