Saturday, April 10, 2010

She's just like me...

I am a reader...always have been, probably always will be. I have always had a voracious appetite for books...and I don't discriminate between genres. I'll read most anything. Fiction or non-fiction...comedy, horror, mystery, self-help, spiritual, how-to's, name it, I'll probably read it. Unfortunately, in the past decade, I haven't had the time to read for hours like I used to. Or maybe it's that I feel guilty for sitting down long enough to read. Hey, I'm just being honest here! But whatever the reason, to feed my need for books, I've become more hooked on audio books since I'm in the car so much. It's not always the same experience as snuggling up in bed or on the couch with your book du jour, but hey, it doesn't give me any eye strain! And besides that, it's really about all I have time for right now, unless I want to give up blogging, FB, and photography. So yeah, audiobooks are a good thing.

When Kendall was on Spring Break, I had to take her to work with my one day because I only had one client and didn't see the need to arrange child care for her for one hour when she could bring her DS and sit down in Danny's salon while I saw my client. Danny spoils her rotten, so she was all too happy to comply. Afterward, we walked over to the library, where she wanted to pick up the third Harry Potter book. Well, they didn't have it in. Bummer. So after much looking around, she decided on a big book called "Here Be Monsters". As she read the inside cover, she was laughing and looking quite intrigued. Little did I know....She read the entire way home. She read that whole evening. And the next day at lunch, she walked up to me in the kitchen and handed me the book. "I'm finished", was all she said. That simple.

I said, "You read the whole thing? No skipping pages? No reading ahead?"

"No! Why would you ask that? Don't you believe me? If I skipped pages, I'd miss stuff!"

How thoughts exactly! I guess I just wasn't prepared for her to read so voraciously already. But really, I don't know why I'm surprised...


Teresa said...

Holy Cow Batman!! She reads more than me!!! Wow!! That's soooo good for her though! I really expands vocabulary among other amazing benefits!

I would never have considered myself a "reader" until recently and I realized how much I love to divulge books at Barnes N Noble for hours on end and I read an entire book on the way to and from our last trip to Michigan. I'm getting there now that I'm caught up on sleep and if I had the time I could sit and read w/o just falling asleep!

Go Kendall!!!

Kate said...

Good for her! Nothing beats curling up w/ a good book and losing track of time

terri said...

I read like that as a kid (and still do if and when time allows.) So I was really disappointed when neither of my boys showed any excitement whatsoever over a really good book.

Then along came my baby girl. She's definitely my kid. Can't get enough reading!

KC said...

I'm so impressed! That's a very thick book!
Levi will read like that sometimes, if it's a book he's really interested in. I love those days! Nice and quiet, while I get my work done.
I remember reading like that as a kid also. Still love to, when I have the time, which is rare now days. So I'm currently addicted to audio books that I can listen to while driving for work.

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