Monday, November 06, 2006

A Fabulous Fall Weekend

Wow! We had a great weekend, and one that was perfectly suited for some nice fall weather!

On Friday night, Kendall spent some time looking through the toy catalogs, preparing to begin her Christmas list while Barry and Noah sat on the couch and read books. I was content to sit in my chair with a nice fleece blanket and work on a secret project (Yes, it is a Christmas gift, and no, I am NOT saying who it's for!) After the little man went to bed, we had game night. Barry, Kendall and I played My Pretty Pony Memory...and it took her just one game to get her groove on, and then she was on a roll. She beat me both times! Of course, Barry is no slouch either, so she was having a tough time beating him, but she was still happy just to beat me. Friday night game night has been out of commission for a while, but I think we are bringing it back. We have a lot of fun, and when we do it regularly, Kendall really learns that it's ok to lose sometimes. And we all know how important that is!

On Saturday, we got up and made a quick trip to Wapak for a Relay for Life fundraiser that I was doing a bit of chair massage for. It was kind of a letdown, and I think we were all disappointed that there wasn't more of a crowd, but I guess we'll just take what we can get! While I was there, Barry and the kids went to his brother's house and let the cousins run around and play for a few hours...and let me tell you that they were tearing it up! I got there around 1:30 or so and they didn't even look tired yet, so we hung out a bit and then headed home so we could listen to the Buckeyes game on the radio. How sad is that? We couldn't even get the darn game on TV....maybe someday we'll come on into the 21st century! But for now, satellite would not be good for us. 100+ channels? No way, dude. We'd all be parked on our butts in front of the TV, and we DEFINITELY don't want to start that. We're doing just fine with 4, 6, 10, 28, 34, and 53, thank you very much. Six channels, and still we watch plenty of TV!

When we got back on Saturday, Sheri came out to have dinner with us...Teriyaki Salmon, rice pilaf, carrots and last but not least....Apple Raspberry pie. YUM. Sheri and Kendall went through her art box, checking out all of her latest creations, and then Sheri played the piano with both kids. Noah thinks he is big stuff while sitting on the piano bench. He just plays along like he's been doing it forever....and he never BANGS on the keys....Thank Goodness!

Sunday was just a nice morning. Both kids slept well Saturday night, and we all woke up I suggested brunch at First Watch (or as Kendall calls it - BIG WAFFLES) with Aunt Jessie. It was SOOOO GOOOOOD. I could eat there every week and never get tired of it. Their Belgian Waffle is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Afterward, we ran to Trader Joe's to pick up some groceries and then home to get some work done outside. When the work was done and we had eaten supper, we headed out for a nice fall walk around our property. It was really a great day for some nature immersion! Kendall found all kinds of stuff to suit her fancy, and had a million gazillion questions. I swear, she talks NONSTOP! Sometimes I just have to ask her to use her "superpowers" to be as quiet as she can. And yes, it DOES work. Just a moment of peace, that's all I ask... So enjoy the pictures of the weekend...and hope yours was fall-tastic as well!

PS... How do you like Kendall's band-aid on her nose? No, it's nothing...TRUST ME. She bonked her nose on Noah's hand, and of needed a band-aid. Whatever.

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