Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Class of '89 Reunites!!

We interrupt this string of vacation posts to bring you pictures of my 20th high school reunion!!

Boy, did we have a GREAT TIME!! The group of people who planned it did an amazing job! We had dinner, drinks, live music, karaoke, a square dance caller, and a hypnotist. Can you believe that?!?! So much to do, and the night felt way too short. I still don't think I got to talk to everyone! We didn't have a 15 year reunion, so it had been way too long since I'd seen some of my high school peeps. Barry and I did hook up with my friend Alicia and her hubby Chad the night before for drinks, and that sure did start the party off right. I think I woke up a still a little buzzed on Saturday...but I persevered and made it through Saturday night as well.

Sarah, me, & Alicia...
Me, Doug, Alicia, Scott, & Kendra
Me, Jami, Alicia, & Sarah
Weird class picture...what was up with the weird yellow spotlight?
I will admit there were a couple of people that I was a tad nervous about seeing...but it's nice how 20 years can give you some perspective. All the crap falls away, and what you are left with is the good friendship you'd rather remember. I came away from my reunion weekend feeling energized and reconnected, and I really truly hope to keep up with some of my long-lost friends!

Now here's the bummer, folks. When I got back from the weekend, Barry wanted to reformat the hard drive in my laptop. I thought I had transferred the pictures from the weekend over to my removable hard drive, but I guess I didn't. They're gone!! Except for Facebook, where I uploaded them. Of course, now they are very small little files, but I guess I should be happy I have them at all, right? I'm working on finding a way to restore them, but you know how much free time a mom has, right?

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Julie said...

Bummer about your pics and the hard drive! I loved the ones you posted on here though... so fun! And now you know my secret... I'm a BUCKEYE!!! :)

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