Tuesday, January 17, 2006


So, two weeks ago my daughter had a dentist appointment. Just a regular cleaning and check-up, mind you, but there is always the issue of the thumbsucking. You see, Kendall loves her thumb. The love affair began when she was only a week or so old, and has only gotten more intense over the years. She took to sucking her thumb while holding her "two-one" (her beloved yellow chenille blanket) up by her face. The "two-one" eventually became the "three-one" when it fell apart and had to be replaced. I was bound and determined not to see a "four-one", as she is getting ready to turn five and really should be kicking the habit.

So, on to the dentist appointment. Dr. JoJo told Kendall that she really MUST stop sucking her thumb because she doesn't want her big teeth to come in crooked. (Neither do Mama and Daddy!) But then she said the thing that made all the differnce in the world....

"Kendall, when you quit sucking your thumb, you have Mommy bring you in and we have a special suprise for you up in the very top cupboard. Do you know what it is?"
"It's a TROPHY!"

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, was all it took. I am proud to say that she never picked up the "three-one" or sucked her thumb again. The remains of the "two-one" and the "three-one" are going into a pretty little box never to be seen again until her high school graduation. And of course, she now has her trophy that proudly proclaims " I DID IT!" on it.


Amy Wood said...

You obviously need to write a parenting book, what an awesome idea. Can't believe you out-smarted a 5 year old. I am very impressed!

Jen Kuck said...

I can't take the credit at all...it was all Dr. JoJo! She's awesome. And Kendall was unbelievable. She never wavered...not even once.

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