Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Friends, photos and online dating...

So I'm loving my 55-200 mm lens. It's taking some getting used to, as I'm not used to being able to zoom in from so far away...and of course, being a longer lens, I have to account for lighting...which I still have to really think through in my head. UGH! But I've been having a little bit of fun, when time permits! And there hasn't been much of it this week...that's for sure!

This weekend, my friend Priscilla came out to the cabin for a (much overdue) trip to have her picture taken. I suspect that the reason this trip has taken so long to come to fruition is that while she WANTS to have her photo taken, the reason behind it having it done is causing just a tad bit of anxiety. Ladies and gentlemen, Priscilla is about to venture into the world of online dating.

At the age of 63.

And while she's totally committed to giving it a shot, who in their right mind wouldn't have a little anxiety over it?!? The thought of dating again makes my stomach churn. Unless I could just date Barry again...that might be fun!

But I digress. So Priscilla called Friday night to say she was coming out on Saturday afternoon to finally have the photos done. This has been going on for a year, so I didn't hold my breath, but she sounded serious this time! Wahoo! She even volunteered to bring a big pot of chili so I didn't have to cook. EVEN BETTER! When she finally got here, we sat and chatted, had dinner with the fam, and basically waited around until the sun was just right for good lighting. And then, after practicing her 'Jackie O' pose, we got to work. And here's what we came up with...Good, but not the great. I am a sucker for a big, heartfelt smile though, and that one certainly has it! This next one though, I really do like. It is very 'Priscilla'. I have seen that look a time or two, let me tell ya. Usually when I say something crass or silly...not that I would ever do such a thing. I'm just sayin'.
We both liked this next one, just because it's a different look. She liked it because her eyes are wide open...see, she squints when she smiles, and it really annoys her. I do the same thing, and it really annoys me too! But darn it, it's HARD to smile with your eyes big and wide when you're not used to doing it! Plus, then you feel like you look all surprised in the picture. Weird.
And this last one? Yeah, it's pretty much everyone's favorite. I'm tellin' ya...there's a very small window at the end of the day when the light is perfect...and this was it. The Perfect Priscilla Portrait. I just love alliterations, don't you?Lookin' good Priscilla!!! You're gonna knock 'em dead! I wonder how many 'winks' or 'pokes' or whatever it is that you get on eharmony she has already? I think I'm gonna go call her and find out...


Anonymous said...

Priscilla looks great and these pictures are all so flattering. You did good! Mom

Kiki said...

Wow these are great and I agree that that last one is spectacular....there is something about the light at dusk....when it turns the perfect color and everything it touches is almost lit from only lasts a moment though, you were quick and captured it beautifully!!!

Jenelle said...

You really do great look and your friend looks like quite the catch. Must be if she has great friends like your family.

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe that she is 63! She is gorgeous...probably won't have any problems finding someone at all. Would that I look that good at 63...maybe if I have you take my pictures too :) ~Jessica

terri said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! And you did a fantastic job with her pictures. Now if I could just hire you to do Kacey's senior pictures!

Kuckie said...

Mom - Thanks!

Kik - I know, right? My favorite time of day.

Jenelle - You are very sweet...and that is why I love ya!

Jessica - Welcome! And no, I don't think she'll have any problems at all. She's a riot, too!

Terri - You nut!!! You are a fantastic photographer...much better than I at lighting and aperture and all that fun stuff. YOU should be taking her pics!! But thank you so much for the means a lot coming from you! :)

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