Monday, March 22, 2010

Auto Show...and a laugh for the day!!

If you've been hanging out around here for very long, you know that every year at this time, I do chair massage at the Columbus International Auto Show. I don't work on the general public, just the product specialists. It's actually really fun, although it IS a long day of work. The product specialists are normally actors or models who do this when they aren't working on a project. They do "the auto show circuit" around their other jobs. How much fun is THAT? So I get to meet people from L.A., Chicago, Detroit, NYC, etc. And even better? THE STORIES. I ask every single person I work on what is the weirdest/funniest thing they've seen while working the shows, and boy do I get some hysterical answers!! You KNOW how I love comedy!

So this past weekend, I was working on a delightful gal from Chicago. Of course, I asked her my signature question..."So what is the funniest/weirdest thing you've seen on the auto show circuit this year?" She didn't even have to think about it...not for one little second. She quickly blurted out that it was definitely while working a show in Oklahoma. She was up on the platform, halfway through her presentation, when a guy drove by on one of those motorized carts that elderly people or injured people use at Meijer or Walmart, or what have you. But here's the funny part...his had a custom paint job. It was painted like a John Deere tractor.

Not funny enough yet...oh no.

No, this guy is driving a motorized cart painted like a John Deere tractor and PULLING HIS WIFE ON A MATCHING FLATBED TRAILER!!!

Now, I ask you...what is more embarrassing here? The John Deere-inspired motorized cart? The fact that you have a flat-bed trailer to match? Or the fact that you are pulling your wife on said trailer? about the fact that your husband feels that you are big enough to warrant being pulled on a flat-bed trailer, and does so in public??? (The gal telling me the story assured me that yes, the woman was quite large, and that she was, in fact, "sitting quite unlady-like" on the trailer.) LOL!!!!

I'm sorry, but I have to tell you that I almost peed my pants while she was telling me this. I mean, picture it, will you? Of course, I had to ask if this appeared to be normal to the folks of Oklahoma, or if other people were staring as well. She informed me that yes, everyone in the area just stopped what they were doing and stared. In fact, as well as this gal had her presentation memorized, and as many times as she's done it over and over and over, even she was rendered speechless for a second or two. It takes a lot to rattle these narrators, let me tell that is speaking volumes!!

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the reasons while I will never miss the Columbus International Auto Show!!! Well, the comedy AND the fact that it pays pretty good. Hey, I'm just keepin' it real here!! :)

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