Wednesday, January 25, 2006


So we all have colds.
Not just one of us, but all four of us.
Yep, watery eyes, sore throats, froggy voices, and snotty noses. It's just one big party here at the Kuck house. And to top it all off, Noah is getting another tooth, so of course he is miserable. The poor boy is just coming off getting his first tooth last week, and to be honest I just think he's done with the whole thing. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING will make him happy right now. He didn't even really enjoy his bath tonight, which is ALWAYS the highlight of his evening. Let's hope that he can sleep decently tonight...or maybe I should say what I really want to say....Let's hope we ALL get some decent sleep tonight! So far the kiddos are in dreamland, and I am soon to follow. After I have a cup of tea to soothe my yucky throat....

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