Sunday, October 01, 2006

Now THAT'S the Buckeye Spirit!

Over Labor Day Weekend, we stayed a night with my dad and Taffy, and Dad send Kendall out into the backyard to pick up all the buckeyes that had fallen from his 2 buckeye trees. She could not have been more pleased! But what to do with her treasure?

I told her that we should make buckeye necklaces to wear on game days, and boy, was she all for that! So finally, this past Saturday, she and I had a girls day out. I had just one appointment at work, so she went with me, took her portable DVD player and watched a movie while I worked. Then we headed to Whole Foods for lunch(I love, love, LOVE that place!) and then over to Jo-Anns and the One-Stop Bead Shop to pick up supplies for our little project. She was so excited, I thought she'd pee her pants before we got home!

But alas, she made it! But we weren't in the house 5 minutes before she started begging her daddy to drill holes in the buckeyes for us. Barry was busy building some nest boxes for the chicken coop, but took 5 minutes to help us out...especially since we told him we were making him his very own buckeye necklace!
I showed Kendall the plan, and she went to work! We had so much fun stringing the beads and talking about how we should change each one. She really went to town! And they turned out awesome! She is so proud of hers, and can't wait to wear it to school on Spirit Fridays. Barry was really impressed with his as well...and I love mine too! What a fun project for a Buckeye Saturday!

So now, Kendall has decided that she needs to sell her necklaces, because they are "so cool"...they ARE cool, but I guess we'll have to see about that whole selling thing....not so sure I'm up for that!





cgarver said...


Did you make me one, too?!?!?!


Grandma Cindy

Anonymous said...

How cool! Ask Kendall Bug if she will make her Aunt Jessie a cute bracelet!! :)


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