Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Big 4-0...and a giveaway to celebrate!!!

 WOW!!!  I'm officially 40 years old today!!!

Funny...I don't feel 40...

But alas, it is true.  

I have to share something with you though...I am having such a fun time with this birthday!!  In fact, when Angie at Shabby Apple contacted me about hosting a giveaway, I knew right then that I wanted to do it in celebration of my 40th!  What better way to celebrate than to have one of my readers win something fabulous??
 So the contest starts now, peeps.  The winner receives one Bali Ha'i dress from Shabby Apple...shipping included!  I LOVE this dress...the color, the style, everything about it!  Have you shopped Shabby Apple before?  Oh my, their clothes are so trendy and cute!  They have the most adorable little girls' dresses and of course, fantastic women's dresses, as well as jewelry and other accessories!!  And all you have to do is write a little poem or limerick for me.  See, I was just going to have everyone leave a comment and then randomly pick a number to see who wins, but my sister (yes, you can all thank her) said I had to make it more difficult than THAT to win.  And so we started brainstorming and came to the conclusion that the best contest would contain laughter of some type.  And would require some thinking.  And creativity.  Soooooo, the best poem/limerick about ME wins, I mean, it is MY birthday, after all!   HAHAHA...Bring on the humor people!  You know I love a good laugh! 

And to sweeten the deal even a little more, I'll give you an extra entry if you "like" Shabby Apple on Facebook, and also if you become a follower of my blog.  If you already are, just leave a separate comment telling me so!  Also, please make sure to leave your email address in your comment so I can contact you if you win!

Entries will be judged by my family...Barry, Kendall and Noah...and the winner will be announced Sunday, April 10.

How exciting is that?  Get those creative juices flowing, peeps!  I can't WAIT to see what you've got!  

***Contest only eligible to U.S. residents


Jenelle said...

There once was a girl named Jen, with coyotes that would eat her hens.

She lived in a house made of wood and dreamed of a life doing good.

She's a huge fan of the scarlett and grey, wishing she could eat ice cream every day.

Now that she's 40 she is older and wise. Which really is her same old self in disguise.

To celebrate her birthday in limerick form I did horribly dapple. In order to win the dress from Shabby Apple.

Happy birthday my friend. You are loved by family and friends to the end.

-- Pathetic I know. Thanks sis for making it hard on us.

Jenelle said...

I follow you :) all the way to Graeters.

wReggie said...

Do they make a size for me?

Kayris said...

There once was a girl from the city,
Who was silly and funny and witty.
But she dressed all in black
With dull clothes on her back
And wished for a dress that was pretty.

I already follow you and like Shabby Apple on FB.

Great giveaway and again, Happy Birthday!!!!!

Kayris said...

Oops, I just realized the limerick was supposed to be about YOU! SO here it is.

There once was a masseuse who was trendy,
Who took up yoga to learn to be bendy.
As she curled into cat
On her generic black mat
She said, "Next time I want goods made by Fendi!"

Kuckie said...

Jenelle - VERY NICE! And yes, I do wish of eating ice cream every day (and let's be honest...most days I DO!!!)

Wreggie - I'm sure we could find you one that fits. The color would be superb on you! (And Gigi too!) :)

Kayris - Way to go! I love both of them!

Anonymous said...

You are all very welcome! I am working on my poem. :) Jen, I follow you everywhere, just a little sister should. hee-hee! Happy Birthday!


P.S....I "like" shabby apple on Facebook! Do you like Reliant Energy? It won't get you a chance to win a trendy dress but RE will donate $1 to the March of Dimes! I love Easy Money! Come on peeps!

Teresa said...

Oh my gosh...not to be a party pooper but I seriously canNOT do this!! I'm in awe of how awesome Jenelle's is and then Kayris to just come up with TWO of them like that!! Wow!! I suck. LOL!! I think it takes the same side of your brain to write something like THIS as it does to ZUMBA!!...b/c I can do neither one!! LOL!!!!

That is a wicked cool dress though! I can't wait to read everyone else's!!

The Hayes Family said...

I am following your blog! Wish I were creative enough to write a poem too! Happy birthday, Jen!

The Hayes Family said...

and I "like" Shabby Apple too!


Deetra said...

Jen is pure and sweet.

Chocolate she loves to eat.

Jen likes to make sweet treats.

Downward dog is where she likes to think.

Jen had chicks to raise.

Now there is much disdain for their d.o.a.

Children must now be raised.

Jen has a garden to make.

What she loves most is to make her family euphoric.

Deetra said...

You know I follow the blog and I "LIKED" Shabby Apple on FB! I really would look good in that dress :)

Anonymous said...

There once was a girl from St.Marys
who developed a thing for the Barrys"

It started out slow
but soon there was a glow
and off to Columbus they go!

The wedding was a large and happy affair and everyone they cared about was there, so their life began without a care.

Jobs, home and kids followed
and the quest for a "Simpler Life" was hallowed.
They thrived and survived
with all the right vibes
to live without being empty and hollow.

Happy Birthday, Jen!

Love ya! Mom

Sheri said...

There once was a ram named Jen
Who's goal in life was to be zen

Her efforts were worthy of praise
Considering she had 2 funky monkeys to raise.

A monstrosity of a dog in the yard
Whose job it was to stand to guard

A hubby who built something new everyday
And worked as hard as he played

She's got the best friends on the planet
No...I'm not talking about Janet ;)

Zen is her ultimate goal
But Happiness is the ace in the hole

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