Friday, November 17, 2006

Just a few quick updates


We got our first eggs this week...and boy was it exciting! Really, I think we had all given up hope! Our chickens just wouldn't stay home...even after Barry clipped their wings to (supposedly) throw them off balance so they couldn't fly. Yeah, that didn't work so well. They still got out and headed over to the neighbors! So now we have a higher fence, and that seems to be working. Kendall could hardly contain herself when we found the first egg - a blue one!


Noah got his first haircut today. It was time. Aunt Jessie kept making fun of his mullett. I still maintain that he did not have one, but she and Danniel both insist that he did. Anyway, he would not hold still for anything! I had to have him sit on my lap, facing me and hold his head still so Danniel could safely do the cutting. And I must admit, a lot more hair came off than I thought was there! He looks so cute with his big boy cut, but I do miss the little curls in back! I guess he is growing up after all....


The city is alive with the sound of BUCKEYES! This town is out of control! They were already preparing for the street closures yesterday...and the Johnsonville Brat grill is all set up in Dublin. That thing can grill like 1500 brats at one time...isn't that insane? Scarlett and Gray are everywhere to be seen, and all you can find on the news and the radio is talk of the BIG GAME. Will we be there?

No, we will not. We will be watching in the comfort of our own home, with beer, snacks, and the bathroom less than 20 feet away...with NO lines! And to be honest, that is just fine with me. If we had been lucky enough to have tickets, you can bet your sweet a** we would have sold those suckers!

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Anonymous said...

Blue Eggs? What are you feeding those poor chickens? I thought you were Miss Organic? Remind me to pass on the omelet next time I stay with you!

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