Friday, March 12, 2010

The List

I just got back from taking Kendall to school, and upon taking a quick look-see around the kitchen to see what I needed to tackle first, I saw a big pile of papers sitting on the table that I hadn't noticed this morning. On closer inspection, it appeared that Kendall had decided to clean out her desk. There were notices about events in January (JANUARY!!), various graded assignments, art projects, pictures and notes from her friends...everything you would expect to find in a little girl's desk. As I was weeding through the ones that would go directly into the burn bin, I pulled one out that was a pencil-written list on lined paper. It was titled "My Mom". As I read through her list of 28 items, I laughed, cried, and felt proud...all at the same time. I thought I would share with you is her list:

My Mom

by Kendall

1.) She can make me laugh.
2.) She is good at cooking.
3.) She is understanding.
4.) She loves Daddy.
5.) She has natural curl in her hair.
6.) She loves me.
7.) She used to have a cat.
8.) She loves to read.
9.) She has brown hair
10.) She takes me to special places a lot.
11.) Her clothes are nice.
12.) She is a massage therapist.
13.) She will care for others.
14.) She is nice.
15.) She is short-tempered.
16.) She runs fast.
17.) She buys me what I need.
18.) She never lets me down.
19.) She takes the time to help others.
20.) No matter what...she always smiles.
21.) She has tons of friends.
22.) She has freckles.
23.) She encourages me a lot.
24.) She plays with me a lot.
25.) She loves shopping.
26.) She rocks!
27.) She will donate.
28.) She likes to read.

Now I know I am biased, but I think I have a pretty great daughter!!! This list, in it's pure and innocent honesty ("she is short-tempered" true!), has made my day. In this stage of her life, where I question almost every move I make with her and wonder what mistakes I am making on a daily basis, it's so good to see that the majority of things she lists about me are positive. Maybe I'm doing some things right after all...


KC said...

Aaahhhhh!!!! This is the sweetest thing I've read in a long time.
You are such a wonderful Mother! I just hope my kids like me half that much. I'm afraid their lists would say *always working *never has time to play *short tempered...etc.
That is so sweet to know she appreciates you and loves you so much. You are definitely doing something right girl!

Wreggie said...

This is great. What a find.

jenelle said...

are you framing that one???
Sweet girl. You are obviously doing something right, and a lot of it. Evidently you like to read because it made the list twice. I'm surprised chocolate and ice cream didn't make the list...

country mouse said...

"She has natural curl in her hair." That's just too cute--and such a girl thing to comment on ;)

"She loves Daddy." Clearly she is a secure girl knowing her parents love each other and their children. What better gift could you give your children? None!

terri said...

What a wonderful surprise to find such a list. Kendall is a sweet girl and she knows how lucky she is to have you for a mom.

Julie said...

This is so heartfelt and sweet! Thank you for sharing with us :)

Hope Chella said...

This is really sweet :)

5kidswdisabilities said...

What a great list of attributes. You can tell she is proud to have you as a mom!

Lindsey Petersen

Little Lovables said...

what a sweet little list

Teresa said...

She WILL donate. LOVE it!! LOL!!

And brown hair?? I thought you were blonde?? :)

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