Monday, November 03, 2008

The Perils of Log Home Living, Volume 2

Whatever could it be, you ask? What on earth could be as perilous as the dreaded Dusting of the Beams??? Well, I'll tell you...

STAINING. And plenty of it.

This weekend, we were stainiacs...we spent our entire Saturday staining. Well, ok, actually we raked leaves at Sheri's from 9:30-11:30, then we came out here and she helped me stain all the rails on our deck. WHAT A JOB! Thank goodness Sheri is such an amazing friend...who in their right mind would volunteer for this kind of work???The truth is, she takes pity on me. She knows how difficult this job would be without a partner, and if she doesn't volunteer...well, let's just say I'd be one pitiful individual. And I'm no fun when I'm pitiful. Sheri likes me better when I'm fun. And since I'm so thankful for her help, I don't even ask her to do the side where you have to be on the big ladder the whole time...While Sheri and I worked the deck, Barry finally finished up staining the entire outside of the house...SCORE!!! Let me tell you how happy he is to finally have that "little" project finished! Can you tell by the big smile on his face?We had big plans for dinner after the work was done...Sheri and I were brainstorming a wonderful meal while we worked. But guess what?

Pizza sounds REALLY good after you've been staining for 5 hours!!!

Oh yeah! Can I get any volunteers for next time around??? ;0)


Wreggie said...

Bless all of you.

I would just lie in bed knowing I had to rake leaves and paint a house in one day.

Forget the pizza I would be sound asleep.

Sheri said...

Talk about a GREAT friend - who offered to help me rake all my leaves so I wouldn't have to jump in them myself? YOU! I thought it was a great day - twelve hours of girl-talk - with a little work being done on the side on a gorgeous sunny day! What could be better? ( besides girl talk, NO work, and eating at a fabulous restaurant - oh well, maybe another day....)

Teresa said...

Sheri is an amazing friend!!! I'm with you Sheri...the work would be no big deal if you got to have fun girly talk the whole time! I think it's GREAT that you both helped eachother out and made an otherwise not so fun day...way fun!!

Claire said...

This could be a blogger event - Staining Kukie's Home!!! Think how fast it would get done - and all the good food we would bring!!!

Miss Got Wings said...

Ya'll are so lucky to have such good neighbors and friends nearby. What a blessing :)

I like Claire's idea. I'll bring the pizza - piping hot from the Windy City :)

Jen said...

It's amazing how such a tedious job can be turned into fun with just the addition of a good girlfriend, huh?
Some of my funnest times have been "work days" with my buddies!

terri said...

Oh, man! That is a job and a half! How many years til you have to do it again?

Sheri is a GOOD friend!

Kiki said...

I'm in. All in.

jenelle said...

Good friend, great results, glad for a sunny day.

KC said...

What a beautiful day, and great accomplishments. Congrats! It is always more fun to work on a project, with a friend to talk to and laugh with.

~*Liz*~ said...

Oh but it looks so beautiful!!


Kuckie said...

Wreggie - Aw, are you saying you're not in for next time around?? ;0)

Sheri - True, a good friend and good talk make all the difference!

Teresa - It actually WAS fun!

Claire - How fun would that be??!!! Great idea!

Kate - No doubt...and I'm dying to taste the Windy City pizza!!

Jen - You are totally right!

Terri - Every 3-5, depending on how much weather we get. It's a big job, but so worth it!

Kiki - It would be so FUN!

Jenelle & KC - NO DOUBT!

Liz - Thanks, and WELCOME!!

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