Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chop, Chop...and down comes the tree!

Yesterday we decided to take full advantage of the beautiful day and go hunting for our Christmas tree. Seems kind of weird to go chop down your tree when it's almost 50 degrees, but least we weren't freezing our butts off...though, if that were the case, I may have stayed out a bit longer! ;0) Ahhhh, if only it were THAT easy!

Anyway...we got up and Barry took the kids in to gymnastics while I got the laundry started and then headed to the kennel to pick up Scout. By the time they got back, I was showered, had lunch started and was ready to roll. After we ate, we headed to a local tree farm that donates 30% of their proceeds to the local Catholic school that a lot of the kids' friends attend. We were really impressed with how many good-sized trees they had! In years past, we've been to tree farms where all the trees were WAAAAYYY too big, or they were shaped so badly that not even Charlie Brown would have taken them. But yesterday was our LUCKY DAY! Barry really wanted to try a Canaan fir this year, and I was on board...why not? As long as it doesn't have prickly needles, I'm good.

Oh yeah, and obviously, I don't do fake trees either. Just seems weird to me. Plus, I hate having to store things!!! Shoot, I've got enough stuff already...just ask my mom!
Getting ready to hunt for our tree

We found one! It's perfect! And Barry had it down before I could whip out my camera...

Come with us, little tree...we'll give you a good home!


Now this morning, Barry got up to go hunting, so the kiddos and I decorated the tree. It's almost finished...just needs a few more things and I need to clean up the great room before I take a picture. I'll try to post it tonight, or maybe tomorrow!

Have you been decorating like a crazy person this weekend? Just wondering....

Have a great Sunday, peeps!


terri said...

I miss cutting our own tree. We've had an artificial one for several years. I can't believe you had such great weather! It snowed here today.

jenelle said...

We've got lots of decorating done but made a HUGE mess in the process. Once I get the piles taken care of, I'll post pictures as well. I LOVE Christmas.

California Girl said...

Man its been years since I've cut down a tree. When I did get a real one about 10 years back it took me forever to clean it up. I hate to say that its been fake ones for me since then.

How pretty yours looks. Way to go!

Logziella said...

We used to always get real trees until one year when we had just put new *expensive* carpet in our house and the water spilled when trying to remove the tree and it mixed with whatever green stuff they sprayed the tree with and viola...a nice BIG green spot on our new *expensive* carpet!! I cried.

Now that we have a huge storage area that is not nearly full...Chuck suggested we take the tree down there in one piece and leave it that way till next year! LOL!!! I'm all for it! That will work great till I change how I want to decorate it. LOL!!!

Jen said...

"come with us little tree" ha ha ha...nothing little about that baby!
Ps. What fun! I've NEVER had a real tree in my whole life!!!! Can you believe that? I should SO try it sometime, huh?

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