Thursday, October 12, 2006


Look at our poor kitty.

Once we got checked into our hotel in Vegas, we called to check in with Mom & Joe and make sure Kendall got picked up from school all right. It was then that my Mom asked what had happened to Haley, our 12 year old cat. Barry asked her why, and she responded that Haley had a huge open wound on her back and that it looked really nasty. In fact, Mom wasn't sure that Haley would be alive when we got home!!! WHAT?!?!?! Talk about inciting panic!

So, on Sunday, we called our house since we knew Gary and Luanne would be back with the kids. We wanted to see if Haley was doing ok, and if it looked like she had some infection. Nope...Gary said she was doing fine, but it did look like a nasty cut.

So finally, when we got home on Monday and checked it out, we realized that she was going to need to go to the vet. It looked like someone had tried to skin her in one area of her back. The skin was cut and pulled back, exposing raw muscle tissue. YUCK! Kendall was so freaked out! So on Tuesday morning, Barry took Haley to a vet here in town and they confirmed that she was going to need to be put out and stitched up. Of course they shaved her too, so here is what our poor kitty looks like now....

They figured that she must have been crawling under something with a sharp edge that caught on her fur and she just pulled free, slicing her back right open. She will be on antibiotics this week to prevent infection, but other than that, the vet said she is as healthy as can be. In fact, she couldn't believe that Haley was 12 years old!

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