Sunday, September 06, 2009

Family Photo Shoot #1

Ok now folks, let's get something straight right off the bat. I love to take pictures, but it's just a hobby (for now). I DO NOT CONSIDER MYSELF A PHOTOGRAPHER.

I don't know what I'm doing.
Honestly. Scout's honor.
(It doesn't matter if you're a boy scout or can still use "Scout's honor". At least, I think so.)

But, I do like to practice once in a while, hone my skills, try new things...and what better place to practice than at the beach, right? Especially when I have a few beautiful families handy to practice with?

All right, all right...I had to promise them they could have all the pictures and use them as their Christmas card photos...but STILL. I wanted to take some portraits, so I begged, bribed, and pleaded. Actually, I didn't have to beg too hard. Everyone was really cooperative. Maybe it's because I was cooking for them. Bwa ha ha haaaaa.....bribery works! :)

Anyway, here are the faves from the first photo shoot. These first two are of my husband's brother and his wife...That first one was quite a coup for me, I have to tell you. Bryon NEVER smiles in pictures. NEVER EVER. EVER!!!! So I just pulled my camera away from my face a little, to fake like I wasn't going to take a picture...but I could still see my digital display (heeheehee)...and I told him to smile like he meant it, for Pete's sake!! And he flashed the quickest smile he could, intending for me not to catch it. But guess what, peeps??? HAHAHA....the joke was on him, because I've got a quick trigger finger...oh, yes I do!!!

These next two are the same picture, one in sepia and one in color. I initially didn't like the picture because Bryon is looking away from the camera. But the more I look at it, I think that's WHY I like it. It kind of makes you wonder what's going through his head. Like maybe, "I can't believe Jenny just got a picture of me smiling...DAMN!!! My reputation is ruined!!" I'm SURE that's what it was.
A trip to the beach is not complete without a picture in front of the breakers, so here's what we've got for that one...wait a minute!!! Is that Bryon smiling again?!?! I think he likes it!!
And one more sepia here...on the boardwalk to the beach...This next one is not a family photo...but just a random one I snapped without thinking about it. But I like's so REAL.
Although I'm sure Bryon & Lu already have their Christmas card photo picked out, what are your faves? Just wondering...

Up mother and father-in-law!!


Kate said...

Jen - they're ALL beautiful! Your in-laws are so lucky to have you around! My personal fave is the 4 of them sitting on the beach in sepia. Those sepia toned ones are just timeless!

Great job! Can't wait to see more :)

Sheri said...

All your little "tricks" are what make a great photographer! Gotta have the tricks for those stubborn subjects who don't want to smile...I'm with Kate - I like the Sepia one too!

Deetra said...

The one with the waves in the background is my fav. However, Jenny, you did a GREAT job on all of them! I want a new camera every time I see your pics.

kenady said...

Great job!! I like the one on the boardwalk and the one in front of the breakers:)

terri said...

I like the sepia one taken on the boardwalk. Everyone has such a natural pose.

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