Friday, March 05, 2010

Things to get accomplished today...

I just need one really productive day. Two or three would be nice, but I'd settle for one! Today, I'm going to try to get a lot of "little" things crossed off my list. Here are a few I've got my sights set on...

1.) My dad is going to build me a spice rack for the inside of one of my cabinets to match the one that is mounted on the other side. I need to take pictures of it and send him all the dimensions so he can get busy. He is also building me a pedestal for my front-load washer and dryer, so I need to send dimensions for that as well. I will be so grateful to have both of those things built!

2.) Finish my mileage reports so Barry can get the taxes finished. Figuring up mileage is my least favorite part of keeping my records, so I always put it off as long as possible. But hopefully today is the day to get it finished up!

3.) Season my cast iron skillets...they are in desperate need of a little TLC.

4.) Take Scout to get groomed. This is happening in one hour!

5.) Wash my Odyssey. While I was getting a massage last night, my friend Sheri stopped by and wrote "Hi Jen!" in the dust on my driver's side door. Can't be driving around like that now, can I? (Thanks for the kick in the pants, Sheri!)

6.) Schedule a consultation with the orthodontist for Kendall. Yes, it's about that denying it.

7.) Reschedule my dentist appointment. I can't find anyone to watch Noah that day, and I definitely don't want to have to take him with me.

8.) Schedule an appointment for a full-body scan with a dermatologist my D.O. recommended. I've never been to a dermatologist, and never been fully checked out. She thought this was a good idea, considering how fair my skin is. I guess I can see her point.

9.) Order Scout's heartworm meds for the next 6 months. It's so much cheaper to order them online through the vet's office!

10.) Call A Friend's House, our local domestic abuse shelter. I have a table and a TV to donate, and I'm ready to get it out of here.

11.) I really need to go get my eyebrows threaded, but I think that just might be pushing it.

12.) Make dinner and special snacks for the munchkins, because Barry and I are seeing Avatar tonight (YIPPEE!!!), and the kiddos are staying home with Uncle Luke. I promised them a Star Wars movie marathon complete with snacks if they can be good for him. Cross your fingers!

I'd better get busy...this list isn't going to complete itself!!!


jenelle said...

Ambitious. How much of it did you get done.

Kuckie said...

Everything but the mileage reports and I'm not finished with the dimensions for the pedestal either. But not too bad for a Friday!

terri said...

That made for a busy day! At least you get rewarded with a date night at the end of it all!

Julie said...

What a list!!! I'm impressed - I need some of your motivation and multi-tasking skills :)

Kiki said...

I have to mileage for the Gap for travel to Charlotte OVER A YEAR AGO...not sure they are even going to pay it and Ken is going to go through the roof that I didn't turn it in on time....I get that you hate it because I hate figuring it out myself!!!

You are way ambitious....I need some of your industrious spirit over here...I'm too pooped to move!!!

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