Friday, January 06, 2006

The Virgin Post

Here it is world! My virgin foray into the blogging community! I have realized that it is virtually impossible to keep up with all of the people that I would like to, and it has even started to become a challenge to remember who I need to keep up with! My "so-called crazy life" is in full swing and I am on a quest to SIMPLIFY. How exactly does one accomplish that? Here is how it started....

My wonderful hubby Barry and I had a dream when we started talking of building a life together. That dream included getting out of the city, buying the perfect piece of property and building the home that we would live in for the rest of our lives. A home that would be the only home our kids knew growing up. A home that would be a safe and comfortable place for our friends and family, our kids and their friends, and our grandkids (0f course!). A place where everyone would want to visit...a place we could feel comfortable raising our kids.

Of course, that was an awfully tall order, especially when we weren't even married yet! So we kept that dream in the back of our minds until the time was right and everything fell into place. We ended up building a home in a development outside of Columbus as our first home. It was a cute little house, and we finished all of the home improvements that needed to be done. Barry and my dad built our deck, Barry finished the basement, and I painted all the rooms. We replaced cabinets and flooring in the kitchen. We became inseparable with the neighbors, Jon & Missy. But probably most importantly, that is the house that we brought our first-born daughter, Kendall, home to. Finally, it was time to get on with the dream. After all, we weren't getting any younger! ;-)

So we started hunting for property...and one day, out of the blue, Barry found and ad in the Sunday paper. We decided to go look at it, and lo and behold, we knew the minute we saw it that we were home. It was 18 acres of slightly rolling land with a treeline along the back a 1.5 acre pond to be put in. The good news was that it was only 15 minutes away from our other house, even though that also meant 15 minutes farther from work and the rest of life as we knew it. We didn't care. After much deliberation, we decided on a log home and got to work.

Now Barry is about the handiest guy to have around, because he can do just about anything... and if he doesn't know how, he'll figure it out. So he decided to be his own general contractor and do as much work as he could himself. The other important fact to know about him is that he likes to get a deal ... therefore saving money. Barry loves to work with money. He loves to find ways to save, ways to make money work for him, and most of all, he loves a deal. THAT, my friends, is a definite KUCK trait. It runs in the family, really and truly. Ask anyone who knows Gary, Bryon or Amy. My father-in-law Gary is the real deal. I don't think he ever pays full price for anything. Always looking to make a deal, and he always has a hook-up. Gotta love that....he's one of a kind! Ah, I digress....

So anyway, we decided on a log home and got rolling on it. We moved in on Memorial Day weekend 2004. We've planted trees and grass, done some landscaping, built a shed, and finished a room in the basement. It is our little piece of calm in a hectic world. Don't get me wrong, we have more than enough work to keep us busy here! We're planning on building the garage, and maybe the deck this spring/summer. There is never a dull moment, that's for sure! But we already have quite a few great memories here, probably the best being the birth of our new son, Noah, this past May. That has definitely been the highlight of our year!

So we're off to making our dream come true... A quieter, simpler, more grounded life. Do I know what I'm doing? Not all of the time. But I have some ideas. And this year starts off with planning my garden. A nice organic garden filled with my most favorite of veggies. Kendall loves to be outside and is really excited about the garden, and Noah will be running around by then as well, so we should have fun. Let me know if you have some ideas about my garden or ways to simplify...I'd love to hear them!

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