Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fun times at the fair

We went to the Madison County Fair last week. Normally, I would do anything possible to avoid going, because to be honest...it's kind of a cruddy fair. I bribe the kids every year by telling them we have to make a choice between the Madison County Fair and the big Ohio State Fair...and well, who wouldn't choose the Ohio State Fair???

But not this year. See, Noah has this friend at preschool named Eric, and they live somewhat close to us. Well...close-ish. Like on our end of the country outside of Columbus. Like still about 25-30 minutes away. But still...it's closer than a lot of his friends, seeing that his preschool is downtown and the kids come from all over the city.

Aaaaaaanyway, Eric's mom is always trying to come up with a way to get these boys together outside of school, which isn't easy, taking into account everybody's work schedules, activities, and bedtimes. So last week she mentioned meeting for dinner and then heading to the fair here in town. Now, for as much as I dread our fair, let me tell you that we had a GREAT TIME!! Noah and Eric were like two peas in a pod, and Kendall met various friends while she was riding rides. No one she already knew, of course...my Kendall is just a social type of girl! She just walks up to the first interesting kid she sees and introduces herself, and they become instant buddies. Heck, I hope she is always so self-confident! Couldn't we all use a little of that from time to time? She met a little girl who rode endless rides with her, and a group of little boys who raced her down the big slide more times than I could count. These kids were having a blast! Thank goodness we had the foresight to buy the $15 armbands, because these kids racked up more than $50 each in rides if we had purchased individual tickets! (Well, let's be honest...we never would have let them ride that many if we hadn't purchased the armbands. But then they only could have ridden a couple...and it was worth it that they were having so much fun!)

I guess I won't be so quick to write off the Madison County Fair next year! And the bonus? Eric's mom and dad were totally great! I see more outings in our future. What could be better?

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