Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back to School!

I can't believe it's September! And while I DO love having both kids at home every day and the lack of a confining schedule during the summer, I also love getting back into the school year routine when fall does roll around. Too much of a good thing, I guess. But is it just me, or did the summer go incredibly fast this year? I know we packed as much as possible into our summer, with trips to Niagara Falls, Mohican State Park, and the roadtrip to Arkansas...but geesh, it still felt like the summer blew by. Before I knew it, we were buying school supplies and making sure the kids' socks and underwear still fit.

Kendall is always very excited for school to start. We don't live in the same school district where she attends school, so she doesn't see many of her school friends during the summer months. She's usually rearin' to go, and get in there and see everyone! This year, however, she was quite apprehensive...teary even. We'd found out that she was placed in the class with "the meanest teacher in the school" and to make matters even worse, all of her really good friends were placed in the other class. She felt that this did not bode well for a good school year. We had a week or two to digest this information and talk through it, and by the time the first day of school came, she was feeling ok...not great, but ok.By the end of breakfast that morning, she was feeling much better about things...she even gave me a cheer for starting school! Now the day was looking up! After all, she is now a fourth-grader. The fourth-graders rule the school at Monroe.I am happy to report that after 2 full weeks, things are looking so much better. It seems that Kendall's teacher is not nearly as bad as she had heard. I don't think she'll ever be Kendall's favorite, but that's ok. We have to deal with a lot of people in our lives that won't be our favorites. The important thing is that she is still looking forward to going to school most every day.

Noah didn't start until this week. He is attending a 5-day per week Pre-K class at a nearby church, and was VERY excited to start. He did great this week, only complaining once on Friday morning that he wanted to stay home and build with Legos. He's having a great time at his new school, and always has so much to tell me when I pick him up!As for me, I am enjoying the start of a new routine. I get up and get myself and the kids up, dressed, and fed. We leave the house at 8:15-ish, pick up Shea, and head to Monroe to drop the girls off...then straight to Noah's school to drop him off. (I only have a 15 minute window here, and I need every single second of it!) AND as an added bonus, Noah's school is only like 5 minutes away from my gym, so I have 2.5 hours every morning to work out and hit the grocery, or Target, or whatever else I need to do. This week I took a spinning class, had a massage, and took a Piyo class. Can't wait to see what next week will bring!

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Kayris said...

Cute pics! And I'm witj you. The summer went fast this year. We enjoyed it, but I'm also glad that we're back into a routine.

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